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Shauna Larcombe

Shauna Larcombe from Australia is a well-known name in the Reining-Community. In 2007 Shauna Larcombe took over from her brother Martin (a multiple world champion) at CS Ranch after he returned to Australia. Horses competed by Shauna Larcombe includes Designed With Shine, La Bigia Sailor and Spook N Sparkle. Shauna Larcombe has represented Australia at two world equestrian games. Below you can watch Shauna in action riding RS Fondadores Olena.

Warmblood Foals
Shauna Larcombe

Swiss 4 year old Futurity Champion
Swiss 5 year old Futurity Champion
German Breeders Futurity Finalist

Italian Derby Intermediate Open Champion
Rein O Mania Derby Champion
Italian Challenge Futurity Open & Intermediate Open Champion
Italian Derby Open Finalist

Italian Derby Intermediate Open Reserve Champion
Rein O Mania Futurity Champion
Italian Maturity Intermediate Open Reserve Champion
Italian Maturity Open Finalist
Italian Futurity Open Finalist

European Futurity Open and Intermediate Open Finalist, Open final 6th, Inter Open final 5th
Italian Derby Open and Intermediate Open Finalist
Italian Derby Intermediate Open Champion
Italian Maturity Open and Intermediate Open Finalist
Italian Maturity Intermediate Open Champion
Italian Futurity Intermediate Open Finalist
Italian Futurity 4yo Open Finalist
Swiss Futurity Open Bronze trophy Champion
Equitalyon CRI**** Champion
Multiple Bronze Trophy winner

Shauna Larcombe horse rider profile at stableexpress, find Reining results from Shauna Larcombe and many other leading Reining riders. Shauna Larcombe
How To Find Horses For Sale In Ontario
Looking for horses for sale in Ontario isn`t the thing that is hard. There are a lot of offers available, both online and offline, for horses offered by owners from Ontario. The area where a lot of people fail is actually choosing a horse that is perfect for what they need. While we will mention a few places where you can go and find horses for sale in Ontario, you should first be sure that you know how to choose one. Depending on the kind of horse you need, the things you should look into are different.

Inexperienced horse buyers should use the services of someone that is an expert in equines. If you lack experience, you shouldn`t go buy a temperamental horse, no matter how beautiful he is. Make sure you can handle the horse you buy. Most people are looking for riding horses, but there are some that want racing or competition horses. Each type is a bit different, so look for the signs that the horse you`re buying is perfect for what you need.

Locating horses for sale in Ontario, Canada
When you`re looking for horses for sale in Ontario, Canada, or anywhere else really, you should be aware that you will have to travel quite a bit during your searches. While it`s nice to be able to see pictures of horses that are for sale online, from the comfort of your own home, the reality is that inspecting them in person and seeing how they behave is a must. If you have to look at a few different horses before you decide on one of them, you will have to go to all the different farms that offer them.

If travelling is something you don`t have a lot of time for, try going to competitions. If you like a horse and you want to buy it, ask the horse owner if it`s for sale. Another way to find horses for sale in Ontario is to visit someone that raises horses of the kind you need. Someone that is specialized in that kind of horse will be able to offer you a few different specimens to choose from. Instead of traveling to half a dozen different places and seeing that the reality isn`t the same as in pictures, you can get your mount from someone that specializes in horse growing, which should mean that the conditions are better, but the prices might be higher as well.

Horse breeds for sale
The thing to remember if you`re a beginner is that most breeds are designed to be very good at a certain thing. A horse breed that is designed for racing might not be suitable for a beginner that wants to learn to ride on it, or for someone looking for a work horse.

The three main types of horses you will find available for sale are warmbloods, cold bloods and hot bloods. These three terms are used based on the temperament of the species.

The cold bloods are generally horses designed for heavy and slow work, and you can find a number of ponies and draft horses in this category. The hot bloods are the horses designed for endurance and speed, and they`re a bit more spirited. As for the warmbloods, they are somewhere in between the other two types, and they`re usually breeds designed for riding.

If you want a purebred horse, you can find one easily, but it will cost more, especially if there is a pedigree that is recognized via a breed registry. These days, more than 300 horse breeds exist worldwide. Quite a few of them are listed as horses for sale in Ontario, but you do need to know what you`re looking for before you get started with the search.

Selling horses in Ontario
If you`re the owner of a horse, and you want to list it on the Ontario market, it`s easy enough. In order to have a successful listing, you should offer buyers all the information they might want about the horse. Instead of waiting to be asked, offer the information freely and don`t try to fool the buyer into buying something they don`t need. If they get a feeling that you`re being dishonest they`ll shy away from the deal. Finding horses for sale in Ontario might not be a hard thing to do, but finding the right seller can be a problem. Reining Horses For Sale UK

Shauna Larcombe

Naomi Cramer

Naomi Cramer is an eventer from the UK, below you can watch Naomi Cramer in action.

Naomi Cramer

John Mitchell

Junie Wood and John Mitchell 2015 NCHA Super Stakes Open Champions

Jassim Mohd Bilal Al Budoor

Jassim Mohd Bilal Al Budoor is an endurance rider from UAE who has completed a number of FEI endurance rides, the best known horse competed by Jassim Mohd Bilal Al Budoor is Coxito a gelding born in 1998 sired by Rubis De Carrere out of the mare Tanaunella who is a daughter of Veinard Al Maury.

Sarah Lynch

Sarah Lynch is a show jumping rider from the UK, horses competed by Sarah Lynch includes Bentley De Castel, Calida G & Lenja Sarah Lynch

Jon Evans

Jon Evans is a British Eventer
Jon Evans

Ute Dornsiepen-Breuner

Ute Dornsiepen-Breuner is an endurance rider from Germany

Markus Pfeifer

Markus Pfeifer is a showjumping rider from Germany, below you can watch Markus Pfeifer & Carlow CR.

Markus Pfeifer