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Selle Francais Horses

Selle Francais Horse

Le Tot De Semelly - Selle Francais Stallion
Le Tot De Semelly was one of the worlds leading showjumping sires, progeny of Le Tot De Semelly include Diamont de Semelly a regular in many French nation cup teams. Le Tot De Semelly - Selle Francais Horses

Frou Frou D`anchin
Imported to the UK by High Offley Stud, Frou Frou D`anchin was a selle francais stallion who had some of the finest bloodlines from France including Uriel & Grand Veneur. Frou Frou D`anchin - Selle Francais Horses
High Offley Stud
UK breeders of Selle Francais Horses, with a selection of foals and young horses for sale with some of the finest warmblood bloodlines. View High Offley Stud Horses

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Baloubet du Rouet - Elite Showjumping stallion
Along with Brazilian rider Rodrigo Pessoa, Baloubet du Rouet dominated world showjumping winning the world cup final three years running as well as the Olympic gold in Athens, Greece in 2004. Baloubet du Rouet combined two great selle francais bloodlines Galoubet A & Starter, for more information on Baloubet du Rouet and watch a video of him & Rodrigo Pessoa in action click here. Selle Francais Horse - Baloubet Du Rouet
ContentAdvert Colour Of Money - Coloured Warmblood Foal
Selle Francais bloodlines can now also be found in many other European bloodlines, Colour of Money is a colt bred at High Offley Stud sired by the coloured stallion Fernando who is a son of the great Kannan (a Belgium Warmblood who represented France) out of a mare that included the bloodlines of the Nabab Reve. Selle Francais Horses

Nabab De Reve
Born in Belgium Nabab De Reve has a solid French pedigree and is registered with the Selle Francais studbook. Nabab De Reve is sired by Quidam De Revel and competed at the highest levels of the sport and is recognised as one of the worlds leading showjumping sires with a large number of offspring competing successfully. Watch video of Nabab De Reve Selle Francais Horses

Warmblood Foals For Sale at Euro Sport Horse
Euro Sport Horse is a British stud farm that includes a breeding program that includes numerous Selle Francais bloodlines, these include Bon Ami, Baloubet Du Rouet, Calypso V, Jokinal, Starter, Galoubet A and many others please call 07968 161133 or email Selle Francais Horses

Candy de Nantuel
A very exciting young stallion from the very best selle francais bloodlines, sired by Luidam out of a Diamont de Semilly mare. Selle Francais Horses

Quidam De Revel - Olympic Stallion
Quidam De Revel is one of the first legendary showjumping breeding stallions, competing at the highest levels of the sport as well as breeding many exceptional showjumping horses.
Watch Quidam De Revel competing at the Olympics Selle Francais Horses
Below you can watch Jappalout with Pierre Durand winning gold medal for France.

Flipper D`elle - Double Espoir x Jalisco B
Another little horse with a big heart, Flipper D`elle was an excellent competitor and winner of the French national championships as a yound horse and would progress up to winning grand prix`s all around Europe. Flipper D`elle - Selle Francais Horses

Haras De Baussy Stud Farm
A Selle Francais horse stud farm started before World War II, Mr. Navet introduced imported English Thoroughbred bloodstock into the Normand Cob bloodlines to allow for a sturdier and colder sporthorse. During the war, horses were stolen or used by the Germans for military purposes, but fortunately, they hadn`t stolen everything.

Mr Navet`s son, Alain Navet, took a large interest into developing show jumping after the war in Europe. Alain rode in many four star Grand Prix`s throughout Europe, and was selected for the Tokyo Olympic games in 1964. Alain had four children: Nellie, Thierry, Eric and Sylvie.
Alain Navet
Thierry Navet took over his father`s studfarm operation at the age of 25, while Eric went on to become an Olympic rider for the French team. By earning his international credit through his win the European jumior championships, and practicing with George Morris shortly afterwards, Eric soon became a world class rider and trainer. With Quito de Baussy, Eric achieved what many riders had never achieved: 6 medals with one horse.
Eric Navet
Thierry`s studfarm blossomed into a premium sporthorse facility that cannot be compared to another. All of Haras de Baussy`s horses have either competed or qualified for the young horse championships in Fontainebleau.

Other Grand Prix riders who have been based at the farm includes Thierry Navet, his son Jerome Navet and Bernard Mathy, cousin of Belgian world class rider Francois Mathy, Jr. Selle Francais Horses

Baussy`s Broodmares
1. Star de Baussy: 16.2hh chestnut Selle Francais mare by sire: Uriel and dam: Urgande B Bred for 2005 to: Verdi

2. Hosmanvillaise: 16.3hh bay Selle Francais mare by: Tsar de Baussy and Ismanvillaise Bred for 2005 to Echogene laTour

3. Rilka du Meslier: 17hh bay Selle Francais mare by: Feu Sacre and Kalinka du Meslier Bred for 2005 to: Echogene laTour

4. In Time de Baussy: 17.1hh chestnut Selle Francais mare by Quito de Baussy and Tea Time de Baussy

5. Tea Time de Baussy: 17hh chestnut Selle Francais mare by Grand Veneur and Elvire de Baussy This is our prize mare. She won the Fontainebleau championships as a 4,5 and 6 year old at Fontainebleau, elected elite. Her products include In Time de Baussy, mare (Quito de Baussy), Jet Time de Baussy, mare (Quito de Baussy), King Time de Baussy (Quito de Baussy), My Time de Baussy, stallion (Quidam de Revel), New Time de Baussy, stallion (Concorde DE), Peace Time de Baussy, mare (Oberon du Moulin), Quick Time de Baussy, colt by (Verdi)

6. Gala de Baussy: 16.2hh chestnut Selle Francais mare by: Verdi

7. Jaimie de Baussy: 16.3hh bay Selle Francais mare by: Tsar de Baussy and Star de Baussy Selle Francais Horses

Quito de Baussy - The Stallion with 6 Medals!!!
Winner of 6 showjumping medals, including the team and individual gold at the World Equestrian Games in Stockholm, and individual gold at the following year`s European championships. He took the bronze medal in Barcelona in 1992 and the bronze in the champions of Europe in 1993. Numerous Nation`s cups winnings for France throughout the world, and has brought over $1.5 million in prize money. Selle Francais Horses

Selle Francais Horses