Sean Connery

Sad news today as Sean Connery passes away aged 90, Sean Connery had a long career and featured in countless movies, best known for his role as James Bond, Sean Connery films also involved numerous equestrian co-stars and he himself was a keen horseman and owner of a number of racehorses, below we celebrate Sean Connery and his equestrian life.

Sean Connery in Highlander
Sean Connery played the part of Ramirez in Highlander, the mentor of Christopher Lambert, during his role he often saw him in action aboard a beautiful grey, watch the video of him in action.
Sean Connery Horses
Sean Connery Horses
Sean Connery Horse
Sean Connery as James Bond Sean Connery Horse
Sean Connery Horse
Sean Connery, Brigitte Bardot - Shalako (1968) Sean Connery Shalako
ELEGANT LORD and Enda Bolger are led in by Sean Connery after the Hunters Chase @punchestownrace in 1996. Enda Bolger
Sean Connery - James Bond Sean Connery - James Bond
Sean Connery as a Cowboy - Shalako - My Spirit Lives Forever.
Rest In Peace Sean Connery - 25 August 1930 - 31 October 2020

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