Sarah Chovnick

Sarah Chovnick - USA -Showjumping | Born in 1990 | Sarah Chovnick competed her horse NJORDOCTRO (INDOCTRO x AHORN) Sarah Chovnick riding Njordoctro at the Wellington Equestrian Festival in 2008.
Corinne CollinsCorinne Collins

Sarah Chovnick

Horse Drawing by Andras Tibor, Hungary

Andras Tibor is Hungarian equestrian artist specialising in pencil drawings. Andras Tibor is available for commissions for more information Telephone : 06305941454 or Email :…
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  • Equestrian Rubber Matting

    Equestrian Rubber Matting

    We sell heavy duty, industrial quality rubber matting at very competitive prices / Equestrian Rubber Matting
  • The American Cream Draft

    The American Cream Draft

    Discover the American Cream Draft, watch the video about this magnificent breed / The Strength & Beauty of The American Cream Draft Horse
  • One Horse Power Log Splitter

    One Horse Power Log Splitter

    This was filmed at Field Day of the Past. The horse walks on a treadmill same as one for a person, only slightly larger. As he walks the energy is stored in a flywheel. Perfect for a log splitter. After it splits a log he spin`s it back up for the next one.

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