S and S Stables, Paola, Kansas - Horse Boarding - Trail Riding

S and S Stables
S&S Stables offer fantastic more than 50 miles of trail rides around the stunning Hillsdale Lake, enjoy the natural beauty of Kansas with our experienced trail rider guides, from woodland treks, crossing babbling creeks and enjoying the scenes from the hill climbs. S&S stables have a wide ranch of horses, all experienced trail horses, with horses to meet a wide range of riding abilities.

To enjoy our one of our lovely rides please call us on 913.856.5570 or email us at kaylassstables@gmail.com.
S&S are very proud of the care we provide the horses that come and board with us, ensuring all there nutrition needs are met, with feed, hay and supplements we look after every horse as if they are our own. With plenty of pasture for our horses to enjoy, you can rest assured that your horse is in the best possible hands when they come to live at S&S Stables.

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S&S Stables offering horse trail rides and horse board :- Kanvas, USA. Call us on 913.856.5570 or email kaylassstables@gmail.com for more information.


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