Robert Whitaker

Born in Yorkshire on the 26th January 1983, he is married to Kate Whitaker and has two daughters Millie and Evie. Robert Whitaker is the only son of the British showjumping legend John Whitaker. Like his father Robert has represented Great Britain on many occasions and has an impressive record in the arena with a number of different horses these include Nicolette who Robert won the Madrid Grand Prix, Waterstone who Robert jumped 2.12m puissance bareback breaking the world record and Catwalk IV in the 1.55 Preis von Europa in Mannheim.

Below you can watch Robert Whitaker breaking the bareback puissance record riding Waterstone

Robert Whitaker jumping 2.12m bareback

As well as his father John Whitaker, Robert has two sisters Louise and Joanne Whitaker both of which are also talented riders. His extended family includes cousins Ellen, Joe, Jack, William, Thomas, Donald and James Whitaker all of whom are excellent riders who compete in the sport of showjumping.

Obviously with his father John Whitaker and uncle Michael as well as his god farther Geoff Billington, Robert has had a fantastic education from the age he could walk he could ride. As well as these British great Robert had a spell in Germany training with Ludger Beerbum one of his equestrian idols.
Robert Whitaker


Judith Pietersen

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    Sarah Lynch

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Robert Zandvoort

Robert Zandvoort was trained by Elisabeth Flögel (also the trainer of Anne-Marie Keizer with Amon) who was educated by the famous Mr. Aloďs Podhasky from the riding school of Vienna. He also was instructed by Arie Schram and gathered a lot of experience regarding dressage riding and education in several stables in Germany, France, England and of course Holland.

Robert Breul

Robert Breul is a French showjumper, born 17th September 1963, Robert began riding at the young age of 7 and has jumped with a great deal of success, his stable yard Autheuil-Authouilllet, France has hosted numerous horse shows and attracted many of Europe`s leading riders. Robert Breul son Hugo has followed in his fathers footsteps and is himself jumping internationally.

Robert Breul and Arsouille Du Seigneur - Sunshine Tour 2014

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Robert Breul

Robert Dover

Robert Dover is a dressage rider who has represented the USA at many major equestrian championships, below you can watch Robert Dover in action

Robert Dover - Dressage Rider

Robert Dover - Dressage

Robert Blasco

Robert Blasco - France

I refer, as many will have guessed, to Arbury Farms and Star Knight Farms run by Kriss and Carol Arbury and Vern and Kristin Stark respectively.

Anyway, thanks to the wonders of modern technology Vern Stark was contacted and he was kind enough to give me this history of how he and Kriss became involved with us. I am sure like me you will find it interesting. Vern and his wife Kristin`s exposure to Shire horses began in the early part of 1980 with their introduction to Mr. Nelson Brinkerhoff. He had imported the stallion Hainton Warrant and several mares in the late 1970`s.

The Stark`s had numerous conversations with Nelson in these formative years an association they continue with right up to the present day. In 1984 they paid their first visit to the Shire Horse Spring Show at Peterborough and amongst others met Denys Benson, a name that was to crop up a year or so later. On their return to the States they contacted Nelson and purchased their first Mare Mainline Joanna from him. They later imported a yearling colt Grateley Escort as a stallion prospect from Peter Clarke.

Beatriz Robert Samper

Beatriz Robert Samper - Spain - Dressage Rider

Beatriz Robert Samper

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Beatriz Robert Samper

Father of Robert Whitaker

Horse Themed Earings

Hayden Robert Hankey

Hayden Robert Hankey - UK

Major Robert Borg

Major Robert Borg - USA - Dressage Rider
Major Robert Borg
Major Robert Borg

Jean Robert Lemarechal

Jean Robert Lemarechal - France

Finbar II

Robert Whitaker & Finbar V

Robert Whitaker & Finbar V

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Finbar V

Dazzle II

Dazzle II is an international showjumper who was owned by Mandy Hall and competed by the great John Whitaker, together Dazzle II and John Whitaker won numerous classes including the H&M Ivy Stakes at Olympia.

Competed by Robert Whitaker, Dazzle II is a competition horse who has had lots of success on the international show jumping circuit.

H. Robert Gray

H. Robert Gray - USA - Eventing
Horse Themed Earings

Phillip John Robert Jacobs

Phillip John Robert Jacobs - South Africa

Robert Agnew

Robert Agnew - Australia
Horse Bracelet

Robert Arpas

Robert Arpas - Slovakia

Robert Baader

Robert Baader - Holland

Robert Bamford

Robert Bamford - Uk

Robert Barling

Robert Barling - Australia

Robert Bernasconi

Robert Bernasconi - Italy
Online Dressage

Robert Braunmãœller

Robert Braunmãœller - Germany

Robert Chadwick

Robert Chadwick -

Robert Chelberg

Robert Chelberg - Usa

Robert Diez Noguera

Robert Diez Noguera - Spain

Robert Drexel

Robert Drexel - Germany

Robert Ernst

Robert Ernst - USA

Robert Gabriel Camacho

Robert Gabriel Camacho - Uruguay

Robert Gielen

Robert Gielen - Canada

Robert Haag

Robert Haag - UK

Robert Hines

Robert Hines - Austria

Robert Hurley

Robert Hurley - Ireland

Robert Jenkins

Robert Jenkins - UK

Robert Krajnc

Robert Krajnc - Slovenia

Robert Lamarque

Robert Lamarque - France

Robert Magiyaev

Robert Magiyaev - Russia

Robert McMullin

Robert McMullin - Ireland

Robert Montfort

Robert Montfort - France

Robert Neill

Robert Neill - South Africa

Robert Orsolits

Robert Orsolits - Austria
Horse Themed Earings

Robert Pastor

Robert Pastor - France

Robert Pons

Robert Pons - Spain

Robert Punicki

Robert Punicki - Australia

Robert Ridland

Robert Ridland - USA

Robert Ross

Robert Ross - USA

Robert Shields

Robert Shields - UK

Robert Steele

Robert Steele - New Zealand
Euro Sport Horse

Robert Stewart

Robert Stewart - Australia

Robert Sutton

Robert Sutton - Australia

Robert Uchwat

Robert Uchwat - Poland

Robert Vetter

Robert Vetter - Germany

Robert Walford

Robert Walford -

Robert Welle

Robert Welle - Switzerland

Robert Wilczewski

Robert Wilczewski - Poland

Robert Bezzeg

Robert Bezzeg - USA

Robert Bombek

Robert Bombek - Slovenia

Robert Bowman

Robert Bowman - UK

Robert Buck

Robert Buck - UK

Robert Capouet

Robert Capouet - Belgium
Horse Themed Earings

Robert Chapeski

Robert Chapeski - USA
Online Dressage

Robert Costello

Robert Costello - USA
warmblood foals for sale

Robert Desino

Robert Desino - USA

Robert Earnshaw

Robert Earnshaw -
Online Dressage

Robert Edwards

Robert Edwards - Australia

Robert Everett

Robert Everett -

Robert Fenech

Robert Fenech - Australia

Robert Garland

Robert Garland - Ireland

Robert Glynn

Robert Glynn - Ireland

Robert Goodwin

Robert Goodwin - Australia

Robert Harrison

Robert Harrison - Ireland

Robert Holman

Robert Holman - Canada

Robert Horn

Robert Horn - Germany

Robert Ivacsony

Robert Ivacsony - Romania

Robert Jan De Rooy

Robert Jan De Rooy - Holland
Online Dressage

Robert Juvin

Robert Juvin - France

Robert Kellerhouse

Robert Kellerhouse - USA
Horse Themed Earings

Robert Kraut

Robert Kraut - USA

Robert Kucer

Robert Kucer - Slovenia
Horse Bracelet

Robert Luke

Robert Luke - UK

Robert McCarth

Robert McCarth -

Robert Mitchell

Robert Mitchell - UK

Robert Moffatt

Robert Moffatt - Australia

Robert Moravec

Robert Moravec - Czech
Online Dressage

Robert Murphy

Robert Murphy - USA

Robert O`Callaghan

Robert O`Callaghan - Ireland

Robert Oliver

Robert Oliver - UK

Robert Pal

Robert Pal - Slovakia
Horse Themed Earings

Robert Patrick Mayhew

Robert Patrick Mayhew - UK

Robert Pokorny

Robert Pokorny - Czech

Robert Powala

Robert Powala - Poland

Robert Puck

Robert Puck - Austria

Robert Ramsden

Robert Ramsden - South Africa
Online Dressage

Robert Reid

Robert Reid - New Zealand

Robert Robert

Robert Robert - Bulgaria

Robert Roordink

Robert Roordink - Holland

Robert Savov

Robert Savov - Bulgaria
Horse Themed Earings

Robert Selfelt

Robert Selfelt - Swedan
Online Dressage

Robert Spoor

Robert Spoor - Canada
4 Year Old Horses For Sale

Robert Stronge

Robert Stronge -

Robert Thornton

Robert Thornton -
Showjumpers For Sale

Robert Vavra

Robert Vavra - Austria

Robert Vurchio

Robert Vurchio - Italy

Robert Watson

Robert Watson -
Fly Repellent For Horses

Robert Widger

Robert Widger -

Robert Sirch

Robert Sirch - Germany

Robert Stein

Robert Stein - Germany

Robert Stopka

Robert Stopka - Slovakia

Robert Van Doornewaard

Robert Van Doornewaard -

Robert Vos

Robert Vos - Holland

Robert Wiegand

Robert Wiegand - Germany

Stephane Robert Quatre

Stephane Robert Quatre - France

Robert Thompson

Robert Thompson - Austalian - Jockey
Robert Thompson

Robert Power

Robbert Power is a son of Irish show-jumper Con Power, is the National Hunt jockey who rode 33-1 outsider Silver Birch to victory in the 2007 John Smith`s Grand National. It was his second Grand National ride after his Grand National debut in 2005. In 2011 he had his first Cheltenham Festival winner in the RSA Chase. In 2017 he won the Cheltenham Gold Cup and the Punchestown Gold Cup on Sizing John. He also won the Irish Grand National on Our Duke.

Grand National 2007 - Silver Birch

Warmblood Foals
Robert Power

Robert Whittaker Family


El Wee Widge

El Wee Widge is an international showjumper who has been ridden by a number of the Whitaker family, including Michael Whitaker, Robert Whitaker, Jack Whitaker and Joe Clayton. Below you can watch Robert Whitaker riding El Wee Widge at Olympia.

Robert Whitaker - El Wee Widge

Robert Walker

Robert Walker is one of Britain`s top showing producers with countless wins with hunters, cobs, hacks and riding horses at the highest level. He has been a regular in the show ring since his childhood, competing in lead-rein and show pony classes before making the successful transition to horses.

Robert left school, aged 16, to work on his father`s livery yard in Yorkshire. Four years later he set up his own yard with his childhood sweetheart Sarah, who is now his wife and business partner. They have a son, Sam.

Robert is joint-master for the Cheshire hunt.

Robert`s successful career could have been brought to a premature end in 2010 when he fell seriously ill with a mystery illness. Hospital doctors initially thought he had suffered a stroke, as he completely lost the movement in the right hand side of his body, but this was later ruled out. Two-and-a-half-weeks later Robert was discharged from hospital and returned to the saddle.

Following his comeback at Moreton-in-Marsh show, Robert claimed an emotional victory at the British Show Horse Association National Show where he received a standing ovation from spectators. He went on to be voted the Showing Council/Showing World show rider of the year award, just 24hs after claiming the HOYS Hunter Championship for the first time on Pride and Joy.

Robert Walker

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Robert Walker

Robert Palm

Robert Palm is an event rider from Australia, below you can watch Robert Palm in action riding PARKLANDS OAKLEY 150 CCI 1 Star Melbourne International 3 Day Event.

Robert Palm - Eventing.

Robert Palm

Robert Wilson

Event Rider - Robert Wilson - Dressage

Robert Charles Ball

Robert Charles Ball is an endurance rider from South Africa, we have limited information on Robert Charles Ball, please help us expand our rider database, please email us at info@stableexpress.com.
Warmblood Foals
Robert Charles Ball

I am Atomic Horsebox but, for now, you can call me Phil. I would like to introduce you to my new album, Sound Like.

I will be using the Blog to give you information about the songs on Sound Like. I will try to explain the inspiration behind each song, provide you with the lyrics and keep you up to speed with whatever else is going on.

You can listen to and download my music if you click the Music button.

I appreciate everyone`s opinion, so please feel free to comment, where possible.

So, as they say in the Guitar Shop, stay tuned...


Robert Smith

Robert Smith is a Yorkshire born showjumper with an excellent pedigree being a son of the legendary Harvey Smith. Born in 1961 Robert Smith has a proven record as one of the UK`s top showjumping riders for many decades. Over his illustrious jumping career Robert Smith has jumped at the highest levels including a 4th place finish in the 2004 Athens olympics. Robert Smith has represented Great Britain in Nation Cups on more than 100 occasions and has earned over 5,000,000 in prize money in various grand prix`s, world cup qualifiers, Puissance`s and other jumping competitions.

Robert Smith is now based in Warwickshire with his state of the art showjumping yard, with fantastic equestrian facilities and home to 20 to 25 competition horses at any time.

Bavi - A jumping mare with an excellent pedigree, Bavi is sired by Balou Du Rouet out of the Caretino mare Charisma. Born in 2005 Bavi is a mare with an excellent jumping record competed by Robert Smith.

Robert Smith riding Bavi

Robert Gage

Robert Gage - American Showjumping Rider

1 - World Cup Final, World Cup - 3rd Leg - 24/4/1984 Frst

Robert Hawker

Robert Hawker is an amateur race horse jockey, am sorry we have limited information, if you could help us extend his profile please email us at info@stableexpress.com

Ladies Horseboxes
Robert Hawker.jpg

Robert Maguire

Lankashire based Robert Maguire is an international showjumper with an impressive competition record winning numerous classes over his career, highlights include winning the Foxhunter final at HOYS in 2015 with Anastasia Van De Helle and the leading showjumper of the year with Two Mills Showtime. Below you can watch Retreats Okie Dokie riden by Robert Maguire

Robert Maguire

Robert Wilson Eventing

Robert Harrisson Schmerglatt

Robert Harrisson Schmerglatt is an international dressage rider from Australia, below you can watch Robert riding Brumali sired by Breitling W out of a Royal Angelo I mare, bred by Diana Eustace.

Robert Lemieux

Robert Lemieux - Canada

Personal Equestrian Training

We believe in Personalized Individual Training for both rider and horse or pony.

Each person and each horse is an individual with a specific body type,conditioning and training level. In order to exercise the full potential of an athlete we help to modify the physical and mental conditioning of the subject on an individual basis

If you have dreamt of becoming a better athlete, rider or horseman, we at Gloucester Downs Equestrian Park can help you to achieve your goals. Whether you are a novice adult amateur rider and wish to get in shape, or you are a professional equestrian and want to improve your performance we have the technology and the training to help you.

We will help you to define your Short and Long Term Goals. We will develop a Personalized Training Plan that is both realistic and progressive. We will create a Training Contract to help you with the performance of the goals and we will guide and document your training and progress so that you have both a written and visual record of where you have been on your training path.

Like all learned skills riding horses requires a learning plan, instruction, physical and mental training, practice, evaluation, analysis and refining of skills. Whether you are a dressage rider, reiner, showjumper, hunter jumper or eventer, we can help you to improve your communication with the horse and increase your communication vocabulary. Instruction in showjumping and coaching for hunter jumpers is available here.

We teach all levels from beginner to advanced competition coaching. Horses and ponies are available for schooling to provide a full equestrian experience. Visit the Training Center to see more.


Julien Robert Quatre

Julien Robert Quatre - France

The Farringtons have a fantastic reputation and are well known for their honesty and patience when looking for your perfect horse.

All Our carefully hand selected horses have a clean, loving environment at Farrringtons and are treated like one of the family.

Four Acres Stud,
Coventry Road,
CV12 9NB.

Daniela : 07807945993

Robert Wilkinson

Robert Wilkinson - UK

Hosting Fee : $25 per month for the site, regardless of size, payable quarterly.

Organizations are entitled to a free site when two members have farm sites with The Pharaohs Horses.

Private Domains : Design fees are the same, hosting is $50 per month, payable quarterly, plus domain registration costs, unless you already own your domain name. Organizations with two or more member farms sites are entitled to a private domain for $25 per month. Private mail server on your domain is $25 to set up and additional $10 per month for up to six mailboxes with your domain address.

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Banner Ads on the Pharaoh`s Phorums are $20 per month or $110 for six months or $200 for a year, payable in advance.

Contact: Patricia Hampton The Pharaoh`s Horses (208) 448-2841


Click to email to: Info@egyptian-arabian.com

Robert Splaine

Robert Splaine is a former international showjumping rider from Ireland, born the 3rd of June 1953 he has an impressive competition record with horses such as Ballygarvan, Heather Blaze, Billiebob, Dundannion and Coolcorron Cool.

Over the last several years Robert Splaine has been involved with the Irish national showjumping team as the Irish Showjumping High Performance Manager .

 Robert Splaine

Robert Splaine & Heather Blaze (ISH) - 1992 Irish National Championships, Salthill, Galway