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Franke Sloothaak
Born the 2nd February, 1958 in Heerenveen, Holland, Franke Sloothaak is an international showjumper who represented Germany in the showjumping arena, in 1984 he competed Farmer at the the Los Angeles Olympics and won a team bronze medal, four years later in Seoul again riding Farmer, he would win a team gold medal. In 1996 he would again win a team gold at the olympics, over his long career Franke Sloothaak has jumped at 7 Olympic games.

Franke Slootaak and Leonardo - Puissance - 2m35 indoor

Peter Wylde
American showjumping rider Peter Wylde was born 30th July 1965, Boston, Massachusetts. As one of the worlds leading showjumpers he has represented the USA at major showjumping classes all around the world. In 2004 Peter Wylde was part of the American gold medal winning team at the Athens Olympics.
Peter Wylde

Peter Wylde

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Showjumping Rider : John Whitaker

British rider John Whitaker riding the Great Milton

John Whitaker is one of the UK`s greatest horse riders of all time, along with his horse Milton the combination won over one million pounds. John Whitaker represented Great Britain at many major championships and tournaments. John Whitaker is part of the Whitaker family dynasty who have a produced many excellent showjumping riders.
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