Richard Barton

Richard started riding aged 5 years, progressing through ponies and riding 13.2hh and 14.2hh’s with considerable success. His first very successful horse, `Marsneland Boy`, was brought on from a novice 4 year old to International Grade A. During this time he won Area International Trials at County Shows and `Cock of the North` at the Great Yorkshire Show.

Richard went on to ride for Fred Brown, taking his horse `Genersis` to 2nd place in the Foxhunter Final and 3rd place in the Grade C Final at the Horse of the Year Show. He then rode for Harvey Smith with wins including Puissance classes up to 7ft 1` in height. He represented Great Britain in Nations Cup teams and won the Grand Prix at Balmoral Show in Ireland – to name but a few!

During his Show Jumping career Richard has accumulated extensive experience of training all types of horses, which he now passes on to all levels of riders, including his daughter, Alison, who in January 2011 was named as a member of the World Class Pre-Start Programme. Eighteen year old Alison also represented Great Britain at the Junior European Championships in 2009 (taking team 4th place), and during 2011 she is aiming her top horse, Verlindo, at the Wales & West Young Rider Trials and hopefully also to gain selection for a Young Riders Nations Cup team.

Richard Barton
Richard Barton Showjumper

Richard Barton Horses

Can Can, Cranfield Bay, Curly Curcubbin, Enrico, Hawthorn Breeze, Lord Tennyson, Quando Blue, Trenawin Alectra, Trenawin Electra, Trenawyn

Richard Barton Competition Results

08 - Scope, 1m Novice Consolation - 02/09/2006 - Curly Curcubbin
05 - Scope, Pairs - 01/09/2006 - Trenawin Electra
03 - Scope, Blue Riband 1.20M Preliminary Round 2 - 31/08/2006 - Lord Tennyson
03 - Scope, 1.05m Preliminary Round 1 - 30/08/2006 - Can Can
05 - Scope, 1.15m Members Cup Preliminary Round 2 - i - 30/08/2006 - Trenawin Alectra
02 - Scope, Senior Rider Preliminary Round 2 - 30/08/2006 - Trenawin Alectra
10 - Scope, Discovery Championship - 30/08/2006 - Can Can
04 - Scope, Senior Rider Preliminary Round 1 - 29/08/2006 - Trenawyn
11 - Scope, 1.30m Open incorporating 1.30m classic Preliminary Round - 29/08/2006 - Lord Tennyson
14 - Scope, 1.05m Preliminary Round Incorporating Discovery Warmup - 29/08/2006 - Can Can
12 - Scope, 1m Novice incorporating British Novice Warm up - 28/08/2006 - Cranfield Bay
01 - Scope, 4 Year Old Consolation - 04/09/2005 - Enrico
01 - Scope, 1.40m Grand Prix - 02/09/2005 - Quando Blue
02 - Scope, Senior Rider Preliminary Round 2 - 01/09/2005 - Quando Blue
02 - Scope, Senior Rider Preliminary Round 1 - 31/08/2005 - Quando Blue
03 - Scope, DMS Novice Consolation - 31/08/2003 - Trenawin Electra
07 - Scope, 1.25m Championship - 31/08/2003 - Hawthorn Breeze
16 - Scope, 1.25m Preliminary Round 2 - 29/08/2003 - Hawthorn Breeze
06 - Scope, Grade B Championship - 28/08/2003 - Hawthorn Breeze
24 - Scope, DMS Novice Preliminary Round 1 - 25/08/2003 - Trenawin Electra


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