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Raise A Glass To The Hitch Horses Of History

We all do agree that there aren`t any draft horses more famous then the Budweiser Clydesdales. They`ve been all over the TV screens for decades, with their amazing feathering, polished harness and red beer wagon. With their unique appearance they`ve always managed to evoke emotions in viewers.

Raise A Glass To The Hitch Horses Of History
The question is why the Budweiser Clydesdales are so special for the observers and what kind of power do they have over them?! There is something great about them, which is so emotionally gripping to watchers. So, is that the teamwork or the majesty of the horses? Or maybe just some memories from the past?!

Though the Budweiser hitch is the most popular, the history says that they are not the first one in the world of commercials with that style of advertising. Many national-scale breweries maintained a commercial hitch-either for public events or competing in shows. So, let`s recall of some of the great old commercial draft hitches.

Armour Packing Percherons
This company used yellow wagons which were drawn by gray Percheron geldings. They were delivering goods and in the competition ring they were always winning. The Armour hitch was a headline attraction at the Sells-Floto circus all over Europe and across America.
Armour Packing PercheronsArmour Packing Percherons
Genesee Brewing Company BelgiansGenesee Brewing Company Belgians

Genesee Brewing Company Belgians
The Genesee Brewing Company produced the only 12-horse hitch. It was a unique team of red roan Belgians, hitched three abreast in four rows with a red wagon. There was even a beer that was named after them- `12 Horse Ale`.

Heinz Percherons
This eight-horse hitch was put together in 80s and performed on parades and exhibitions until 2007. The team of black Percherons was donated to the US Army, after it was retired for budgetary reasons.

Raise A Glass To The Hitch Horses Of History