Heavy Horses

Old Carlsberg Beer Wagon Commercial

We are all fans of the Budweiser Clydesdale`s but they are not the only beer company with a long tradition of using heavy horses in their commercials, below you can see a video of the Carlsberg heavy horses in a TV advert from the Danish brewery.
Carlsberg Horses
A brewery that has over 165 years of history, they still have a stable yard in Copenhagen that is home to a large number of rare Jutland horses, everyday these beautiful horses continue to walk the streets of Copenhagen. Jutland horses have been the primary horse breed used by Carlsberg. The 1970`s saw the Jutland horse breed face extinction, Carlsberg have made an invaluable contribution to the Danish Jutland Horse Association`s to preserve the breed. Below you can take a tour of the famous Carlsberg stables in Copenhagen.
Carlsberg Horses
Carlsberg Horses

Old Carlsberg Beer Wagon Commercial

Megan King

Megan King - South Africa - Endurance Rider Megan

Millicent Pennekan

Millicent Pennekan - South Africa - Endurance Rider

Zuber Master

Zuber Master - South Africa - Endurance Rider / Horses competed by Zuber Master include Bageerah, Salvan El Bashir & Welbech Silver Charlotte

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Julian Kok

Julian Kok - Holland - Showjumping Rider Julian

Nina Mielke

Nina Mielke is a showjumper from Germany, below you can watch Nina Mielke in action.

Nina Mielke
Michael Whitaker - Mon Santa - Stockholm 1990 - British showjumping rider Michael Whitaker has had countless superstar horses, one of which is the great Mon Santa, below you can watch Michael Whitaker and Mon Santa in action.

Michael Whitaker - Mon Santa - Stockholm 1990

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Bruno Padalino Popovici

Bruno Padalino Popovici - Brazil - Showjumping Rider Bruno

Waldemar Rogowski

Waldemar Rogowski - Poland - Showjumping Rider Waldemar Rogowski