Neil Wrynn

Neil Wrynn - Ireland - Eventing | Owner Ardeo Irish sport horses sourcing, producing and selling top quality sport horses | Horses competed by Neil Wrynn include Kilminchy Ronaldo, Spirit In The Sky and Whitetree Cavalier. Below you can watch Neil Wrynn in action with Kilgarron Quality a 4 year old gelding by Obos Quality

Neil Wrynn

Pavel Vachutka

Pavel Vachutka - Czech - Showjumping Pavel

Shohei Ito

Shohei Ito - Japan - Eventing

Magomed Uzdenov

Magomed Uzdenov - Russia - Endurance Rider Magomed Uzdenov

Sandra Tull

Sandra Tull - USA - Dressage RiderSandra Tull

Lorenzo Citernesi

Lorenzo Citernesi - Italy

Photography Marketing
So you are thinking about starting a photography business, or maybe you are a seasoned photography business owner. Either way, you know that no matter how good your photography skills, your business will suffer without good photography marketing skills.

The basics of photography marketing are the same, no matter what your specialty.
B Getting Started with Photography Marketing If you are just getting started and still have a “day job,” then you are in a wonderful position to start your photography marketing. If you are ready to start building your portfolio or ready to start taking clients, you should start with people you know. What better place than where you work? If you don’t have a day job, then use your spouse’s place of work instead.

Everyone at your place of employment should know about your photography business. If at all possible, you should have an album of your best photos in the break room for fellow employees to view with business cards inside. You can even have a special price list printed with a small discount for your friends at work. If this is your first effort at photography marketing, I think you’ll find that it works well. People at work already know and (hopefully) like you, and will be excited to be one of your first customers. If they like their portraits, then they will tell others and show off their portraits. Your appointment book will fill up fast using this form of photography marketing.

Ramping Up Your Photography Marketing
Ready to move on from finding clients at your day job? You are going to need a website (I also recommend getting a mobile website), and a Facebook page. If you do a Google search for “websites for photographers” you will find many website companies ready to help you out with your photography marketing. Setting up a Facebook page to use for your photography marketing is easy (follow the link on setting up a Facebook page on the right hand side of this blog). Using social media in your photography marketing is a smart move. It allows you to build relationships with potential clients and provides a place to show off your best images. You can even “tag” images with client’s names, allowing them to show them off to their friends and family.

The new way of photography marketing is extremely exciting and is becoming more popular every day. What is it? Mobile marketing. This is a way of marketing to people on their mobile phones using text messages and image ads. Mobile websites are important, too. Did you know that most local searches for businesses (like yours) are done using a mobile phone? If potential clients can’t view your regular site on their mobile device, then you are losing money.

Getting Others to do Your Photography Marketing
Eventually, you want others to do your photography marketing for you. This basically means that your business runs on referrals and “word of mouth.” Why is this the best form of photography marketing? Because it is free, and people trust it more than any other form of advertising or marketing. What are some ways to encourage word of mouth buzz in your photography marketing? You should definitely ask for testimonials and referrals. Sign up online with places like Yelp, where people can leave reviews. Place video reviews on your website or blog. You can even use referral cards (give them to happy customers to hand out to their friends).

Nicola Carr

Nicola Carr - South Africa - Endurance RiderNicola

Clement Mernier

Clement Mernier - France - Showjumping RiderClement

Cathy Hidderley

British event rider Cathy Hidderley rider of horses Perfect 10, Oz III, Willbrook Lad, Tabitha Twitchit IV and Mystic Natalma.

This makes life easier and also gives us some great discounts to make our shopping process cheaper as well as easier. Also, shopping online gives us many more choices than we are normally used to. On top of this, it can actually be fun to shop online. We get to see images that remind us of our animal friends and we get to purchase items that help our pets.

Annika Dietrich

Annika Dietrich - Germany - Horse VaultingAnnika Dietrich

Jeanne Mazellier

Jeanne Mazellier - France - Showjumping Jeanne Mazellier

Valerie Salou

Valerie Salou - France - Endurance Rider Valerie Salou