Nathalie Floots

Nathalie Floots is a horse rider from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), help us expand our rider profile please email us at
Jan Tops

Nathalie Floots
  • Reading a Horses Body Language

    Reading a Horses Body Language

    If you`ve ever been the victim of an animal bite, you may think that the attack came out of nowhere. However, if you knew how to read an animal`s body language, you would probably have seen one or two tell tale signals that may have enabled you to avoid being bitten.
  • Jeff Osborne - Scurry Driving

    Jeff Osborne - Scurry Driving

    I might stop when I`m 90: meet the 85-year-old scurry driver. Jeff Osborne has been one of the biggest supporters of British scurry driving both as a competitor and a sponsor for many years in 2021 Jeff Osborne sponsored a 3 year sponsorship at Horse of the Year Show.
  • Jackson Reed-Stephenson

    Jackson Reed-Stephenson

    British showjumping rider Jackson Reed-Stephenson

Anne Fischer

Anne Fischer - France

Barbara Belousek

Barbara Belousek is an Austrian showjumping based in Vienna who competes internationally, below you can watch a video of Barbara Belousek in action in the GrandPrix von Wr. Neustadt.

Barbara Belousek

Seattle Snow

Seattle Snow is a thoroughbred horse sired by Seattle Slew who was the triple crown winner in 1977, winner of over one million dollars. We have limited information on Seattle Snow, please help us expand our database please email us at

Luciano Ojeda

Luciano Ojeda - Argentina

Victoria Tower Tinkerbell (Victoria Tower Summer Serenade/Hibrie Black Swan), now a yearling, recently competed at the Victorian Riding Pony Pageant winning her Home Produced Yearling Filly Not Exceeding 12.1hh Class and also 2nd in her Yearling Show Pony Filly Not Exceeding 11.3hh. Congratulations to owner Tracy Heath, we are so happy Tinkerbell is part of such a wonderful home.

Ally Foxley

Ally Foxley is an event rider from the UK, can you help us expand our profile please email us at Horses competed by Ally Foxley includes Highmoor Parker who she competes with success.

Jordon Hoult

Jordon Hoult - New Zealand - Endurance Rider

Mariateresa Felice Mercouris

Mariateresa Felice Mercouris - Italy - Endurance Rider

Patricia Procopio Foroni

Patricia Procopio Foroni - Brazil - ShowjumpingPatricia Procopio Foroni

Pamela Guasch

Pamela Guasch - Mexico - ShowjumpingPamela Guasch

Rafal Perlikowski

Rafal Perlikowski - Poland - ShowjumpingRafal Perlikowski

Michel Rouvier

Michel Rouvier - France - Endurance RiderMichel Rouvier

Peter Krãœmmel

Peter Krãœmmel - Germany - Eventing

Mai Kaas

Mai Kaas - Denmark - Eventing

Lacy Morrone

Lacy Morrone - USA - Showjumping