Monty Roberts Puts First Saddle, Bridle and Rider Up

Monty Roberts is a world renowned horsemen who has revolutionised the nonverbal communication training techniques between rider and horse, with the use of his training technique of join up he can establish a unique bond between horse and rider. Below you can watch him use his join up method of breaking a horse from saddle up through to riding.

Monty Roberts
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Monty Roberts Puts First Saddle, Bridle and Rider Up

Ragan Roberts

Ragan Roberts - USA Ragan Roberts

Megan Robertson

Megan Robertson - USA - Dressage RiderMegan Robertson

Shane Robertson

Shane Robertson - New Zealand

CM Caruso Daz - (Overlook Phaze II x Shar Mar Ferzay) Grey Stallion. This 15 hand stallion has been trained first level dressage and will make a lovely, hunter, dressage, or western pleasure mount. He is willing and ready to please. He has always been in the ribbons in dressage and in amateur halter. Caruso is 90% Azraff-Ferzon breeding, very rare today, and would add type and pretty in any pedigree.

Marcus Roberts

Marcus Roberts - UK
Online Dressage

Caron Roberts

Caron Roberts - UK - Eventing Caron

Joseph Roberts

Joseph Roberts -

Joseph Roberts

Joseph Roberts Competition Results

11 - Scope, Tiny Tots Preliminary Round 1 - 30/08/2006 - Lindens Frosty
04 - Scope, Tiny Tots Championship - 02/09/2005 - Lindens Frosty
10 - Scope, Tiny Tots Preliminary Round 2 - 01/09/2005 - Lindens Frosty

Clive Robertson

Clive Robertson - Horse Rider Clive

Monty Roberts

Monty Roberts - USA - Horse Trainer Monty

Waylon Roberts

Waylon Roberts - Canada - Eventing Waylon Roberts

Sally Robertson

Sally Robertson - USA Sally Robertson

Sarah Roberts

Sarah Roberts - UK - Eventing Sarah Roberts

Alex Robertson

USDF Gold Medalist Alex Robertson offers kind and patient training for both horse and rider. He welcomes horses and riders for training in Ocala, FL over the winter season or in Southern Lancaster County, PA during the summer. Alex also offers a lovely selection of dressage horses for sale.

From training level to Grand Prix, Alex`s horses succeed in the competition ring. Contact Alex to get your horse`s show career off to a winning start.

Alex Robertson Dressageá Alex Robertson Dressageá

Sara Roberts

Sara Roberts - UK - EventingSara Roberts

Shona Robertson

Shona Robertson -

Shona Robertson Horses

Julius Xc

Shona Robertson Competition Results

08 - Scope, 1.05m Preliminary Round 1 - 30/08/2006 - Julius Xc

Christopher Mcroberts

Christopher Mcroberts - Australia - Eventing

Nicole Robertson

Nicole Robertson - Canada - Eventing Nicole Robertson

Zan Roberts

Zan Roberts - UK - EventingZan Roberts

Samantha Roberts

I started riding when I was little. We were fairly average people who did a bit of everything, especially Pony Club. I enjoyed taking part in all activities and had a super pony that looked after me and taught me the ropes. It wasn`t until I was about eight that I got asked to ride for someone who owned and produced show ponies. I was so lucky to be given this opportunity at such a young age, and it wasn`t long before I got the showing bug.

Within a few months I had the chance to ride at the Royal International Horse Show and later on in the year at the Horse of the Year Show. Whilst I had ponies to play with at home, I was given a great break by riding these lovely ponies at all the major county shows which was amazing! We brought on young Mountain and Moorland ponies at home and sold them after they had done a bit.
In 1998 my world changed and we managed to lease a fantastic pony called Harwel Wizard. Not only could he do all the normal things kids like to do, but he was also an outstanding pony to show. We managed to qualify for Olympia that year, and in December Wizard and I actually won at Olympia! Aged 13 it was an incredible feeling, and one that will stay with me forever. From then on my love for the native breeds grew, and within 12 months I was also Champion at the Horse of the Year Show, on a pony who had only been broken for nine months. It was truly a fairytale dream.

We continued to bring on young ponies, show them for the year and then sell them. By now I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I left school. So as soon as I could leave, I spent time working for a variety of people gaining knowledge, and then set about making my ultimate dream come true. The dream was to set up and run my own yard, producing Mountain and Moorland ponies. I found a yard to rent and off I went. Of course these things are not all plain sailing, but over the past seven years I have been living my dream. I have been so fortunate to be sent some lovely ponies that have helped me achieve a lot of success, winning some major classes and championships. This includes Champion at the Royal International Horse Show three times, winner at the Horse of the Year Show seven times, qualifying eight different ponies for Olympia and riding there 10 times, and winning at most of the county shows.

I do realise how fortunate I have been and am very grateful to my wonderful owners, sponsors and supporters without whom this wouldn`t be possible. I am hoping I will be doing this for a long time, despite a setback in 2010 where I had a serious fall at a show and was off for several months. But this is the nature of horses, full of ups and downs!