Monique Marret

Monique Marret is a French endurance rider, competition news and results of Monique Marret | Expand profile of Monique Marret, email us at
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Monique Marret
  • The Naughtiest Shire horse EVER

    The Naughtiest Shire horse EVER

    Shire horses are known for their excellent temperaments, but even the best horses can have their moments! The Naughtiest Shire horse EVER!
  • Mini Horse Who Lost Her Leg

    Mini Horse Who Lost Her Leg

    Watch VIDEO :- What is your opinion on fitting a horse with a prosthetic leg? see the story from the miniature horse Angel who lost her leg and her story to regain her ability to regain movement
  • The Will to Win

    The Will to Win

    When jockey Nate Hubbard`s mount Sweetwater Oak, stumbled near the finish line and flipped him out of his saddle, he grabbed on to the filly`s neck and hung in mid-air until the race was over.

Patrick Stevens

Patrick Stevens - USA - Horse Vaulting | Gymnastics coach at Bayshore Elite Gymnastics Martinez, California, United States