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Michael Owen and Hugo Palmer - A New Era at Manor House Stables, Cheshire

Horse racing enthusiasts around the world are abuzz with the news of former footballer Michael Owen`s recent revitalisation of Manor House Stables in Cheshire. The legendary striker turned horse breeder and racing enthusiast is teaming up with leading trainer Hugo Palmer to take the historic stables to new heights. In this blog post, we explore the exciting new era unfolding at Manor House Stables.

Manor House Stables

A Partnership of Passionate Racing Enthusiasts

Michael Owen and Hugo Palmer both bring a deep passion for horse racing to Manor House Stables. The former footballer turned breeder and the renowned trainer have a shared vision for the stables - to create a world-class racing operation that rivals the very best in the business. The duo has already started implementing significant changes to the facility and training regimes, as well as investing in new acquisitions.

The Legacy of Manor House Stables

Manor House Stables has a rich history - it was built in the 18th century and has been a training centre for horses for over 100 years. The stables have trained numerous winners including Gulliver in 2018 and Big Orange, who won the 2017 Ascot Gold Cup. The estate has state-of-the-art facilities, including a horse walker, a treadmill, and an equine swimming pool.

Moving Forward

Michael Owen and Hugo Palmer have set their sights on expanding the Manor House Stables operation. Their vision includes the recruitment of new horses and staff, as well as the introduction of innovative training methods. Owen has already invested in new horses and the latest training equipment, including an innovative machine that simulates the impact of different track conditions on a horse`s hooves.

Future Plans

The new owners have ambitious plans for Manor House Stables. They aim to build a boutique breeding operation and to compete at the highest level of racing worldwide. As a passionate team of racing enthusiasts, Owen and Palmer aim to share their love and passion for horses and horse racing with the wider community.

The purchase of Manor House Stables by Michael Owen and the partnership with Hugo Palmer marks the beginning of an exciting new era for the historic facility. Their shared vision, relentless drive, and deep passion for the sport have the potential to elevate Manor House Stables to new heights. As the duo embark on this journey together, the horse racing community around the world eagerly anticipates the results of this exciting partnership.

Michael Owen and Hugo Palmer - A New Era at Manor House Stables, Cheshire