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Michael Jung

German Event Rider Michael Jung has been the top of the sport for many years, winning gold medals at Olympic games, European championships and countless international events. Below you can watch Michael Jung in action competing Sam FBW in the cross country section La Biosthetique/

Michael Jung In The Cross country Section

Michael Jung

Michael Jung & Fischerrocana FST Cross Country Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event

Michael Jung

Michael Jung

Michael Jung (* July 31 1982 in Bad Soden am Taunus ) is a German rider, his biggest successes in the versatility erritt.
His previous best world ranking as eventers, he had held from autumn 2009 to May 2010 with the fourth place.

Michael Young was in his youth by his father Joachim Jung, even four times national champion in eventing training. After the maturation medium was young in the family stables in Horb -Altheim trained as a heater. In January 2010 he passed the examination as a master Pferdewirtschaftsmeister. He leads the training barn with his parents. At age 12, rode young dressage and show jumping up to class M, 2002, he won the competition for federal grooms in all divisions. His first major success after his time as a young rider, he gained with the Trakehner stallion Graf TSF , the beginning of 2009, after England was sold.

His current top horse is now the gelding La Biosthetique Sam FBW , with whom he could win in 2009 Luhmühlen the CCI **** and the bronze medal at the European Championships in Fontainebleau. He also won with Sam FBW in 2009, the World Cup final of the eventing riders. A highlight of his career he achieved when he on 3 October 2010 with Sam FBW , the individual ranking of the World Equestrian Games in 2010 won in Lexington.

This success was in 2011 at the European Championships in Luhmühlen continued: here he won with Sam FBW both team and individual gold. This is the third young person in history who is versatile at the same time the reigning world and European champion in the individual competition (in addition to Virginia Leng and Zara Phillips ).

In addition to the variety also occurs in young horse jumping - and dressage competitions at up to advanced level. He won as at the Stuttgart German Masters in 2010 next to the indoor derby eventers dressage tests, two national and one international time jumping. The main test of the CSI 1 * at the Baden Classic Offenburg 2012, he won with Calido`s ace .

At the 2012 Summer Olympics he participated for the first time participate in the Olympics. Here he gained his 30th Birthday with both the team and the individual gold medal.

Young, becoming the first rider in the history of eventing equestrian sport, at the same time reigning Olympic, World and European champion in the individual competition is.

La Biosthetique Sam FBW (* 2000), Wurttemberg gelding, Sire: Stan the Man xx , mother, father : Heraldry xx Owner: Eric Young & Single Family & DOKR
Weidezaunprofi`s River of Joy (* 2001), Württemberg, Father: Rubicell, mother father Pageno xx Owner: Renner family
TSF Vincent (* 2002), dark brown Trakehner gelding, Sire: Count TSF, mother father Almox Prints J
Leopin (* 1999), Saxon Brown Riding Horse gelding, Sire: Legal Legend xx, mother father, Pius
Calido`s Ass (* 2001), Württemberg gray mare, Sire: Calido, mother father, Carolus, Owner: Eric Single
former show horses:
TSF Count (* 1998), Trakehner stallion Sire: Polarion, mother father, Camelot, in 2009 by the British Dressage rider Liz Diegutis ridden.
Miss Meller TSF (* 1996), Trakehner mare Sire: Amatcho, owner Helga Schlömer
Desperado S (* 2002), Würtemberger gelding, Sire: Divino de L


Degree with distinction as a professional rider (2003)
Golden Rider Award in dressage and show jumping (2003)


World Championships (WEG):
2010, Lexington (Kentucky) : Individual World Champion in eventing with Sam FBW
Olympic Games:
2012, Gold at the 2012 Olympic Games in London in the eventing team and individual

European Championships:
1999: 1 Place with the team (juniors)
2001: 2nd Place with the team (Young Riders)
2003: with Marco first Place in the individual standings and 2nd Place with the team (Young Riders)
2009, Fontainebleau : 3 Place on Sam FBW
2011, Luhmühlen : 1 Place in the individual standings and 1st Place with the German team with Sam FBW

German Championships:
1999: 1 Place in the individual (Juniors)
2000: 1 Place in the individual (Juniors)
2001: 1 Place in the individual (Young Riders)
2002: 2nd Place in the individual (Young Riders)
2003: 1 Place in the individual (Young Riders)
2006: 3 Place in individual
2010: 2nd Place in the individual with River of Joy
2012: first Place in the individual with River of Joy

German Professional Riders Championship versatility (part of the CIC 3 * rating Marbach ):
2005: 1 Place
2010: 1 Place with Sam FBW
2011: 1 Place with Sam FBW

World Championships for Young Eventing Horses in Le Lion d`Angers :
2004: 1 Sixth years of eventing horses (CIC 2 *) with Count TSF
2006: 2 Sixth years of eventing horses (CIC 2 *) with Sam FBW
2007: 2nd Seventh year old event horses (CIC 2 *) with Sam FBW
2011: 1 Sixth years of eventing horses (CIC 1 *) with FST Rocana

Other achievements:
2002: 1 Place in all divisions at the federal competition for grooms and first Place at the Best Price
2003: 1 Place at the Best Price
2007: 1 Place at the national championships Baden-Wuerttemberg
2009: 1 Plaz the final of the World Cup of Eventing in Strzegom (Poland) with Sam FBW
2011: Baden-Württemberg with a master villain (part of the CIC 1 * rating Marbach )
Victories in the Indoor Derby at the German Masters in Stuttgart in 2005 and 2007 to 2010
Victories in international Vielseitigkeiten:
2012: CICO 3 * Fontainebleau with Leopin (also 2nd place with Sam FBW , and 4th place with River of Joy ), CCI 1 * Fontainebleau with FBW scoundrel , CCI 1 * Radolfzell Rocana FST , CIC 2 * Radolfzell River of Joy CIC 3 * Luhmühlen with River of Joy , CCI 4 * Luhmühlen with Leopin
2011: CICO 3 * Fontainebleau with Sam FBW (also 3rd place with River of Joy and 4th place with Leopin ), CCI 2 * Compiègne (with Leopin ), CIC 3 * Marbach (with Sam FBW ), Marbach CIC 1 * ( with rogue ), CIC 3 *-W Strzegom (with Leopin ) and with the German team at the Nations Cup in Fontainebleau (CICO 3 *) with Leopin
2010: CCI 2 * Compiègne (with River of Joy ), CCI 1 * Radolfzell (with The Roman ), CIC 3 *-W Marbach (with Sam FBW ), CIC 3 * Wiesbaden (with River of Joy ), CIC 3 * - W Strzegom (with River of Joy ), CIC 1 * Altensteig (with Don Lovely ), CIC 2 * Schenefeld with Vincent TSF as well as with the German team at the Nations Cup in Aachen (CICO 3 *) with River of Joy
2009: CCI 4 * Luhmühlen (with Sam FBW ), CCI 1 * Fontainebleau (with River of Joy ), CCI 2 * Compiègne (with Sam FBW ), CIC 1 * Marbach (with Leopin ), CIC 1 * Salgen (with Vincent TSF ), CIC 3 * Wiesbaden (with Sam FBW ), CIC 1 * Altensteig (with Vincent TSF ), CIC 3 * Cameri Novara (with River of Joy )
2008: CCI 1 * Fontainebleau (with River of Joy ), CIC 3 * - W (with Miss Meller TSF ), CCI 2 * Compiègne (with Count TSF ), CCI 1 * Radolfzell (with Mc Intosh iWEST ), CIC 2 * Marbach (with Desperado S ), CIC 2 * Hünxe (with Desperado S ), CIC 1 * Altensteig (with River of Joy )
2007: CIC 1 * Fontainebleau (with Sam FBW ), early-year CIC 1 * Kreuth (with candlelight ), CIC 2 * Pardubice (with Sam FBW )
2006 CIC 2 * Compiègne (with Count TSF ), CIC 2 * Strzegom (with Count TSF ), CIC 1 * Altensteig (with Sam FBW ), CIC 2 * Varsseveld (with Count TSF ), CIC 1 * Kreuth (with Sam FBW )
2005 CIC 2 * Kreuth (with Miss Meller TSF ), CIC 3 * Marbach (with Miss Meller TSF ), CCI 1 * Kreuth (with Woodruff ), CIC 3 * - W (with Miss Meller TSF )
2004: CIC 1 * Marbach (with Biosthetik`s Maricos ), CIC 2 * Marbach (with Miss Meller TSF ), CIC 1 * Sahrendorf (with Miss Meller TSF ), CIC 2 * Altensteig (with candlelight ), CIC 2 * Stone Mountain (with Miss Meller TSF )
2003 CIC 2 * Marbach (with Mark ), 2 * CCIY Kreuth (with Mark ), CIC 2 * Sahrendorf (with Mark ), CIC 2 * Altensteig (by Marco )
2002: Early Year CIC 1 * Kreuth (to Limerick ), CIC 1 * Marbach (to Limerick ), CIC 2 * Marbach (with Biosthetik`s Bunbury ), CIC 1 * Sahrendorf (to Limerick ), Autumn CIC 1 * Kreuth (with Marco )
Michael Jung German Eventer

Michael Jung

Michael Jung to Compete as Showjumper in Future Equestrian Championships

Two time eventing olympic gold medalist Michael Jung has spoken about his wish to represent Germany at a major championship in the sport of showjumping. Michael Jung 34 has dominated the equestrian sphere of eventing winning individual gold at both the London olympics and again in Rio. Michael Jung is renowned at being a master of all three disciplines needed for eventing, dressage, cross country and showjumping but would like to increase his exposure as a showjumper in the future.

Michael Jung already already has horses that he concentrate on producing for the showjumping arena, but with his recent statement would indicate he will be spending more time at showjumping shows in the future.

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