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Akhal-Teke Stallions > Medeus Stud Medeus Stud is named from thje legendary empire that stretched from Turkey, Persia, Afghanistam, Turkemenistand and Armenia. The horses of the Medeus were highly sought after all around the world, and at Medeus Stud we embrace the great traditions of Akhal Teke horse breeding, that can be traced back thousands of years.

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Akhal Teke Stallions Standing At Medeus Stud

Gornostay - A Cremello Akhal-Teke stallion from Stavropol stud farm, Gornostai was a proven endurance horse and spent many years in Russia at Veles stud, producing some outstanding offspring. Medeus Stud have been very fortunate to add Gornostay to our stallion roster. Gornostay is sired by Serasker out of the mare Gurza who is a daughter of Gaisan 7.
Gornostay - Akhal Teke Stallion
Gornostay - Akhal Teke Stallion
Damysus - Akhal Teke Stallion - Below you can watch 4 year old Akhal Teke stallion Damysus (Akderek x Desse) making his debut cross country race, 31 jumps over 3,600m, fences up to 1.40m.
Perengistan - Perengistan is one of the finest offspring of the leading Akhal-Teke sire Karar. Perengistan raced in Russia before being imported to stand at Medius Stud, a horse with a fantastic temperment and intelligence his progency inherit many of Perengistan finest qualities.
@Medeus Stud - Perengistan
Otman Shael - A Golden Buckskin stallion, Otman Shael is sired by Garant out of the mare Aiaman-Shael who is a daughter of Gayaz. Otman Shael is a stallion with tremendous athletic ability, stunning movement and excellent conformation. Otman Shael offers Akhal Teke horse breeders access to a rare purity of blood for your breeding program.
@Medeus Stud - Otman Shael
@Medeus Stud-Otman-Shael
Esugeibatyr - A Buckskin Akhal-Teke stallion Esugeibatyr, is a true type of the legendary horse breed and show great rideabiltym intelligence and endurance, his progeny of Esugeibaty have surpassed all expectations and he is being embraced by many leading Akhal Teke horse breeders. @Medeus Stud - Esugeibatyr Ekemen - An Elite graded Akhal Teke stallion, Ekemen is a pure desert stallion breed, with striking looks he was a highly influentcial breeding stallion for Medeus Stud and has produce many outstanding progeny. Ekemen is a son of Kemal out of the mare Elan who is a daughter of Vatanchi
Ekemen - Akhal-Teke-Stallion
Ekemen - Akhal-Teke-Stallion
Medeus Akhal Teke Stallions Medeus Akhal Teke Stallions

Akhal Teke Foals & Young Horses

@Medeus Stud - SonjaSonja - Palomino Akhal Teke / Otman Shael - Sangadash
MENELAO - Akhal Teke - FoalsMenelao Golden Buckskin Foal / Medeo x Alija
Medeo - Pelino Akhal Teke, breeding Ekemen x Martinika
@Medeus Stud - Medeo - Akhal Teke Horses

@Medeus Stud - Akhal Teke Foals
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Medeus Akhal Teke Stud