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Marion Coakes (Mould)

There was once a pony called `Stroller` that won an Olympic silver medal, below you can watch a video of Stroller along with British rider Marion Coakes, although the pair were much smaller (14.1hh) then her fellow competitors the will and ambition was such that they would give an exhibition of jumping!

Stroller & Marion Coakes

A short clip of Marion Coakes on Stroller in 1965. From the Royal International Horse Show at White City, London. Miss Coakes was 18 and Stroller was 15 years old here.

Marion Coakes (Mould) and the one and only, Stroller

Marion Coakes and Stroller

Marion Coakes, Bill Steinkraus, and David Broome at the 1968 Olympics medal ceremony

Marion Coakes riding Stroller

Marion Coakes (Mould) & Stroller competing in the 1967 Hickstead Derby

Stroller the Wonder Pony

Horse Leaves Course With Rider Over 7 Bar Gate Horse Leaves Course With Rider Over 7 Bar Gate

Marion Coakes (Mould)



Marion Coakes

Marion Coakes - UKMarion Coakes

Marion Coats

Marion Coats is a British rider who is linked to the legendary showjumping pony Stroller who competed at the Olympics 1968 Olympics, below you can watch a video below of Marion Coats competing in the 1968 Mexican olympics.