Marcela Krinke Susmelj

petite and pretty young woman, of course, always smiling, friendly and personable, modest and reserved. Something like this could be the first impression when Marcela Krinke Susmelj met for the first time anywhere. The greater the surprise when you realize what represents a powerful woman as before a: successful dressage elite squad rider Switzerland, mother of two children, a vet and together with her husband Ivan Susmelj operations manager of the equestrian center at the Rotsee in Luzern.

She is a woman full of energy, a whirlwind, intelligent and multi tasking. As a mother she is always there for her two children. She maintains a friendly and loving relationship with her 17-year-old son Igor. Daughter Natasha, 12 years old and her mother are a team. The youth would like to follow in the footsteps of her mother, loves to ride and just posted first tournament successes. When it comes to riding goes, it has little easier than her mother Natasha at that time. The daughter of the squad rider grows up surrounded by horses, as riding with two professional parents. - Marcela Krinke first real contact with horses she had when she was twelve. Finally her parents had to ride their ardent desire to learn with a horse riding lessons as a birthday gift subscription fulfilled. First, the apprentices, and later with the young riding instructor Ivan Susmelj allowed, they all take riding lessons in nearby equestrian center in Galm Lausen, in Basel. She took only long hours, had great fun with it began to help in the equestrian center and other horses to brush to get more riding lessons. So she could ride with time more and more horses. Susmelj saw her talent and encouraged her. The young private Marcela got horses for riding, could make the license and make Nobletto with the horse by Doris Niederhauser, ZKV first startup experience. It formed the Five Years to level L and rode with him successfully, and L-GA programs.

Whether the young was about horses along with a rider always successful at school, or whether they are successful in addition to riding the high school and graduated in is not quite clear. The fact is that, because a heater teaching was not an option for their parents, according to the Gymi began in Zurich to study veterinary medicine. So they could stay close to the horses and continue riding at the weekend, trained by Ivan Susmelj who had completed his education in the Slovenian state stud farm and at the Spanish court school in Vienna. In this time of the riding teacher-student relationship was also love. Marcela Krinke graduated with a state examination and a grade point average of 5.6 successfully. Should continue as a kind of decision support as it is, and at the request of their parents, the freshly baked vet flew to Pullman to Washington State University for nearly one-year internship in small animal medicine. For small animal medicine Marcela had advised her Zurich Professor Suter. She was one who had to work with the head, he had said. At Washington State University, she was allowed to be present when a dog, an artificial heart valve was used. So she came in contact with the cardiology and was so fascinated that she was teaching from the heart to their field and later returned to Switzerland, also wrote her doctoral thesis. Of course she spent in America, the scant free time in the saddle of a Quarter-Horses and never forgot his dream of riding.

Back in Switzerland, was a young assistant at a veterinarian in small animal medicine at the Animal Hospital of Zurich. She also wrote her doctoral thesis and helped Susmelj Ivan, who is now in Seedorf, Uri had rented a stall to get the operation going. She bought Domino, a 5-year-old, big fox, and it was made up with Ivan to S. She rattled off quite a lot of tournaments, and posted its first M-and S-successes. After three years of assistantship in Zurich Marcela Krinke attracted to her partner after Uri, where in 1992 and son Igor in the world. Besides her own small animal practice, the vet also worked with Franz on Knüsel in the animal hospital chief reason in Lucerne. This had already begun during their time at the veterinary clinic in Zurich and for the clinic she works today. To evaluate them today from X-rays and electrocardiograms, which send their veterinarians from all over Switzerland. - In addition to child, helping out in riding mode, own small animal practice and work in the animal hospital chief reason was ridden by a talented dressage rider ever tournaments. Doris Niederhauser had bought the mare from Christine Stückelberger Corvina Marcela Krinke and they also made available.

In 1996, after five years in Uri, got Ivan Susmelj Marcela Krinke and the offer to buy the equestrian center at the Rotsee. They wanted to use independently and always make this opportunity. The vet sold her practice in October their Ivan married and moved with piggybacking son Igor, a few school horses, Corvina and Domino, the most at the two-year stallion in Neumünster purchased Skarletto, Natasha pregnant with first November after Ebikon in the canton of Lucerne. Now that she had sold her practice, she could devote more time to his cavalry. After the birth of Natasha on 7 May 1997, engaged more in the riding stable and riding Domino, Corvina and Skarletto. Would one day she was asked by her retiree Irene Meyer, whether they ride their horse Night and Day. The mold, an Englishman who had been trained up to Grand Prix. Of course they did! So it happened that Marcela Night and Day more often and Irene Meyer rode less and less. You have the horse "so to speak, pulled under the nail," beams the current squad riders for whom was this encounter and collaboration with their sponsor absolutely decisive for their current career. Night and Day was presented by the young mother, a veterinarian and talented rider up to Inter I. As he got older, came from Vienna. The small Hanoverian mare was the springboard to the Grand Prix. Marcela Krinke Susmelj took her part in her first Grand Prix Wermatswil.

With fibrin, the first horse that Irene Meyer had bought especially for Marcela, was allowed to start the so-youthful dressage rider at the European Championships in Hagen. The brown gelding was their first champion horse and allowed her to enter the international dressage scene. The Italian Laura Conz, who had trained the gelding support the couple during the three active seasons of 2003 and 2005. Fibrin is now retired and goes to Italy "walk". His successor is Corinth, who can keep pace with the world leaders. The bay gelding was derived from Cheenook sponsor of the 8-year old Irene Meyer bought and Marcela Krinke Susmelj built with the help of her current trainer Sivlia Iklé. Early age of 9 he was first introduced nationally by the same Ebikonerin victorious in the Grand Prix, and 10-year-old rider took his first part with him at the World Equestrian Games in Aachen. Marcela Krinke Susmelj Corinth and still train regularly with Silvia Iklé, which is instrumental in the progress of the gelding. The Brown and his rider overtook 2006 Bronze, 2008 Silver and Gold at the 2009 Swiss Championship. The two have grown together, are more confident and become sovereign. They are part of the international elite dressage and to ensuring success, including winning the Grand Prix Special in Salzburg, that the Swiss couple and abroad is in the spotlight. The petite athletic Ebikonerin is very ambitious, but always fair with their horses. With the hope of future land Orra, a 10-year-old Oldenburg mare by country jewel gold and the 7 year old Hanoverian gelding by Prince Floris, the kingdom is willing rider squad thanks to their sponsor, Irene Meyer 2009 for upcoming tournaments. Floris and Corinth were both way before the couple Hans and Ulrike Stadelmayer. Both horses were trained by the Germans after the HSH method (hand-saddle-hand method) of her father, Fritz Stahlecker. - Marcele Krinke Susmelj now lives her dream and is happy. Your ultimate goal with Corinth, the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky 2010th - In addition to the dressage career, she mastered the way, the normal everyday madness: office work and bookkeeping for the equestrian center, home and motherhood; riding instructor about for riders in the squad young riders like Anthea Hartmann and Sara Lustenberger, hostess and organizer of the dressage tests Ebikon focused regional youth development, small animal vet and and and ... ..


High Offley Fernando - Colored Stallion

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Marcela Krinke Susmelj
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Corinth, Smeyers Molberg

Marcela Krinke Susmelj Competition Results

5 - München-Riem, GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 04/06/2011 - Corinth
13 - München-Riem, GP - Grand Prix - 03/06/2011 - Corinth
16 - München-Riem, GP - Grand Prix - 02/06/2011 - Smeyers Molberg
7 - Achleiten, GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 15/05/2011 - Smeyers Molberg
8 - Achleiten, GP - Grand Prix - 14/05/2011 - Smeyers Molberg
5 - Hagen, GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 08/05/2011 - Corinth
7 - Hagen, GP - Grand Prix - 07/05/2011 - Corinth
13 - `S-Hertogenbosch, GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 26/03/2011 - Corinth
14 - `S-Hertogenbosch, GP - Grand Prix - 25/03/2011 - Corinth
8 - Frankfurt, GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 19/12/2010 - Corinth
8 - Frankfurt, GP - Grand Prix - 18/12/2010 - Corinth
5 - Stuttgart, GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 20/11/2010 - Corinth
8 - Stuttgart, GP - Grand Prix - 19/11/2010 - Corinth
11 - Lexington KY, GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 30/09/2010 - Corinth
12 - Lexington KY, GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 29/09/2010 - Corinth
13 - Lexington KY, GP - Grand Prix - 27/09/2010 - Corinth
8 - Verden, GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 08/08/2010 - Corinth
8 - Verden, GP - Grand Prix - 07/08/2010 - Corinth
36 - Aachen, GP - Grand Prix - 15/07/2010 - Corinth
5 - München-Riem, GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 16/05/2010 - Corinth
13 - München-Riem, GP - Grand Prix - 14/05/2010 - Corinth
11 - Hagen, GP - Grand Prix - 21/04/2010 - Corinth
9 - Hagen, GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 21/04/2010 - Corinth
4 - Braunschweig, GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 11/03/2010 - Corinth
5 - Braunschweig, GP - Grand Prix - 11/03/2010 - Corinth
1 - Leipzig, GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 21/01/2010 - Corinth
2 - Leipzig, GP - Grand Prix - 21/01/2010 - Corinth
8 - Frankfurt - Y World..., GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 18/12/2009 - Corinth
8 - Frankfurt - Y World..., GP - Grand Prix - 18/12/2009 - Corinth
9 - Stuttgart, GP - Grand Prix - 18/11/2009 - Corinth
12 - Stuttgart, GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 18/11/2009 - Corinth
5 - Lyon, GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 28/10/2009 - Corinth
6 - Lyon, GP - Grand Prix - 28/10/2009 - Corinth
4 - Salzburg Arena Messe..., GP - Grand Prix - 07/10/2009 - Corinth
1 - Salzburg Arena Messe..., GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 07/10/2009 - Corinth
30 - Windsor - Alltech FE..., GP - Grand Prix - 25/08/2009 - Corinth
22 - Windsor - Alltech FE..., GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 25/08/2009 - Corinth
25 - Aachen, GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 30/06/2009 - Corinth
18 - Aachen, GP - Grand Prix - 30/06/2009 - Corinth
6 - Wiesbaden, GP - 29/05/2009 - Corinth
5 - Wiesbaden, GPKür - 29/05/2009 - Corinth
3 - Neuhofen Bartlgut, GP - 14/05/2009 - Corinth
3 - Neuhofen Bartlgut, GPKür - 14/05/2009 - Corinth
12 - Dortmund, GP - 26/03/2009 - Corinth
12 - Dortmund, GPSpecial - 26/03/2009 - Corinth
2 - Bremen, Gp - 26/02/2009 - Corinth
4 - Bremen, GPSpecial - 26/02/2009 - Corinth
16 - Amsterdam, GP - 22/01/2009 - Corinth
8 - Frankfurt, GPKür - 17/12/2008 - Corinth
11 - Frankfurt, GP - 17/12/2008 - Corinth
7 - Maastricht, GPKür - 20/11/2008 - Corinth
7 - Maastricht, GP - 20/11/2008 - Corinth
3 - Salzburg Arena Messe..., GPSpecial - 09/10/2008 - Corinth
5 - Salzburg Arena Messe..., Gp - 09/10/2008 - Corinth
12 - Mondorf les Bains, GP - 11/09/2008 - Corinth
11 - Mondorf les Bains, GPKür - 11/09/2008 - Corinth
10 - Mondorf les Bains, GPSpecial - 11/09/2008 - Corinth
2 - Marianske Lazne, GPKür - 29/08/2008 - Corinth
4 - Marianske Lazne, GP - 29/08/2008 - Corinth
32 - Aachen, GP - 01/07/2008 - Corinth
15 - Munich, GP - 01/05/2008 - Corinth
6 - Munich, GPSpecial - 01/05/2008 - Corinth
8 - Stadl Paura, GPSpecial - 20/03/2008 - Corinth
7 - Stadl Paura, GP - 20/03/2008 - Corinth
6 - Braunschweig, GPSpecial - 06/03/2008 - Corinth
13 - Braunschweig, Gp - 06/03/2008 - Corinth
10 - Oldenburg, GPSpecial - 08/11/2007 - Corinth
11 - Oldenburg, Gp - 08/11/2007 - Corinth
2 - Salzburg, GPSpecial - 11/10/2007 - Corinth
5 - Salzburg, GP - 11/10/2007 - Corinth
7 - Piber Köflach, GP - 07/09/2007 - Corinth
4 - Piber Köflach, GPSpecial - 07/09/2007 - Corinth
6 - La Mandria, Torino, Gp - 17/05/2007 - Corinth
8 - Hagen, GPSpecial - 27/04/2007 - Corinth
15 - Hagen, Gp - 27/04/2007 - Corinth
6 - Bremen, GPKür - 22/02/2007 - Corinth
10 - Bremen, Gp - 22/02/2007 - Corinth
10 - Amsterdam, GP - 25/01/2007 - Corinth
15 - Amsterdam, GPKür - 25/01/2007 - Corinth
Marcela Krinke Susmelj CorinthMarcela Krinke Susmelj CorinthMarcela Krinke Susmelj SUI and Corinth


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Marcela Frias

Marcela Frias - Argentina


A stunning Gypsy Vanner colt who is full brother to Warlord, Tattoo, and Tinkerbell. Ard-Ri will have stacks of feather and no doubt the double mane and long tail when mature, which are his sire`s trademark features carried over to his foals.

A unique looking colt with one blue and one brown eye, with white mane & tail. Ard-Ri is a quality Vanner who should mature to approx 15.2hh and is available after weaning with GVCS registration, either entire or gelded.

DOB 14/10/09
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Marcela Frias

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Marcela Frias

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