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Manuel Fernandez Saro

Manuel Fernandez Saro is a showjumping rider from Spain and represented his country at the 2016 Rio Olympics and two world equestrian games. Below you can watch Manuel Fernandez Saro riding U-Watch, other horses competed by Manuel Fernandez Saro includes Cuidam and Quin Chin.

Manuel Fernandez Saro Horses

Capella (Caretino, 1994)
Comodoro ( x Rasso, 1989)
Gio Granno (Grannus x Ramino,1990)
Qualdandro Z
Quin Chin (Quantum x Gambiona, 1998)
Quinto 17 (Quantin , 1998)
Quo Vadis (Quidam De Revel x Grannus, 1996)
Sergeant Pepper 10 (Silvio I, 1994)

Manuel Fernandez Saro Competition Results

20 - World Equestrian Games, Round 2 - Team final and 2 indiv. Two rounds - 31/08/2006 - Quin Chin
08 - World Equestrian Games, Team - 31/08/2006 - Quin Chin
72 - World Equestrian Games, Round 1 - Team final and 2 indiv. Two rounds - 30/08/2006 - Quin Chin
66 - World Equestrian Games, Team and individual Speed and handiness - 29/08/2006 - Quin Chin
16 - Gijon, Grand Prix - 07/08/2006 -
05 - Gijon, 1.50 Winning round - 05/08/2006 -
02 - Gijon, Nations Cup - 04/08/2006 - Quin Chin
01 - Gijon, 1.50 Group comp. - 03/08/2006 -
19 - The Royal Show, Falsterbo Grand Prix - 15/07/2006 -
08 - The Royal Show, Nations Cup - 14/07/2006 - Quin Chin
05 - Gelderland, Zwolle International - 1.45 Tempo - 11/06/2006 - Capella
24 - Gelderland, Grand Prix - 11/06/2006 - Qualdandro Z
07 - Gelderland, Societeit Gelre - 1.40 Diff.prog. - 10/06/2006 - Capella
02 - Gelderland, Anemone Horse Trucks - 1.40 Against the clock - 09/06/2006 - Capella
09 - Wiesbaden, Preis der Firma Sprehe Feinkost - 7/8 Years Against the clock - 03/06/2006 - Linos
9 - Nantes *** CSI, Prix Conseil General Loire Atlantique - 1.45 Due manches - 28/01/2006 - Comodoro
13 - Olympia International Horse Show, Grand Prix - 19/12/2005 - Comodoro
20 - Olympia International Horse Show, Ivy Stakes - 18/12/2005 - Sergeant Pepper 10
10 - Olympia International Horse Show, World Cup Qualifier - 18/12/2005 - Gio Granno
7 - Olympia International Horse Show, Santa Stakes - 17/12/2005 - Comodoro
11 - Olympia International Horse Show, Pounds for Points - 16/12/2005 - Sergeant Pepper 10
6 - Olympia International Horse Show, The Christmas Cracker - 16/12/2005 - Gio Granno
6 - Olympia International Horse Show, Puissance - 16/12/2005 - Sergeant Pepper 10
37 - Olympia International Horse Show, The Christmas Stakes - 15/12/2005 - Sergeant Pepper 10
22 - Olympia International Horse Show, Welcome Speed - 15/12/2005 - Gio Granno
15 - Olympia International Horse Show, The Welcome Warm-Up Class - 15/12/2005 - Comodoro
3 - Munich, Sprehe Feinkost Youngster Tour - 7/8 Years Mixed comp - 04/12/2005 - Quin Chin
1 - World Breeding Championship, 6 Year Old Championship - Final - 26/09/2004 - Quin Chin
7 - World Breeding Championship, 6 Year Old - 2nd Qualifier - 25/09/2004 - Quin Chin
3 - World Breeding Championship, 5 Year Old Championship - Final - 28/09/2003 - Quinto 17
5 - World Breeding Championship, 6 Year Old Championship - Final - 29/09/2002 - Quo Vadis
Manuel Fernandez Saro riding Canabis ZManuel Fernandez Saro

Manuel Fernandez Saro

Qualdandro Z

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José Manuel Gorigoytia

José Manuel Gorigoytia - CHI

José Manuel Gorigoytia

José Manuel Gorigoytia Horses

Quel Homme van de Heffinck
Quidam De Revel

José Manuel Gorigoytia Competition Results

09 - Bagnaia , Grand Prix - 29/09/2002 - Quel Homme van de Heffinck

Manuel Prause

Manuel Prause - Germany - Showjumping
Manuel Prause

Jose Manuel Gayan

Jose Manuel Gayan - SpainJose Manuel Gayan

Jose Manuel Suarez Diaz

Jose Manuel Suarez Diaz - Mexico - Showjumping Riders

Manuel Bernal Rivas

Manuel Bernal Rivas - Spain - Horse Driving

Manuel Fontes

Manuel Fontes - Uruguay - Endurance Rider

Jose Manuel Rogers

Jose Manuel Rogers - Chile
Jose Manuel Rogers
Jose Manuel Rogers

Juan Manuel Luzardo

Juan Manuel Luzardo - Argentina - Showjumping Rider Juan

Juan Manuel Thill

Juan Manuel Thill - ArgentinaJuan Manuel Thill

Juan Manuel Melgar Vardales

Juan Manuel Melgar Vardales - GuamJuan Manuel Melgar Vardales

Juan Manuel Vazquez Colmenero

Juan Manuel Vazquez Colmenero - SpainJuan Manuel Vazquez Colmenero

Juan Manuel Vidal - Testal

Juan Manuel Vidal - Testal - Spain

Manuel Castillo Mondragon

Manuel Castillo Mondragon - Mexico - Showjumping RiderManuel Castillo Mondragon

Manuel Gonzalez Perez

Manuel Gonzalez Perez - Spain

Manuel Grave

Manuel Grave - Portugal

Manuel Henry

Manuel Henry - France

Manuel Hernandez

Manuel Hernandez - Mexico

Manuel Jose Ossandon

Manuel Jose Ossandon - Chile

Manuel Justiano Pã‰Rez Basso

Manuel Justiano P£‰Rez Basso - Uruguay

Manuel Malta da Costa

Manuel Malta da Costa - Portugal
Horse Themed Earings

Manuel Alejandro Bernal Soto

Manuel Alejandro Bernal Soto - Spain

Manuel Añon

Manuel Añon - Spain

Manuel Ataide

Manuel Ataide - Portugal

Manuel Bigioni

Manuel Bigioni - ItalyManuel Bigioni

Manuel Blazquez Guerrero

Manuel Blazquez Guerrero - Spain

Manuel Bontempi

Manuel Bontempi - Italy

Manuel Bouzas Janeiro

Manuel Bouzas Janeiro - Spain

Manuel Cortesi

Manuel Cortesi - ItalyManuel Cortesi

Manuel De Judicibus

Manuel De Judicibus - ItalyManuel De Judicibus

Manuel Diaz Martin

Manuel Diaz Martin - Spain

Manuel Eichner

Manuel Eichner - France

Manuel Espinosa Pla

Manuel Espinosa Pla - Spain

Manuel Figueiredo

Manuel Figueiredo - Portugal

Manuel Jose Graã‘En Ortiz De La Peã‘A

Manuel Jose Gra£‘En Ortiz De La Pe£‘A - Mexico

Manuel Lecuona

Manuel Lecuona - Mexico

Manuel Lupi

Manuel Lupi - Portugal

Manuel Marquez Medina

Manuel Marquez Medina - Spain

Manuel Marx

Manuel Marx - GermanyManuel Marx

Manuel Mota Curbelo

Manuel Mota Curbelo - Uruguay

Manuel Movelan Haya Manuel

Manuel Movelan Haya Manuel - Spain

Manuel Nistal Riadigos

Manuel Nistal Riadigos - SpainManuel Nistal Riadigos

Manuel Petit

Manuel Petit - FranceManuel Petit

Manuel Pizzato

Manuel Pizzato - Italy
Manuel Pizzato
Manuel Pizzato

Manuel Ramon Palmero Gallego

Manuel Ramon Palmero Gallego - Spain

Manuel Roberti

Manuel Roberti - Italy

Manuel Saturnino Rosas

Manuel Saturnino Rosas - Uruguay

Manuel Senra Chover

Manuel Senra Chover - Spain

Manuel Silió

Manuel Silió - Spain

Manuel Thiry

Manuel Thiry - Belgium

Manuel Ubeda Ruiz

Manuel Ubeda Ruiz - Spain

Manuel Vanlaere

Manuel Vanlaere - France

Manuel Zapff

Manuel Zapff - Germany

Manuel Riaã‘O

Manuel Ria£‘O - Uruguay

Manuel Rodriguez

Manuel Rodriguez - MexicoManuel Rodriguez

Manuel Santiago

Manuel Santiago - UruguayManuel Santiago

Manuel Schwarzenberg

Manuel Schwarzenberg - Germany

Manuel Torres

Manuel Torres - Columbia

Manuel Vasconcelos E Sousa

Manuel Vasconcelos E Sousa - PortugalManuel Vasconcelos E Sousa

Manuel Veiga

Manuel Veiga - Portugal

Manuel Montero

Manuel Montero - Chile

Manuel Narbona Lopez

Manuel Narbona Lopez - Spain

Manuel Ordovas Gonzales

Manuel Ordovas Gonzales - SpainManuel Ordovas Gonzales

Manuel Pinto

Manuel Pinto - SwitzerlandManuel Pinto

Manuel Radakovits

Manuel Radakovits - Austria
Manuel Radakovits
Manuel Radakovits

Manuel Ritter

Manuel Ritter - Germany

Manuel Oliveira Correia

Manuel Oliveira Correia - PortugalManuel Oliveira Correia

Manuel Petiteaux

Manuel Petiteaux - France

Manuel Vazquez Giron

Manuel Vazquez Giron - Spain

Manuel Vieira Monteiro

Manuel Vieira Monteiro - Portugal

Manuel Sanchez Charro

Manuel Sanchez Charro - Argentina

Tullamarine PC Pre Royal

Crestwood Royalty was named Champion Led Welsh B and was placed in her show hunter saddle classes.

Corio PC Pre Royal

Crestwood Royalty was shown at this lovely event by Rebecca Jones and had a very successful day. She was sashed Reserve Champion Newcomer Led Hunter Pony, Champion Led Open Hunter Pony, Champion Ridden Newcomer Hunter Pony and Reserve Champion Ridden Open Hunter Pony. Well done to Beck and Dony!!!

Pedro Manuel Cabrales Rosado

Pedro Manuel Cabrales Rosado - Spain

Manuel Rodriguez-Abreu

Manuel Rodriguez-Abreu - Argentina

What is Para Equestrian?

Kerri has recently been classified as a grade II Para Equestrian in the United States. She will receive her second international classification when returning to Australia later this year.

Para Equestrians compete in traditional Equestrian sports, including the two most prestigious of these; Dressage and Driving. In sports like the Para Equestrian, each athlete is classified and assigned a grade according to the level of their disability or impairment. These classifications ensure fair and meaningful competition between athletes, allowing participants of both genders to compete against one another in their assigned Para Equestrian grades. The sport of Para Equestrian was designed to provide an equal arena for disabled athletes, where they can compete in healthy competition and strive to achieve their personal goals.

The Para Equestrian System for Classification was devised by Dr Christine Meaden, M.C.S.P. PhD, Chief Classifier for the International Paralympics Equestrian Committee.

In Para Equestrian events, Dressage is split into four levels of grading. Grade 1 Dressage is split into 1a and 1b, with 1a participants competing at a walking pace and 1b participants at a walk trot with the opportunity for lateral work and to canter in the freestyle section. Grade II riders perform at a walk trot pace and can also show some lateral work and canter in the freestyle section of their event. Riders in Grade III are able to complete their event in a walk, trot and canter and can perform lateral work throughout the freestyle section of their event. In the final Grade IV category, riders can walk, trot, canter, canter half pirouettes and perform sequence changes and lateral work in their freestyle events. There are two sizes of arenas for riders to compete in, with Grade I, II and III competing in 40x20m arenas and Grade IV riders competing in arenas that are 60x20m in size.

In 2006, the sport of Para Equestrian moved from its authority in the International Paralympics Committee to the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI), becoming the 8th of the FEI disciplines. The FEI is the first international federation to govern and regulate a sport for both able bodied and disabled athletes. All rules and regulations with regards to competition venues and organization are governed by the same principles which also cover elements of each individual discipline.

For the first time ever the 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games will include the Para Equestrian events in Dressage and Driving. This will also be the first time that the FEI disciplines will be held in the same venue and at the same time. It is one of Kerris major goals to represent Australia in Kentucky at these FEI World Equestrian Games in 2010.

Manuel Gonzalez Dufran

Manuel Gonzalez Dufran - Mexico - Showjumping Rider Manuel Gonzalez Dufran

Manuel Debruycker

Manuel Debruycker - France - Eventing Manuel Debruycker


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Manuel Artigas Rodriguez Abreu

Manuel Artigas Rodriguez Abreu - Argentina

Should I be concerned about this horse?

Before I say my question Ill give some background information:

I live in a large city, but my particular neighborhood is rural with half acre to three acre lots some with horses/livestock. Theres a large trail that loops around the entire neighborhood, and goes into surrounding hills. On the side of the road, theres a pretty wide ravine that is flat at the bottom and shaded by trees. I take this ravine as a short cut sometimes, its easy to get into because it slopes gently at both ends. Theres a lot of grass/weeds at the bottom of the ravine.

A month or so earlier, my neighbor had to give away his horse for free because he could not afford it.

Anyway, I was taking a walk to get some exercise, and I decided to walk through said ravine- I hadnt walked through it in quite a long while(like 2 months) and I find my neighbors old horse tied (by a very long rope) to a tree. He has a makeshift shelter that is just like a shade made out of wood, and also a big bucket of water that is full.i looked under a tarp that was there and i found a saddle and bridle, and extra buckets of water a hoof pic and a curry comb(no other grooming materials). I dont see any hay around, but the grass(very plentiful) is cropped short in some places and the horse is grazing as i see him. He doesnt have shoes, but this is normal for him because he has always gone barefoot. THeres also one of those fly catchers attached to the tree. His mane and tail are long, as is his coat, but thats just because of winter-other than that, he is actually in very good condition, fine weight and no injuries. Hes just attached to this tree by a long rope halter, and can travel in like a 100 foot radius.

Thing is, Ive no idea who my neighbor gave the horse to, and i havnet seen him being ridden(but the ravine itself is flat on the bottom, and in places where there is no grass is hard packed flat dirt, like an arena so i think hes just being ridden there)

Thing is, although the horse seems to be faring well, I want to know is this actually safe for a horse to be living like this? Nobody owns the ravine, so its free use I guess, but not many people go down there. The previous owner(my neighbor) said he gave the horse to some kid, seemed nice but idk why someone nice would keep a horse away form their property(or at least a proper barn)

Should i be concerned and contact authorities, or let it be because the horse is healthy??? ive been giving the horse apples every day, because i know him well and used to ride him for my neighborlove him dearl and dont want any harm to come of him im REALLYYY sorry this is so darn long, i couldnt get al the info in there otherwise

Manuel Campilho

Manuel Campilho - Portugal

100% Purebred Fewspot Knabstrupper Mare - Fully Graded KNN

Dam: Mlager Lotte 208333199606368 KN DK (Rasmus af Hallundbk KNN 119 DK Knab)

Rare 100% purebred black based whiteborn with no sabino (4 dark triangles). .

Lupi carries some of the old and well respected classical Knabstrupper bloodlines as well as the Sport types. One of a very few 100% purebred fillies in the UK making her a valuable asset to any stud. She did well in her grading in September 08 and was accepted into the Main Book KNN.

She combines bone and substance with quality and she has a refined, feminine head. Three good straight paces, a fabulous trot and an easy, trainable temperament as you would expect.

Lupina foaled in 2009, a gorgeous dark bay leopard colt by Rubin Star N (Old) who was sold within two weeks of him being born. She is currently empty for 2010 so could be backed and ready for work or put to one of our stallions free of charge.

She will be available at weaning - beginning of October. Deposit secures. A sale that we will probably regret but need to reduce our numbers a little more.

Juan Manuel Rosas

Juan Manuel Rosas - Argentina

About TuffRock

Volcanoes are powerful earthly formations. When they erupt, the amount of energy that is released from the volcanoes to the air is enormous which is often demonstrated by the huge damage they can cause to the surrounding areas. That is the bad news. The good news is that after the volcanoes gone, they often leave behind special soils in different areas that have high levels of energy to help life begin.

TuffRock invented a revolutionary method to capitalize on that energy. By carefully selecting the right minerals from particular volcanic soils, combining the elements and applying a proprietary technology to enhance their molecular forces, TuffRock conceptualized a range of all natural, powerful, volcanic products for animal health.

TuffRock proceeded to capitalize on this intellectual property and its intimate knowledge of volcanic minerals with a view to manufacturing environmentally friendly animal health products. Several years of extensive research & technology development, product development with key industry advisors and test marketing by Steve Hurley and Roger Smith led to the Company, TuffRock Pty Limited being established with Kari Kostamo and John Broadbent in July 2002.

TuffRocks mission is to research & develop, manufacture and market products that enhance the well being of animals by sourcing high quality volcanic minerals and processing them using its own proprietary technologies.

TuffRock can be found next door to one of Australias best wine regions, Hunter Valley, New South Wales, 2 hours drive north from Sydney and less than 1 hour from the best thoroughbred breeding farms in the Southern Hemisphere. Its products are sold nationwide in Australia and the company is currently in the process of establishing its presence in South East Asia, Middle East, UK, Ireland, Europe and the USA. TuffRock continues to work closely with industry to develop specific applications in various regions.

TuffRocks core competence is its intimate knowledge of Australian volcanic minerals and how to apply them in developing world-class animal health products. The company is focusing on selected areas of veterinary markets particularly in areas where strong absorbing and binding / locking capabilities are required. As an example, TuffRocks product range includes a natural hygiene bedding additive that has excellent ammonia control and equine rotavirus binding capabilities; other products support normal bowel function, aid digestion & feed conversion, maintain general well being or support both normal physiology and collagen generation to achieve results.

TuffRocks product range is expanding rapidly. The first product introduced to the markets (in 2002/2003) was a bedding additive for the equine industry called Stable Plus. This quickly became a de facto industry standard in the stables and stallion barns on horse studs in NSW. The product replaced lime due to its strong ammonia absorbing capability, virus and bacteria controlling action and user friendliness. Stable Plus application areas are growing around the world as more focus is given to promoting healthy environments using natural products. It can be used in chicken cages, dog kennels, cat litter, rabbit & guinea pig hutches and also on the bottom of bird cages to help protect animals as well.

In July 2004, TuffRock launched its second product for the horse industry, Foal Plus, being a natural digestive aid for foals and older horses. Foal Plus is an all natural energized volcanic liquid that supports normal bowel function during critical growth phases and is readily accepted with higher application rates during periods of gastric challenges. 500 foals over two years were involved from thoroughbred farms all over the world during the trial phase with over 4,000 applications delivered to date. Foal Plus continues to receive excellent industry acceptance in both the Northern and Southern hemisphere. Product is available in Australia, Europe, Ireland, Japan, UAE and UK AND after an extensive 12 months trial phase, product is now available in the United States from B.E.T. Labs who are based at the University of Kentucky.

Following this success, in 2005 TuffRock introduced a similar product, Calf Plus, to the cattle and calf markets, customer feedback is excellent and acceptance as standard practice amongst Australian dairy farmers is growing at a rapid rate. Recent trial results in the United States indicate this product will have global market appeal.

In early 2006 TuffRock expanded its range with 2 new products. Firstly a liquid feed additive for horses, Conditioner Plus to support the generation of collagen, digestive health and overall well-being. Secondly TuffRock Poultice, the worlds first energized volcanic poultice which has been described by people in racing & equestrian across three continents as the best product they have seen in their lifetime. Demand outstrips supply for this product so lead times will apply.

In late 2006 TuffRock balanced out its range of animal products focusing on the small animal market. Canine Conditioner (similar product to Conditioner Plus) was introduced to the racing and show dog industry and Petit Plus (similar to Foal Plus) was specifically developed for small stomach upsets.

In 2007 TuffRock will release its first human product, TuffRock Sports, the worlds first supercharged topical Sports product which is being indicated for immediate use on sporting injuries. Trials results are unbelievably good.

TuffRock now has international patent process underway to protect intellectual property, technology and product formulae.

Walter Manuel Abella

Walter Manuel Abella - Uruguay - Eventing Walter Manuel Abella

Manuel Sheridan

Manuel Sheridan - Australia

Emanuel Ernst

Emanuel Ernst - Germany

Emmanuel Le Bourdonnec

Emmanuel Le Bourdonnec - France Emmanuel Le Bourdonnec


Jose Manuel LUCENA ESTRADA - Dressage Rider José

Manuel Santillan

Manuel Santillan - Argentina

We have been very lucky this season to have had 5 healthy new foals born.

First to arrive was Amaranda Topsy Louises stunning pali filly by Mirinda Spycatcher, who is a full sister to C. Somerset. Mia is full of pizzazz and is simply gorgeous!

Next to arrive was Ripplebrook Kindles very pretty chestnut filly also by Mirinda Spycatcher who is a full sister to C. Espionage, Rendezvous, Pollyanna, Elegance and Propaganda.

Our third foal was Amaranda Lady Lucks upstanding pali colt by Mirinda Spycatcher, who is very tall and elegant. Scooby is a full sister to our very successful C. Royalty, Casino Royale and Royal Romance.

Imperial Shy Girl was the next mare to foal, and she produced a gorgeous pali colt sired by Marconi Studs Weston Park Mercury. Shaggy is exceptionally friendly and is certainly our young daughters favourite.

And last but not least was Bungalally Champagne, who certainly kept us waiting, before presenting us with a huge pali filly sired by our Mirinda Spycatcher. And the filly was well worth the wait!

All of this seasons foals are offered for sale and terms may be arranged until weaning.

Huge congratulations to Lisa Oneill from Marconi Stud on the safe arrival of Marconi Dejavu, a divine bay/brown filly from Foxmoor High Light by Mirinda Spycatcher.

Juan Manuel Cru Lillo

Juan Manuel Cru Lillo - Spain - Showjumping Rider Juan

Juan Manuel Bolafrica - Barrios

Juan Manuel Bolafrica - Barrios - El Salvador - Showjumping Rider

Manuel Bulnes Labra

Manuel Bulnes Labra - Chile - Endurance RiderManuel Bulnes Labra

Jose Manuel Ibaã‘Ez

Jose Manuel Iba£‘Ez - Chile - Showjumping RiderJose Manuel Iba£‘Ez

Jose Manuel Ramirez Uribe

Jose Manuel Ramirez Uribe - Mexico - Eventing

Manuel Cornejo

Manuel Cornejo - Ecuador - Showjumping Rider

Juan Manuel Maldonado

Juan Manuel Maldonado - Columbia - Endurance RiderJuan Manuel Maldonado

Manuel Bulnes Muzard

Manuel Bulnes Muzard - Chile - Endurance Rider

Manuel Eugster

Manuel Eugster - Switzerland - Showjumping Rider

Manuel Da Silva Rocha

Manuel Da Silva Rocha - France - Showjumping Rider Manuel Da Silva Rocha

Juan Manuel Muñoz Diaz

Juan Manuel Muñoz Diaz is a leadaing Spanish dressage rider, born in 19/05/1969 Juan Manuel Muñoz Diaz represented Spain at the London 2012 Olympics. Spanish Dressage Riders. Below you can watch Juan Manuel Muoz Diaz riding FUEGO XII in the Kur Grand Prix Freestyle WEG Kentucky 2010.


KWPN Foal For Sale

Juan Manuel Muoz Diaz - FUEGO XII Kur Grand Prix Freestyle WEG Kentucky 2010

Juan Manuel Alonso Hernandez

Juan Manuel Alonso Hernandez - Spain - Endurance Rider Juan

Juan Manuel De Jove Rodriguez De Torres

Juan Manuel De Jove Rodriguez De Torres - Spain - Showjumping Rider

Manuel Vazquez Herranz

Manuel Vazquez Herranz is a showjumping rider from Spain, below you can watch Manuel Vazquez Herranz in action riding Clearboy campeonato.

SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program
We have used SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program on their horses for several years. We have been thrilled to hear how enthusiastic they are about SUCCEED and how beneficial it has been. With the team achieving more and more success with a string of top quality horses, there is no doubt that exciting times lie ahead. SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program is a daily Functional Feed programme that provides a unique and natural approach to optimal horse health and performance. The natural formula targets the healthy function and structure of the entire digestive system. SUCCEED addresses digestive imbalances at their root cause, improving nutrient uptake and reducing the risk of serious digestive issues. Better digestive health means better overall health and, ultimately, better performance. SUCCEED is an official product of United States Equestrian Federation, United States Eventing Association & United States Dressage Federation and was used by the US Teams (all disciplines) and members of the Canadian Eventing Team during the 2008 Olympic games and the 2010 World Equestrian Games. We at SUCCEED are proud to sponsor Chris King Eventing and wish them the greatest success in the future.

Josã Manuel Lucena Estrada

Jos£ Manuel Lucena Estrada - Spain - Dressage RiderJos£

Manuel De La Lastra

Manuel De La Lastra - Spain - Showjumping Rider

Manuel Dupont

Manuel Dupont - Belgium - Showjumping Rider

Juan Manuel Acosta Ponce

Juan Manuel Acosta Ponce - Spain - Dressage Rider Juan

Manuel Blazquez Rein

Manuel Blazquez Rein - Spain - Showjumping Rider