Make A Wish

See below some touching stories of how the Make The Wish foundation have made sick children dreams come true, for more information visit

Waffles and Wishes, Horse Surprise

A surprise for Carly a little girl diagnosed with a rare illness who became a horse lover after riding at a school, she was gifted the horse that she has been learning on, below you can see the touching video of when the surprise wish was granted.
Make A Wish

Child receives miniature horse from Make-A-Wish foundation in Pendleton

Meet layla a brave little girl fighting her critical illness, whos wish was granted to receive a miniature horse.

Thanks To Make-A-Wish, Alba Enjoys 1st Horseback Riding Lesson

The make a wish foundation is a charity dedicated to helping sick children realise their dreams, below is the story of Alba the sweet little girl who had a tough start to life, born with a chromosome disorder Alba had to have a heart transplant when she was just 2 months old. Alba`s wish was to go horse riding, and Make A Wish foundation have arranged a year of riding lessons.



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