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Lycra Hoods for Horses

Lycra Hoods for Horses

Tips to keeping your Horse & Ponys coat in tip top condition this Autumn/Winter. If you are in full swing preparing to compete at HOYS or simply looking to keep your horses coat immaculate in the coming months, we have a few handy hints & tips to share with you which shall make it a breeze.
Lycra Hoods for Horses

Looking to slow coat regrowth after clipping?
- The ultimate combination - A lycra hood & body rug combination with a fleece jams set over the top. This shall mimic the coat you have removed whilst adding shine, preventing chills and acting as the perfect base layers to rug accordingly over the top.

- Wash rugs and hoods regularly to avoid any grease build up, we advise a minimum of every two weeks but ideally each week. Enhancing Coat Shine

- If it is just coat shine you are looking for, the lycra hood and body rug combination are at your service. We advise to use the lycra hood in the stable only, the body rug is ideal as a base layer during turnout.

- Hot oil the coat the daily (a dollop of pig oil in a bucket of warm water) soak a cloth and wring it out before wiping the coat down all over.

- Showsheen is great for the whole body including the mane & tail...avoiding your saddle area! Nutritional Help

- From our experience we have found that the addition of a high oil feed such as Baileys Outshine will really help bring shine from the inside out. This is not a quick fix and will need to be added to your horses diet throughout the season.

- Seaweed is a useful addition to feed to help keep coats dark

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Lycra Hoods for Horses

Lycra Hoods With ear holes only from £20 / Lycra Hoods With ear and eye holes from £30 :- Order online

A selection of hoods and combos. Manufactured using high quality 4way stretch material, these garments help to keep your horse clean, plaits in place and promote a shiny coat

Anti rub vest comes in the standard version and the NEW loose bottom version, further aiding the prevention from rubbing.

Full faced Lycra combo 60 euros
Headless "Cosy-Combo. 65 euros
Full face hood. 45 euros
Anti-rub vest 15 euros
Colour choices - black, blue, purple, magenta, red or lime green / All sizes available Can be posted

2 x pony size canta Lycra hood. Good condition.

For Sale. Sleazy Sleepwear for horses. Mini Lycra hood. Large. Brand new. Never used. Shires full face Lycra hood . Size M . Perfect condition (needs a wash) . Model is a (displeased) 16hh thoroughbred . Still a bit of room in it to give you an idea of the size full face Lycra hood Lycra hood by Le Mieux, a great hood to keep your horses clean and ready. Blue/black/navy

Lycra Hoods for Horses