Lubomir Vrtek

Lubomir Vrtek (July 14, 1960 - August 5, 2015) was a Czech rider who competed in the equestrian sport of eventing. He was a multiple champion of the Czech republic. Below you can watch Lubomir Vrtek in the cross country stage of eventing. Lubomir Vrtek started riding a horse at the age of 12 in Šumper and has been competing since he was 17 years old. After completing basic military service, he became a member of the equestrian club in Horni Heřmanice .

He was a three-time champion of the republic in the senior category, in 2007 and 2009 he won with Dallas he won the third title with the horse Dirano 1 in 2013. In other years he was unlucky, especially in 2011 , when with the horse Davos 1 clearly led after two days, but in the final course after a collision on the fourth obstacle he fell out of the saddle and was eliminated.
Lubomir Vrtek
Although he was one of the elite riders for many years, he won another prestigious Golden Horseshoe competition in Humpolec for the first time in 2013, also with Dirán and in parallel with his last championship title. A year later, he defended the title in the Golden Horseshoe. He completed thirty starts in the finals of the Golden Horseshoe.

By profession he was a teacher at the agricultural school in Horni Heřmanice, which at the end of his life was the workplace of the Secondary School of Gastronomy and Farming in Jesenik . His brother Stanislav Vrtek and his sons Lubomir and Antonin Vrtek also deal with versatility.

At the turn of July and August 2015, he participated in the team championship. In a field test on August 1, he fell from Dirán and was seriously injured. He died on August 5 at Pardubice Hospital, despite receiving immediate first aid and professional care.

He was married and had four sons.

Lubomir Vrtek