Lorenza Saglietto

Lorenza Saglietto - Italy - Showjumping Rider | Horses competed by Lorenza Saglietto include Sigurado Della Caccia, Soupir and Basil Della Caccia. Below you can watch Lorenza Saglietto in action riding Finale Campionato.

Lorenza Saglietto
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Oryx du Roty

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Lorenza Ambrosi

Lorenza Ambrosi - Italy

Lorenza Felice

Lorenza Felice - ItalyLorenza Felice

Lorenza Laserna

Lorenza Laserna - Columbia

Lorenza Martinelli

Lorenza Martinelli - ItalyLorenza Martinelli

Claudia Lorenza O’ Farrill

Claudia Lorenza O’ Farrill is a showjumping from Mexico who has represented her country on many occasions, including the world equestrian games in 1998 and the Pan American games in 2019 winning a team silver medal. Horses competed by Claudia Lorenza O` Farrill includes Tigger and Queens Darling.

Claudia Lorenza O’ Farrill Horses

Flic Flac (Flacon, 1983)

Claudia Lorenza O’ Farrill Competition Results

1 - World Cup Final, World Cup - 3rd Leg - 24/04/1993 - Flic Flac

Lorenza O`Farrill

Lorenza O`Farrill - Mexico