Lisa Carlsen

Lisa Carlsen is a Canadian showjumping rider who competes internationally, In 1988 Lisa was a member of the Canadian Olympic team with Kahlua, she also competed in the 1989 and 1990 world cup finals.
Lisa Carlsen
Lisa Carlsen
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Lisa Carlsen

Colton Maelstrom

Hall of Fame pony Colton Maelstrom with rider Natasha Sewell in the individual final of the European Pony Show Jumping | Profile of one of the all time great ponies Colton Maelstrom…
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Lisa White

Lisa White - New Zealand - Dressage Rider

Anna-Lisa Theile

Anna-Lisa Theile - Germany - Dressage Rider
Anna-Lisa Theile

Maria Lisa Macchi

Maria Lisa Macchi - Italy
Horse Videos

Maria Lisa Macchi

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Maria Lisa Macchi

Chiaralisa Randone

Chiaralisa Randone - Italy

Alisa Cole

Alisa Cole - USA

Alisa Danilova

Alisa Danilova - Ukraine

Alisa Mãœller

Alisa Mãœller - Germany

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Alisa Porter - Canada

Alisa Wilson

Alisa Wilson - USA

Alisa Wolf

Alisa Wolf - Germany

Alisa Fomina

Alisa Fomina - Russia

Alisa Vines

Alisa Vines -

Anna Lisa Smith

Anna Lisa Smith - USA

Annalisa Cesari

Annalisa Cesari - Italy

Annalisa Orioli

Annalisa Orioli - Italy

Annalisa Toninelli

Annalisa Toninelli - Italy

Annalisa Busani

Annalisa Busani - Italy

Annalisa Giuntini

Annalisa Giuntini - Italy

Annalisa De Leo

Annalisa De Leo - Italy

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Annalisa Puosi - Italy

Annalisa Wallace

Annalisa Wallace - UK

Lisa Aase Rokkan

Lisa Aase Rokkan - Norway

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Lisa Ashe - UK

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Lisa Aylward - USA

Lisa Baker

Lisa Baker - Australia

Lisa Bezzeg

Lisa Bezzeg - USA

Lisa Birchard

Lisa Birchard - Canada

Lisa Blackbourn

Lisa Blackbourn - New Zealand
Online Dressage

Lisa Borgmann

Lisa Borgmann - Germany

Lisa B銣scher-Pfohl

Lisa B銣scher-Pfohl - Germany

Lisa Berther

Lisa Berther - Switzerland

Lisa Birkeland

Lisa Birkeland - Norway

Lisa Blackmon

Lisa Blackmon - USA
Horse Necklaces

Lisa Bradley

Lisa Bradley - UK

Lisa Bruggeman

Lisa Bruggeman - Belgium

Lisa Buntenbach

Lisa Buntenbach - Germany

Lisa Carson

Lisa Carson - Ireland

Lisa Clarke Spence

Lisa Clarke Spence - UK
Euro Sport Horse

Lisa Coupe

Lisa Coupe - New Zealand

Lisa Crocket

Lisa Crocket -

Lisa De Coi

Lisa De Coi - Italy

Lisa Dufresne

Lisa Dufresne - USA

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Lisa Dupon - France

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Lisa Falk - Germany

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Lisa Foukal - Austria

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Lisa Freckingham - UK

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Lisa Freund - Germany

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Lisa Gamberini - Italy

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Lisa Goldsbury - New Zealand

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Lisa Gombert - Germany

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Lisa Greiderer - Austria

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Lisa Hall - USA

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Lisa Hickey - UK

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Lisa Hood - UK

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Lisa Huber - Germany

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Lisa Jonsson - Sweden

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Lisa Kent - USA

Lisa Kircher

Lisa Kircher - France

Lisa Krakowitzer

Lisa Krakowitzer - Austria

Lisa Malek

Lisa Malek - USA

Lisa Maria Rudigier

Lisa Maria Rudigier - Austria

Lisa Martin

Lisa Martin - Australia

Lisa Broekert

Lisa Broekert - Holland

Lisa Bukowski

Lisa Bukowski - Canada

Lisa Davenport

Lisa Davenport - New Zealand

Lisa Deghe鈥�

Lisa Deghe鈥� - Italy

Lisa Driesselmann

Lisa Driesselmann - Germany

Lisa Haag

Lisa Haag - Germany

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Lisa Halpin - UK

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Lisa Hofinger - Austria

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Lisa Hoogewijs - Belgium

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Lisa Hunter - UK

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Lisa Maria Pfuisi - Austria

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Lisa Marrocco - Italy

Lisa Mayer

Lisa Mayer - Germany

Lisa Maynard

Lisa Maynard - UK

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Lisa Mendell - USA

Lisa Morris

Lisa Morris - UK
Horse Themed Earings

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Lisa Mouret - Germany

Lisa Murphy

Lisa Murphy - uk

Lisa Neuk銊Ter

Lisa Neuk銊Ter - Germany

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Lisa Nowotny - Austria

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Lisa Ottensmeier - Germany

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Lisa Pain - Australia

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Lisa Peecook - USA

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Lisa Pfeffer - USA

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Lisa Pilbeam - UK

Lisa Prochnow

Lisa Prochnow - USA

Lisa R銟in銋S

Lisa R銟in銋S - Norway

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Lisa Reitenberger - Germany

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Lisa Riedel - USA

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Lisa Sanchez - Australia

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Lisa Schneider - Germany

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Lisa Silverman - usa

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Lisa Stoffel - Australia

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Lisa Tannehill - USA

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Lisa Tatzreiter - Austria

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Lisa De Ridder - Belgium

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Lisa Dolly - Ireland

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Lisa Durand - France

Lisa Etzner

Lisa Etzner - Sweden

Lisa Farcot Santoni

Lisa Farcot Santoni - France

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Lisa Janout - Austria

Lisa K銝Nemund

Lisa K銝Nemund - Germany

Lisa Keyes

Lisa Keyes - Australia

Lisa Klappacher

Lisa Klappacher - Austria

Lisa L銝Chtermann

Lisa L銝Chtermann - Germany

Lisa Mareen Schindler

Lisa Mareen Schindler - Germany

Lisa Maria Wei�gatterer

Lisa Maria Wei�gatterer - Austria

Lisa Marriott

Lisa Marriott - UK

Lisa Martinsson

Lisa Martinsson - Sweden

Lisa Meier

Lisa Meier - Germany

Lisa Morrow

Lisa Morrow - USA

Lisa Nesbitt

Lisa Nesbitt - USA

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Lisa Nowag - Germany

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Lisa Persson - Sweden

Lisa Potter

Lisa Potter - UK

Lisa Reed

Lisa Reed - USA

Lisa Rendall

Lisa Rendall - UK

Lisa Rosbotham

Lisa Rosbotham - Ireland

Lisa Sch銝Nenberger

Lisa Sch銝Nenberger - Austria

Lisa Schranz

Lisa Schranz - Austria

Lisa Simpson

Lisa Simpson - New Zealand

Lisa Tarnopol

Lisa Tarnopol -

Lisa Turnbull

Lisa Turnbull - UK

Lisa Von Martels

Lisa Von Martels - Canada

Lisa Weis

Lisa Weis - USA

Lisa Dunst

Lisa Dunst - Austria

Lisa Dye

Lisa Dye - USA

Lisa Eufinger

Lisa Eufinger - Germany

Lisa Feldt

Lisa Feldt - Germany

Lisa Glenewinkel

Lisa Glenewinkel - Germany

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Lisa Green - USA

Lisa Heim

Lisa Heim - Germany

Lisa Holzmann

Lisa Holzmann - Austria

Lisa Hopkins

Lisa Hopkins - UK

Lisa Hyslop

Lisa Hyslop - USA

Lisa Johansen

Lisa Johansen - Norway

Lisa Kayser

Lisa Kayser - Costa Rica

Lisa Keys

Lisa Keys - UK

Lisa Kowalski

Lisa Kowalski - Germany

Lisa Larraguibel

Lisa Larraguibel - Argentina

Lisa Vandewalker

Lisa Vandewalker - USA

Lisa Walshe

Lisa Walshe - Ireland

Lisa Wernitznig

Lisa Wernitznig - Austria

Lisa Wilcox

Lisa Wilcox - usa

Lisa Zielenske

Lisa Zielenske - USA

Lisa Weier

Lisa Weier - Germany

Lisa Whelan

Lisa Whelan - Ireland

Lisa Wild

Lisa Wild - Austria

Lisa Winburn

Lisa Winburn - USA

Mary Lisa Leffler

Mary Lisa Leffler - USA

Mellisa Warden

Mellisa Warden - USA

Sophie Lisa Avery

Sophie Lisa Avery - UK

Vasilisa Voskresenskaya

Vasilisa Voskresenskaya - Russia
Horse Videos

Vasilisa Voskresenskaya

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Vasilisa Voskresenskaya

Horse Videos

Vasilisa Voskresenskaya

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Vasilisa Voskresenskaya

Horse Videos

Vasilisa Voskresenskaya

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Vasilisa Voskresenskaya

Horse Videos

Vasilisa Voskresenskaya

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Vasilisa Voskresenskaya

Lisa Paarvio

Lisa Paarvio - Germany

Lisa Bishop

Lisa Bishop is a horse rider from the United States of America, we have limited information on Lisa Bishop, please help us email us at to add to the biography page of Lisa Bishop

Lisa Counsell

Lisa Counsell - Australia

Khatalina - (Allionce +/ x Khatin Around) 1997 H/A Chestnut Mare. This mare is going to be a great amateur or youth mount. She is just getting broke to the full bridle and is learning how to shift her balance, but when she is finished she is going to be a great performance mare. She has a super mind, great attitude and quiet disposition, but a great neck and motion as well.

Lisa Froehlig

Lisa Froehlig is a dressage rider from the USA

Lisa Butterfield

Lisa Butterfield - USA

Lisa Allen

Lisa Allen - Ireland

Lisa Coulter

Lisa Coulter was ranked as the No. 1 reining rider in the world by the FEI in 2010. She has a keen interest in developing the sport of reining within Canada and is avidly involved as a member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Reining Committee, chair of the High Performance Committee and is also an athlete representative. Together Lisa and Bob Thompson own a ranch in Pilot Point, Texas. This ranch is where Lisa bases her training as she travels back and forth between British Columbia and Texas doing business and competing.

Lisa Coulter

Warmblood Foals
Lisa Coulter

Lisa Coulter

Elisa Brockmann

Elisa Brockmann - Germany

Analisa Hegyesi

Analisa Hegyesi - Australia

Remedial horses: Where ever the horse is "at", I start there. I fill in the gaps where the horse missed pieces of the puzzle. If you knew what to do, you would do it, right? I engage the horse in a conversation, and we are on the same team.

Physical, mental and psychological health are priorities in my program. There are factors from vit/minerals and feeding to natural hoofcare and saddle fit. The horse is a social animal, where in herds travel daily for food and lifestyle. Their mental and physical DNA is hardwired to do this. Horse-keeping and training with this in mind produces Harmony and beautiful happy athletes.

Lisa Cahn

Lisa Cahn began her professional career in the Hunter Jumper industry in 1979, making the transition from a talented junior rider in Southeastern Coast competitions to a young professional in the Atlanta, Georgia area. In 1983, Lisa moved to Minnesota, where she had many successes in the Midwestern States and owned her own Equestrian Training Facility. Between 1983 and 1996, Lisa’s clients won a multitude of awards including Zone and National Championships in the Hunter Jumper and Equitation divisions. Consistent wins for her junior riders followed at the National level at Harrisburg and the National Horse Show at Madison Square Garden in the AHSA & ASPCA Medal Finals and Junior Hunter divisions. Lisa was the Coach of the Zone 6 Prix de States Team at Harrisburg for two of these years. During this time, Lisa also had personal triumphs as a professional equestrienne with wins at the Grand Prix level riding Louise Otten’s horse, Take Notice, and W.C Investments’ Horse, Nessus II. Selling her business and facility, Cross Creek Farm, and making the move to California in 1996 to escape the snows of Minnesota, Lisa joined Susan Hutchison for a year and then established her own business, Lisa Cahn Stables. Building a diverse business model over the next 10 years, Lisa utilized her training skills to accommodate the needs of a broad spectrum of disciplines, ranging from the Children’s Hunter divisions to the Junior/Amateur Jumper divisions. Her first love remains preparing her students and their horses for the Equitation divisions and the dedication that it takes to qualify and be successful in medal finals.

Lisa is currently enjoying the privilege of sharing her expertise with the Clients of Chris Pratt’s Epic Stables at Middle Ranch, in the Los Angeles area.

“Working and being successful in this industry is a phenomenal privilege and I count my blessings daily that people allow me to share my passion and knowledge with them and their horses.

Lisa Cahn Horses

Lisa Cahn Competition Results

Lisa Cahn Showjumper

Lisa Riou

Lisa Riou - France

What is a Novice ride? - Endurance Riding
A Novice ride is 40-90km but has no speed restrictions. You can go as fast as you like.
Lisa Riou

Lisa Dundee

Lisa Dundee is an event rider / dressage rider from Ireland, horses competed by Lisa Dundee includes Camusrory, Lachain Easy & Motown Man.