Linda Nedkvitne

Linda Nedkvitne is a showjumping rider from Norway, born 11/09/1975 she has successfully competed internationally under FEI rules. Expand profile of Linda Nedkvitne email us the additional info to info@stableexpress.com
Linda Nedkvitne

Linda Nedkvitne

Baloubet du Rouet

Baloubet du Rouet is one of the world of showjumping top stars, competed by Rodrigo Pessoa, Baloubet du Rouet won the world cup on three consecutive occasions. Baloubet du Rouet is a stallion who is highly sought after producing many outstanding offspring. …
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Nick Skelton

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Belinda Hitzler

Belinda Hitzler - Germany

Dasher Foal Date: 6/11/2002

One`s Last Dash or "Dasher" is a Registered Saddlebred out of Stonewall`s Dash O`Coco by Mountjoy`s One in a Million. He has a very easy going temperament. He`s going to be one handsome fellow. For a video clip of Dasher, please click here. If you`d like to see a picture of Dasher`s daddy, please click here.

Belinda Hitzler

Linda Bammann

Linda Bammann is an event rider from the USA, below you can watch Linda riding Fuerst Encounter at Ocala Horse Trials. Linda Bammann also has had a lot of success with another one of her horses Catchafire.

Linda Bammann & Fuerst Encounter at Ocala Horse Trials

Linda Bammann

Belinda Henderson

Belinda Henderson - Australia

Ripley Foal Date: 7/2001

Ripley is such a sweetheart. He is one of the most affectionate horses I`ve seen. He is just as curious as he is gorgeous. He is always alert, and loves attention when we are in the pasture. Also sired by Flurry, Ripley will be very very tall when he is mature. As a yearling, you can see just how tall he is already, as he stands beside his 6` 1" owner Amy Telford. To see a video clip of Ripley, please click here. If you would like to see a picture and more video clips that were recently taken on 02/26/03, then please click here.

Belinda Yuill

Belinda Yuill - Australia - Eventing

Belinda Nairn - Wertman

Belinda Nairn - Wertman - USA


Belinda Nairn - Wertman

Posted by Stable Express

Belinda Nairn - Wertman

Belinda Trussell

Belinda Trussell is an international dressage rider who has represented Canada at many major equestrian championships with a number of different horses. Major championships include 3 world equestrian games, 2 Olympic games and a world cup.

Below you can watch Belinda Trussell at the 2016 Rio Olympics riding Anton

Belinda Trussell - Anton - Rio Olympics 2016

Csilla Melinda ZãMbã“

Csilla Melinda ZãMbã“ - Hungary

Belinda Quirk

Belinda Quirk - Australia

Newly Constructed Equine Boarding Facility

Boarding is offered indoors or outdoors. Horses boarded outdoors will have pasture access through the summer with 24x7 access to a 3 sided run in shelter.

Stall boarded horses will be provided with turnout 3 to 4 days per week weather permitting. Stall cleaning is included in the board fees. We are willing to accommodate boarders that choose to clean their own stalls, contact us for more details. Stalls are bedded with 100% pine pellets. Pelleted bedding is dust free, mold, bacteria & insect resistant! All horses are fed/watered twice per day.

Boarding facilities include:

Insulated 7 stall barn constructed with only high grade materials

Separate grain/tack rooms, tack room has radiant heat and cable TV

100 x 200 outdoor arena with w/ 2 halogen lights for evening riding

55 outdoor round pen also lit for evening/night use

Several paddocks for turnout, 1 w/ a 3 sided shelter for outdoor living/comfort

Acres of pasture for summer grazing/turnout

Coming soon - 2 bay outdoor wash stall w/ ring mats and boom sprayer

Each box stall consists of the following:

Wall to wall rubber matted floors, floors are soft, easy to clean and LEVEL

Insulated waterers, keeps water ice free in the winter and cooler during the summer

Automatic fly/mosquito sprayers

Corner feeders

Bungee wall tie w/ quick release (there are also crossties in the center aisle)

Strong 2 x 6 construction w/ all edges capped in steel to protect from chewing

Sliding doors each w/ a rubber hook for your halter. Horses cannot get injured on the rubber as they so often do by metal or hooks of other materials

Belinda Quirk

Belinda Bailey

Belinda Bailey - Australia - Eventing

Belinda Kolek

Belinda Kolek - Australia

Merlin Foal Date: 6/13/2002

Merlin is a Friesian / Saddlebred colt out of Bank One by Flurry of Thunder Valley. If you like the beauty of a Friesian, and the stamina of the saddlebred, then this loving fellow belongs with you. He will give you lots of love, and perform flawlessly as he is a very quick learner. If you`d like to see how Merlin moves, please click here.

Belinda Kolek

Belinda Fleming

Belinda Fleming - New Zealand - Eventing

Belinda Bristow

Belinda Bristow - Australia - Dressage Rider

Teodolinda Di Napoli Rampolla

Teodolinda Di Napoli Rampolla - Italy - Eventing
Teodolinda Di Napoli Rampolla

Linda Thokozane Nhlabatsi

Linda Thokozane Nhlabatsi - Swaziland - Eventing

Belinda Haytread

Belinda Haytread is a horse racing jockey from South Africa,

Belinda Haytread

Linda Algotsson

Linda Algotsson - Sweeden

Linda Barber

Linda Barber -

Linda Birke

Linda Birke - UK

Linda Byrne

Linda Byrne - Canada

Linda Charley

Linda Charley -

Linda Crandell

Linda Crandell - USA

Linda Dahlgren

Linda Dahlgren - USA

Linda Dobson

Linda Dobson - Australia

Linda Foster

Linda Foster - Australia

Linda Hams

Linda Hams - UK

Linda Hartwell

Linda Hartwell - USA

Linda Hoad

Linda Hoad - UK

Linda Johansson

Linda Johansson - Sweden

Linda Nozic

Linda Nozic - Germany

Linda Palin

Linda Palin - Finland

Linda Battipaglia

Linda Battipaglia - Italy

Linda Ansule

Linda Ansule - Latvia

Linda Bratomi

Linda Bratomi - Italy

Linda Alberini

Linda Alberini - Italy

Linda Bezdicek

Linda Bezdicek - USA

Linda Brookes

Linda Brookes - UK

Linda Cedermark

Linda Cedermark - Sweden

Linda Courtney

Linda Courtney -

Linda Cowperthwaite

Linda Cowperthwaite - UK

Linda Culbertson

Linda Culbertson - Ireland

Linda Culligan

Linda Culligan - USA

Linda De Vos

Linda De Vos - Holland

Linda Dix

Linda Dix - Australia

Linda Eriksson

Linda Eriksson - Sweden

Linda Fitzgerald

Linda Fitzgerald - Switzerland

Linda Gretler

Linda Gretler - Switzerland

Linda H銝Lscher

Linda H銝Lscher - Germany

Linda Hansen

Linda Hansen - Denmark

Linda Harmon

Linda Harmon - New Zealand

Linda Hiller

Linda Hiller - Germany

Linda Jane Home

Linda Jane Home - UAE

Linda Janssen

Linda Janssen - Germany

Linda Keenan

Linda Keenan - USA

Linda Kenny

Linda Kenny - New Zealand

Linda Konigsberg

Linda Konigsberg - USA

Linda Lasrisch

Linda Lasrisch - USA

Linda Law

Linda Law - USA

Linda Lejiete

Linda Lejiete - Latvia

Linda Marciante

Linda Marciante - USA

Linda Marschall

Linda Marschall - Germany

Linda Matheis

Linda Matheis - Germany

Linda Meredith

Linda Meredith - Australia

Linda Ohnheiserova

Linda Ohnheiserova - Czech

Linda Parmenter

Linda Parmenter - USA

Linda Riley

Linda Riley - Canada

Linda Russell

Linda Russell - canada

Linda Sherwood

Linda Sherwood - UK

Linda Smulders

Linda Smulders - Holland

Linda Spence

Linda Spence - Australia

Linda Park

Linda Park - UK

Linda Powers

Linda Powers - USA

Linda Pullar

Linda Pullar - New Zealand

Linda Sch銝Nrock

Linda Sch銝Nrock - Germany

Linda Sheridan

Linda Sheridan - USA

Linda Shore

Linda Shore - Australia

Linda Sigrist

Linda Sigrist - France

Linda Southern

Linda Southern -

Linda Southern Heathcott

Linda Southern Heathcott -

Linda Squair

Linda Squair - South Africa

Linda Stallings

Linda Stallings - USA

Linda Swande

Linda Swande - Sweden

Linda Tanian

Linda Tanian - Australia

Linda Thiry

Linda Thiry - Luxembourg

Linda Visha

Linda Visha - Latvia

Linda Vondrackova

Linda Vondrackova - Czech

Linda Voss

Linda Voss - New Zealand

Linda Vuorela

Linda Vuorela - Finland

Linda Wanstreet

Linda Wanstreet - USA

Linda Weiss

Linda Weiss - USA

Linda Zang

Linda Zang - Usa

Melinda Blackwell

Melinda Blackwell - Australia

Melinda Bullen

Melinda Bullen - Australia

Melinda Coursen

Melinda Coursen - USA

Melinda Griffini

Melinda Griffini - Italy

Melinda Knowles

Melinda Knowles - Australia

Melinda Parbery

Melinda Parbery - Australia

Melinda Schmadl

Melinda Schmadl - Germany

Melinda Smith

Melinda Smith - Australia

Melinda Hoverson

Melinda Hoverson - USA

Melinda Roos

Melinda Roos - South Africa

Melinda Tapie

Melinda Tapie - France

Rikke Belinda Barker

Rikke Belinda Barker - Denmark

Belinda Hallt

Belinda Hallt - Australia

Rosalinda Di Marco

Rosalinda Di Marco - Italy

Rosalinda Fonseca

Rosalinda Fonseca - Venezuela

Sarah Belinda Coppin

Sarah Belinda Coppin - UK

Linda Rocchia

Linda Rocchia - France

Belinda Isbister

Belinda Isbister - Australia - Eventing


Belinda Isbister

Posted by Stable Express

Belinda Isbister

Belinda Weinbauer

An Austrian dressage rider Belinda Weinbauer has been successful in the sport since a young age as a junior rider and young rider riding the experienced Tiberius getting placed 5th at the European Championships. Her partnership with Tiberius was sadly cut short when colic caused his early death, Belinda found the loss hard and wasn`t until she began riding the Danish warmblood Donaufurst she would become revitalised in the dressage arena, and again began giving good showings and achieving high placings again.

Belinda would move to Hans Max Theurer yard where she would continue to develop her riding until setting up with her partner Peter Gmoser. Bellinda Weinbauer has a good string of horses recently that include`s Debut Dallas, Two To Tango and Villeneuve.

Belinda Weinbauer - Debut Dallas

2 Horse Lorry For Sale
Belinda Weinbauer

Linda Heed

Linda Heed is a showjuming rider from Switzerland, below you can watch Linda Heed qualifying for the Hamburg derby riding Columbus

Belinda Prestwidge

Belinda Prestwidge - Australia, Belinda has also trained with us for many years and is a very competitive young rider. Belinda has had a lot of success over the last few years on her horse Mr Chips culminating in a wonderful win for her in the Australian Young Rider Championship for 2007, (which was actually held in 2008 due to EI). Belinda has several exciting young horses that she will be bringing on this year both of whom are home bred, Elisha (Wirragulla Nicholas) and Leila (Wirragulla Hamlet).
Horse Videos

Belinda Prestwidge

Posted by Stable Express

Belinda Prestwidge

Linda Christopherson

Linda Christopherson is an event rider from the USA, we have limited information on Linda Christopherson can you help us expand our rider profile, email us at eventing@stableexpress.com.


Linda Christopherson

Posted by Stable Express

Linda Christopherson

Linda K. Hanssen

Linda K. Hanssen showjumping rider from Norway who competes internationally under FEI rules, horses competed by Linda K. Hanssen include Craig S.S., Enegaardens Bijou and Classique 3.

Below you can watch Linda K. Hanssen in action with her horse Lorenzo.

Linda K. Hanssen riding Lorenzo

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Linda Robert

Linda Robert - Canada

Young Horses
We begin young horses gently, with in-hand driving and long reining then we back them slowly. They are fitted up progressively on the Dutch Mill in order to strengthen their back before they have to carry a rider for any duration. Programs can be custom designed for your horse`s needs


Melinda Burges

Melinda Burges - Australia

Nine year old 15hh gelding with manners to burn - shown with much success.

Excellent bone, good in traffic & water, loads easily & stands well for farrier. Nice even natured horse ideal for novice riders. POA

Sold Horses
In foal for 2011 to the world reknown Davey Ward Black Stallion Sold to a showing stud in the UK.


Linda Leffingwell

Linda Leffingwell - USA

Belinda Nel

Belinda Nel - South Africa

Stridor Foal Date: 6/20/2002

Stridor is a Friesian / Saddlebred colt out of Brandi also by Flurry of Thunder Valley. He`s an absolute thrill to watch in the pasture. He is a spunky, typical baby. He just loves playtime. Have a carrot in your pocket ? He`ll be your best friend. Want to teach him something new ? He`s eager to learn and please. Isn`t he just adorable ? To see Stridor in action, please click here.

Belinda Arnold

Belinda Arnold - Australia - Eventing

Belinda Flynn

Belinda Flynn - Australia - Dressage Rider