Libby Seed

Libby Seed - British Event Rider

Born 1st June 1997 Libby Seed was a successful event rider at junior level and is now competing successfully as a senior rider. Below you can watch Libby competing at the Pony European championships riding Mr Vick. Libby is now successfully competing internationally in 2007 she competed at her first 4* competition in LuhmŁhlen, she would then go on to compete at Burghley and Pau.

Libby Seed
Libby Seed

Libby Seed
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Jorge Oliveira E Carmo

Jorge Oliveira E Carmo - Portugal - Showjumping Rider Jorge

Alberts Esterhuizen

Alberts Esterhuizen - South Africa

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Leonel Martinez Del Moral

Leonel Martinez Del Moral - MexicoLeonel Martinez Del Moral

Libby Head

Libby Head - USA

Libby Soley

Libby Soley - UKLibby Soley

Libby Mckinney

Libby Mckinney - USALibby Mckinney

Libby Whyte

Libby Whyte - New Zealand

Mireia Serrabassa Fabre

Mireia Serrabassa Fabre - SpainMireia Serrabassa Fabre

Petr Dohnal

Petr Dohnal - CzechPetr Dohnal

Virginie Raquez

Virginie Raquez - Belgium - Showjumping Rider

Dar√£¬ćO Roston

Dar√£¬ćO Roston - Argentina

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Sheikha Maryam Bint Omer Al Qasimi

Sheikha Maryam Bint Omer Al Qasimi - UAESheikha Maryam Bint Omer Al Qasimi

Thorsten Ruch

Thorsten Ruch - Germany

Abu Huzaifah Muhammad Hamzah

Abu Huzaifah Muhammad Hamzah - Malaysia

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Salah Alseed

Salah Alseed - Saudi Arabia - Endurance Rider

Nicola Veit

Nicola Veit - Austria Nicola Veit

Briers Van Der Merwe

Briers Van Der Merwe - South Africa

Ameer El Hasan

Straight Egyptian grandson of Ruminaja Ali, pedigree also double *Serenity Sonbolah. Standing in Canada, about an hour from Toronto.

Melissa Seckington

Melissa Seckington - UK - EventingMelissa Seckington

Bruno Coton

Bruno Coton - France - Eventing

Anna Bulyovszky

Anna Bulyovszky - Hungary - Dressage Rider

Sophie Linhart

Sophie Linhart - France - ReiningSophie Linhart

Ralf Seedorf

Ralf Seedorf - Germany - Reining Ralf Seedorf

Raquel Busquet Recasens

Raquel Busquet Recasens - Spain - Endurance Rider