Lady Marmalade - Gypsy Cob Broodmare

Lady Marmalade - Gypsy Cob Broodmare

Lady Marmalade is a gentle mare born in 2012 in Ireland. In 2016 imported to Poland from Great Britain. Joined our herd being already in foal, giving us the first foal born at Podolin stud - Podolin Alluring Mirabelle. Lady Marmalade - Gypsy Cob Broodmare
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Marmolada`s dam - J. Sheridan`s Palomino Mare is a full sister of one of the most most recognizable palomino stallions in the USA - Romeo from Villa Vanners, son of the legendary Shambo and out of a mare by The Lob Eared Horse. beautiful gypsy horse
Her coat color is often called to as pink blagdon, which is the result of a combination of chestnut color with the sabino and dominant white gene. Her roan-like coates is the result of the double gene W20 (dominant white). This color is referred as strawberry blagdon. beautiful gypsy vanner horses
Marmolada is a great broodmare leaving the highest quality offspring. Her second foal born in our stud, Podolin Cherry Flavour, is our pride and the best foal born at Podolin in 2019.
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She is also great under the saddle - dynamically and willingly to move forward under a more advanced rider, calm and confident under the children starting their adventure with horse riding. Favorite of many visitors of our stables.

Lady Marmalade - Gypsy Cob Broodmare

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