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Kristen Vanderveen

Kristen Vanderveen - American Showjumper

Kristen Vanderveen is a showjumping rider from the USA, winner of many grand prix`s and other top level jumping competitions, below you can watch a video of Kristen Vanderveen in fine form as she wins the Ocala Longines FEI World Cup Jumping NAL qualifier in 2018 riding Bull Run`s Faustino de Tili.

Kristen Vanderveen

Kristen VanderVeen, the owner of Bull Run Jumpers Inc., has been riding competitively for most of her life. As a professional show jumper, Kristen has dedicated her life to buying, training and selling horses. Kristen travels to countries across Europe, searching for talented horses to import to the United States. Once stateside, each horse is trained on an individual basis to compete at various levels of performance at horse shows all over the country.

Beginning her career in pony jumpers, Kristen received many accolades and awards, including second place in the National Pony Finals and a Team victory. She later went on to receive numerous blue ribbons, trophies and checks in Children`s Jumpers, and then as a Junior Jumper, Kristen took third place in the Prix de States National Championships on Bradberry.

Kristen Vanderveen Winning Form - Ocala - Longines FEI World Cup Jumping NAL

Even with all her accomplishments, Kristen still has significant career goals, with her dream of one day representing the United States on the worldwide stage. This dream may very much be a reality in the not too distant future, as she is currently training to compete in the 2016 Olympic summer games.

Bull Run Jumpers, located in the West suburbs of Chicago, is a professional show team and an area leader in importing high quality Hunter and Jumper horses from Europe. We specialize in training and showing these horses in the United States, with the outcome of selling them to professional trainers for use with their clients. Additionally, we have passports, show records and videos for the vast majority of our horses, many of which can be seen at horse shows nationally.

Kristen Vanderveen

We believe in selling only the highest quality horses at reasonable prices, and have the desire to build long-term relationships, strongly based on honesty, trust, and visibility. We also understand that many horse deals involve trades, and we welcome conversations about horse purchases involving such arrangements.

Almost every Bull Run Jumper horse present at a horse show is for sale at a fair price. If interested and would like detailed information on a specific horse, please feel free to contact our owner, Kristen VanderVeen.

Bull Run`s Revive

Date of Birth: 2005, Sex: Gelding, Color: Bay, Breed: Holsteiner, Breeding: TB x Carthago, Level: 8 Yr. Old Young Jumper (1.40m)

Revive is a scopey brave 8 yr old with Grand Prix potential. He has had successfully shown in the 1.4m and Medium Amateur classes at WEF 2013. At WEF 11 he was 4th out of 100 horses in the $10,000 Low Amateur Owner Classic.

Caiza - Swedish Warmblood

Caiza is the perfect first jumper for anyone. She is brave, careful, fun to ride, and has successfully taken her rider from the blue ribbons in the children`s jumpers to the low juniors. She`s had a great season in the low juniors at WEF 2013 with her owner Chelsea Babcock!

Kristen Vanderveen

Kristen Howard

Kristen Howard is a Canadian endurance rider, we have limited information on Kristen and would also like to include some pictures and video`s of her in action. If you can help grow our rider profile page of Kristen Howard please email us at
Kristen Howard -
 Endurance Rider

Kristen Rozycki

Kristen Rozycki - USA

Kristen Towers

Kristen Towers - Australia

Kristen Malinak

Kristen Malinak - USA
Kristen Malinak

Bull Runs Guardian

Date of Birth: 2004, Sex: Mare, Color: Liver Chestnut, Breed: Dutch Warmblood, Breeding: Orame, Level: Junior/ Amateur Jumper

Description: Guardian is lovely and easy to ride junior jumper. She was recently imported, and has stepped right into the junior jumpers at WEF.

Bull Run`s Guardian Welcome Stakes

Bull Runs La Bamba

Bull Run`s La Bamba and Kristen VanderVeen had a tremendous 2010-2011 campaign winning over $100,000 in prize money. La Bamba was sold after her first World Cup Qualifier in February of 2012 in Wellington, Fl. Kristen brought her up from a 1.3m level in late 2009 when La Bamba was imported from Germany and sold her after she competed at the 1.6m level in Wellington in 2012. They had a wonderful partnership and La Bamba will always be a favorite horse of Bull Run Jumpers team.

Show Highlights

$32,200 WEF Challenge Round V 1.5m (Wellington, Fl) Feb. 8 11th place
$6,000 Spy Coast Farm 1.4m (Wellington, Fl)- Feb. 1 9th place
$8,000 G&C Farm 1.45m (Wellington, Fl)- Jan. 18 1st place
Wellington Equestrian Reality Open (Wellington, Fl)- Jan. 4 3rd place

New Albany Classic Invitational (OH)- Sept. 24 10th place
$50,000 Hits on the Hudson VII Grand Prix (Ny)- Aug. 31 3rd place
$50,000 Parker Adventist Grand Prix (Denver, Co)- Jul 19 1st place
$50,000 Country Heir II Grand Prix (Lex., Ky)- June 15 9th place
$40,000 Rood and Riddle Grand Prix (Lex., Ky)- June 8 1st place
$25,000 Atlanta Spring Premier Grand Prix (Atlanta, Ga)- May 11 3rd place
$40,000 Commonwelath National Grand Prix (Va)- Apr 20 6th place
Pennfield Feeds Open Stake Class 1.4m (Wellington, Fl)- Apr 13 2nd Place
$10,000 1.45 Prix (Ocala, Fl)- March 15 3rd Place
$20,000 Artisan Farms Young Rider(Wellington, Fl)- March 9 7th Place
$15,000 Artisan Farms Young Riders (Wellington, Fl)- Feb. 23 10th place
$75,000 Strongid C 2X Grand Prix (Wellington, Fl) - Feb. 28 9th place

$50,000 Charles Owen Grand Prix - Feb. 21 3rd place
$75,000 Strongid C 2X Grand Prix - Feb. 28 9th place
$25,000 Bahamas Eco Grand Prix - April 18 1st place
$25,000 Rockbridge Grand Prix (Lex., VA) - May 1 4th place
$25,000 Maffitt Lake Grand Prix (Cumming, IA) - May 16 8th place
$25,000 Maffitt Lake Grand Prix (Cumming, IA) - May 23 4th place
$30,000 Tractor Supply Grand Prix (Franklin, TN) - June 6 4th place
$40,000 Country Heir Grand Prix (Lex., KY) - June 12 6th place
$50,000 Country Heir II Grand Prix (Lex., KY) - June 19 10th place
$50,000 Grand Prix of Roanoke (Salem, VA) - June 26 2nd place
$25,000 High Prairie Grand Prix (Parker, CO) - July 10 7th place

$40,000 Rocky Mountain Grand Prix (Parker, CO) - July 17 9th place
$50,000 Grand Prix of Denver (Parker, CO) - July 24 11th place
$40,000 Hits Grand Prix (Culpepper, VA) - Aug. 22 2nd place
$100,000 New Albany Invitational GP - Sept. 26 12th place

Kristen Kelly

Kristen Kelly - USA - Eventing Kristen Kelly

Bull Runs Alpha and Omega

Bull Run Jumpers imported Alpha & Omega (aka Flight) as a 5 year old and his first showing season in 2008 as a six year old showed great promise--he was clean in nearly all of his 6 year old classes in Ocala`s winter season with Kristen`s brother Josh. Kristen took over the ride and brought him along to be one of Bull Run Jumpers most successful Grand Prix horses. His first full season at the Grand Prix level as an eight year old in 2010 the pair won over $60,000. He was sold in summer of 2012 after winning the $30,000 Griffis Apt. Funds Rockies Grand Prix in Denver, Co brining his total career earnings to $120,000 and placing in over 35 Grand Prixs. Flight is great example of Kristen`s ability to bring along young horses to have successful Grand Prix careers. Flight is special horse for Bull Run Jumpers and we are excited about his career with his new owners.

2012 Grad Prix Results
$50,000 Parker Adventist Grand Prix (Co)- July 17 11th place
$30,000 Griffis Apt Funds Rockies Grand Prix (Co)- July 3 1st place
$30,000 Nashville Country Grand Prix (Tn)- May 23 7th place
$25,000 Venice Spring Grand Prix (Venice, Fl)- Apr. 27 7th place
$50,000 Strongid C2x Grand Prix (Ocala, Fl)- Feb. 21 5th place
$6,000 Spy Coast Farm 1.4m (Wellington, Fl)- Jan. 25 7th place
$6,000 Spy Coast Farm 1.4m (Wellington, Fl)- Jan. 18 2nd place
$10,000 Open Stakes (Wellington, Fl)- Dec. 21 2nd place

2011 Grand Prix Results
$25,000 Atlanta Spring Challenge Grand Prix (Ga)- May 18 9th place
$45,000 Garden State Grand Prix (NJ)- May 4 8th place
$25,000 George L. Ohstrom Grand Prix (Lex., Ky)- April 17 8th place
15,000 Brook Ledge Open 1.45m Jpr Prix (Va)- April 20 1st place
$25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix (Ocala, Fl)- March 15 10th place
$25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix (Ocala, Fl)- March 1 8th place
$50,000 Hits Grand Prix (Ocala, Fl)- Feb. 15 8th place
$25,000 New Years Grand Prix (Wellington, Fl)- Dec. 28 3rd place

2010 Grand Prix Results
$75,000 American Gold Cup - Sept. 19 7th place
$25,000 Hits Grand Prix (Saugerties, NY) - Sept. 3 9th place
$40,000 Hits Grand Prix (Culpepper, VA) - Aug. 29th 7th place
$40,000 Hits Grand Prix (Culpepper, VA) - Aug. 22nd 4th place
$50,000 Grand Prix of Denver (Parker, CO) - July 24th 4th place
$40,000 Rocky Mountain GP (Parker, CO) - July 17th 6th place
$25,000 High Prairie GP (Parker, CO) - July 10th 4th place
$50,000 GP of Roanoke (Salem, VA) - June 26th 4th place
$50,000 Country Heir II GP (Lex., KY) - June 19 2nd place
$25,000 Equine Hospital GP (Franklin,TN) - May 30 2nd place
$25,000 Maffitt Lake GP (Cumming, IA) - May 23 10th place
$25,000 Maffitt Lake GP (Cumming, IA) - May 16 10th place
$25,000 Encore Grand Prix (Lex., VA) - May 8 12th place
$25,000 Rockbridge GP (Lex., VA) - May 1 8th place
$100,000 Deluca Toyota Grand Prix - March 21 12th place
$75,000 Strongid C 2X Grand Prix - Feb. 28th 7th place
$25,000 Hits Grand Prix - Feb. 26 9th place
$25,000 Hits Grand Prix - Feb. 18 2nd place

Bull Runs Eternal

Bull Run Jumpers is proud to own such a talented and special horse such as Eternal. Imported in late summer of 2012, Kristen and him have been developing a great partnership, at Winter Equestrian Festival III in 2013 they placed second their first 1.5m $33,000 WEF. Only a few weeks later they placed second in a 1.5m $25,000 Grand Prix in Ocala. Eternal has incredible scope and is extremely careful.

2012-2013 Results
$40,000 Holiday In Grand Prix (Denver, Co)- 7/13 1st place
$30,000 Summer in the Rockies III Grand Prix (Denver, Co)- 6/22 2nd place
$30,000 Summer in the Rockies II Grand Prix (Denver, Co)- 6/15 1st place
$15,000 Open Welcome Stakes (Denver, Co)- 6/5 1st place
$30,000 Maffitt Lake Grand Prix (Ia)- 5/15 4th place
$30,000 Maffitt Lake Grand Prix (Ia)- 5/8 4th place
$25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix (Ocala, Fl) - 2/19 2nd place
$33,000 Ruby et Violette WEF Rd4 (Wellington, Fl) - 1/30 2nd place
$10,000 ESP Fall Year End Awards Show Welcome (Wellington, Fl) - 12/8/2012 4th place
$10,000 ESP Fall Circuit Final Welcome (Wellington, Fl) - 11/2/2012 6th place
$25,000 St. Louis National Charity Grand Prix (St. Louis, Mo) - 9/12/2012 6th place
$10,000 Hagyard Welcome (Lexington, Ky) - 8/22/2012 4th place

Kristen Becker

Kristen Becker - USA
Kristen Becker
Kristen Becker Dressage Rider

Kristen Stowell

Kristen Stowell - USA - Eventing Kristen Stowell

Kristen Bond

Kristen Bond - USA
Kristen Bond

Kristen Enedy

Kristen Enedy - USA
Kristen Enedy

Kristen Schwaegerle

Kristen Schwaegerle - USA
Kristen Schwaegerle

Kristen Casper

Kristen Casper - USA - Eventing Kristen Casper

Kristen Villeneuve

Kristen Villeneuve - USA - Eventing Kristen

Kristen Brown

Kristen Brown - USA - Showjumping Rider Kristen

Kristen Wertz

Kristen Wertz - USA - Eventing Kristen Wertz

Kristen Price

Kristen Price - USA - Showjumping Rider Kristen Price