Kremlin Riding School

The Kremlin Riding School is an equestrian facility known for its excellence in equestrian discipline and showcasing some of the most exciting and extreme horse displays in the world. The horse riding excellence is reached by round the clock training and determination from the riders based at the Kremlin riding school. Below you can watch the rehearsal from some of the riders at the Kremlin Riding School.
Kremlin Riding School
Located in the Russian capital of Moscow, the Kremlin Riding School is a popular tourist attraction, and is steeped in tradition, showcasing traditional riding from the traditional Russian cavalry and the Cossacks. Kremlin Riding School
The riders of the Kremlin equestrian school are experts at a type of acrobatic trick riding that is called Jigitovka, which combines the skills of trick riding with bladed weapons. Kremlin Riding School Each year the Kremlin Riding School perform in Moscow Red Square, they have featured in numerous state events over the years, including their youth core of the riding school, a group of young riders who are members of the school. Kremlin Riding School Every year Moscow`s Red Square welcomes performances of the Kremlin Equestrian School onstage of the special horse riding arena. Throughout the years, thousands of Muscovites and guests of the capital have attended these vibrant shows, a true showstopper of the Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival.

Kremlin Equestrian Riding School perform at Spasskaya Tower festival

Kremlin Riding School

Nadezhda Mamaeva

Nadezhda Mamaeva - Russia - Showjumping Rider

Dmitry Berezovoy

Dmitry Berezovoy - Russia

Mikhail Manankov

Mikhail Manankov is a Russian eventer, we have limited information on Mikhail Manankov and the horses competed by Mikhail, if you have any information, pictures, videos, news or results please email us at

Alla Safina

Alla Safina - RussiaAlla Safina

Anfisa Danilina

Anfisa Danilina - Russia

Ashat Erkenov

Ashat Erkenov - Russia

Sport Horse Transport is a West Coast based hauling company specializing in hauling of Sport Horses. Our drivers are experienced horseman, used to handling high end sport horses.

Atlan Magijaev

Atlan Magijaev - Russia

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Evgenija Davydova

Evgenija Davydova - RussiaEvgenija Davydova

Mikhail Vlasov

Mikhail Vlasov - Russia - Born: 1919

Mikhail Vlasov Horses


Mikhail Vlasov Competition Results

43 - Olympics, Individual - 22/05/1952 - Rota

Sergey Chuprenenko

Sergey Chuprenenko - Russia - Showjumping RiderSergey Chuprenenko

Tatiana Dorofeeva

Tatiana Dorofeeva - Russia - Dressage Rider

Nelli Ogulova

Nelli Ogulova - Russia

Timur Erkenov

Timur Erkenov - Russia

Tatyana Gura

Tatyana Gura - Russia - Showjumping Rider Tatyana Gura

Anastasia Makarenko

Anastasia Makarenko - Russia - Showjumping Rider Anastasia

Guzel Dzhalilova

Guzel Dzhalilova - Russia

Araan 2003 Black Colt
Sire R Ali Bey
Dam Shanaara

Wonderful temperament and very much the talking horse. Naturally a showman, with attitude to burn, he has inherited many qualities from his parents and is a true Ali Bey son. Shown once and won his foal class. Will make a great show horse and a valuable stallion for breeding. With his amiable character he is destined to go far.


Price on application

Bred and owned by Mckenzie-Owen

Contact K Mckenzie and J Owen, Moor Arabians
Tel +44(0)1392 214737

Kazbek Hamizov

Kazbek Hamizov - Russia Kazbek Hamizov

Viacheslay Kolesnikov

Viacheslay Kolesnikov - Russia - Showjumping Rider

Vitaliy Gorbunov

Vitaliy Gorbunov - Russia - Eventing

Anastasia Suetina

Anastasia Suetina - Russia - Dressage Rider

Olga Danilova

Olga Danilova - Russia - Showjumping RiderOlga Danilova

Sergey Pavlov

Sergey Pavlov - Russia - EventingSergey Pavlov

Vladimir Hvostov

Vladimir Hvostov - Russia - Eventing

Nataliya Asheulova

Nataliya Asheulova - Russia - Dressage RiderNataliya Asheulova

Vladimir Malyshev

Vladimir Malyshev - Russia - EventingVladimir Malyshev

Natalja Dombrovskaya

Natalja Dombrovskaya - Russia - Dressage RiderNatalja Dombrovskaya

Mikhail Atoyan

Mikhail Atoyan - Russia - Showjumping Rider Mikhail

Olga Dodonova

Olga Dodonova - Russia - Dressage RiderOlga Dodonova