Kosmo van Orchid

Kosmo is one of the first conscious products of the sport pony breeding of Carla van der Laar. He is described as "a genuine all-rounder with a nice sports type that powerful movements with great spring and showed furthermore showed a very good jumper." Kosmo`s pedigree is a dream descent with European Champion jump Daisy Brown as grandmother and with Krimh ox pref. Dress zz, zz spr, and z together a unique blend of sporting genes. A mother sports trunk with lace Carlando (v. edges Ronaldo) who themselves successfully in the sport has gone back and forth a full brother of EK pony Mirror (Dominique Roelofsen) and international jumping pony Dusty (Remon Hull). We expect a lot from this stallion, a real valuable addition to the sport pony breeding.

Kosmo van Orchid`s Millstreet Europion Championship 2014 Nationscup 2e round

In 2009 Kosmo passed the performance test of the NRPS. He was with results below the best pony stallion of his year.

Operation Exam

Step: Sufficient
Trot: Good
Gallop: Very Good
Riding test: Good
Parcours Jump: Good
Technique: Sufficient
Power: Good
Print: Good
Character / zest: Very Good
Stable behavior: Good
Overall impression: Good
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