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Fjords have been bred for over 4,000 years, and selectively bred by the Norwegians for 2000 years. The Norwegian Fjord is the oldest equine breed in the world. Our Fjord horses have a kindly face, broad forehead and large eyes, are graceful and very comfortable to ride. The regularity and comfort of their pace is nothing less than outstanding. They are a friendly horse that loves attention and petting

foals, available for sale as soon as they are weaned CONSIDER A WEANLING FOR YOUR CHILDREN TO GROW WITH AND TRAIN.

kjorsvig@hotmail.com 1 605 486 4677 FAX 1 605 486 4316

Bob & Sally Kjorsvig 12869 440th Avenue Roslyn, South Dakota 57261

Kjorsvigs Fjord Horses are dedicated to raising quality Norwegian Fjord horses, prestige pedigrees where the perfect horse is waiting for you. Norwegian Fjord Foals For Sale :- South Dakota, USA

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Kjorsvigs Fjord Horses