Kelly Poland

Kelly Poland is an event rider from Canada. Below you can watch video of High Offley Fernando a coloured showjumping stallion sired by Kannan, ideal breeding stallion for event horse breeders

Kelly Poland
  • Corinne Collins

    Corinne Collins

    Corinne Collins - UK - Showjumping
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    Horse Watch

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    Belmont Stakes

    On June 9th 1973 in the Belmont Secretariat set a 1 1/2 Mile record that still stands today. | Watch one of Secretariat best race victories the 1973 Belmont Stakes | Secretariat and his astounding 1973 Belmont Stakes victory

Sophie Van Der Merwe

Sophie Van Der Merwe - UK
Sophie Van Der Merwe
Sophie Van Der Merwe

Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly - IrelandAoife Kelly

Kirstin Kelly

Kirstin Kelly - New ZealandKirstin Kelly

John Kelly

John Kelly - USA - Eventing Rider

Eleanore Kelly

Eleanore Kelly - UK - Eventing Rider Eleanore Kelly

Paraick Kelly

Paraick Kelly - Showjumping Rider Paraick Kelly

Paraick Kelly Horses


Paraick Kelly Competition Results

01 - The College E C BSJA Premier Show, Scope 1.25 M Open - 21/01/2001 - Leona

Sloan Doak

Born in 1886 in Texas, Sloan Doak is an American rider who represented the USA at the 1920, 1924 & 1928 olympic games in both the dressage, eventing and the show jumping competition. In 1920 he rode his horse Singlen in the dressage and finished 14th, while he also rode Deceive in the eventing but failed to complete in the eventing competition. He also rode Rabbit Red in the USA jumping team that finished 4th. Four years later Sloan would win a bronze medal in the individual eventing competition with his horse Pathfinder, he rode Joffre in the showjumping finishing 29th. In 1928 at the Amserdam Olympics he finished 17th in the eventing competition riding his horse Misty Morn.
Sloan Doak
As with many riders at the time Sloan Doak was a member of the military, he went to West Point which he graduated in 1907 and would become an instructor at Fort Riley cavalry school in Kansas. As well as competing in showjumping, dressage & eventing he was also a keen polo player. Sloan Doak passed away in 1965
Sloan Doak

Kelly Drake

Incredible bond between horse and rider! 😍😍 🎥 Kelly Drake

Edel Kelly

Edel Kelly - Ireland - Showjumping Rider

Kelly-Anne Dwane

Kelly-Anne Dwane - Ireland - Showjumping Rider

Orla Kelly

Orla Kelly - Ireland - Showjumping Rider / Horses competed by Orla Kelly include Ardfry Sherpa , Ballycullen Lass (Cpbs) , Buffalo Bill , Candy Shop , Ckiara (Ch) , Dunary Lass , Euro Classic , HHS Casablanca , Little Puissance , My Irish Clover , Nepomuk , Real Magic Ger , Western Wonder

Taran Kelly

Taran Kelly - Australia - Eventing Taran Kelly

Zoe Kelly

Zoe Kelly - Ireland - Eventing

Rebecca Kelly

Rebecca Kelly - USA - Dressage Rider

Claude Rouffilange

French event rider Claude Rouffilange, who has competed at the FEI level, horses competed by Claude Rouffilange include Kavango De Saint Leo and Pax Du Pujolet.We would like additional information on Claude Rouffilange if you can help us expand our horse rider database please email us at

Claude Rouffilange

Peggy Kelly

Peggy Kelly - USA - Dressage Rider

Michaela Kelly

Michaela Kelly - New Zealand