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The KWPN is the studbook for the breeding of Dutch warmblood horses, based in Holland the KWPN began originally as a breeding society for work horses, as horses moved from agriculture and military horses to sport horses the KWPN imported more blood into the breeding society.

The KWPN studbook are now a worldwide breeding association with studbooks all around the world. Below you can watch the important KWPN breeding stallion Libero H winner of the 1994 world cup final with Dutch rider Jos Lansink.

KwpN Stud Book

Interesting Facts About The KWPN

The KWPN studbook originated as a work horse breeding association, breeding heavier warmblood for working the farm. After the second world war the KWPN studbook would move into producing modern sport horses primarily for dressage, showjumping and sport horse harness driving.

Nimmerdor was arguably one of the most influential breeding stallions in Europe from the last century, he would be named by the KWPN studbook as the stallion of the century.Nimmerdor - KWPN Stallion

Samber was the first coloured spot horse approved as a KWPN stallion, Samber competed to medium level dressage and 1.30m in the sphere of show jumping. Many of the coloured sport horses seen in competition arena can trace there lineage back to this original KWPN coloured stallion. Samber - KWPN Stallion

KWPN Horses For Sale

High Offley Stud breed numerous top quality sport horses and are big fans of Dutch bloodlines, a number of KWPN horses can be seen in the pedigree`s of home grown foals and young horses, these include Jasper, Nimmerdor, Samber, Voltaire, Numero Uno, Libero H, Grannus, Animo and many, many others. For more information please call Call: 07811 329229 - Email:
KWPN Foals For Sale


Julio V

The pedigree of Julio V, KWNP stallion, shows mainly Holstein bloodlines. His grandams on both sire`s and dam`s side descend from leading Dutch lineages. KWPN licensed stallions Armstrong and his also licensed full brothers Faram and Rolando (Oldenburg) all are from the same female lineage. As a 2-yr-old Julio V won the national KWPN Free Jumping competition at the UTV.

Lonneke Klein Willink

Lonneke Klein Willink - Holland

Marloes Van De Akker

Marloes Van De Akker - Holland

Mieke Boom

Mieke Boom - Holland

Romy Froma

Romy Froma - Holland

Rolien Bron

Rolien Bron - Holland

Laurens Sliepenbeek

Laurens Sliepenbeek - Holland - Dressage Rider / Horses competed internationally by Laurens Sliepenbeek include the dressage pony Hoby (sired by Hasko out of the mare Susi who is a daughter of Boomerang)

Ronald Wacker

Ronald Wacker - Holland - Showjumping Rider

Yanaika Quist

Yanaika Quist - Holland - Endurance Rider Yanaika Quist

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Laurens Damminga

Laurens Damminga - Holland - Showjumping Rider

Nicky Meursing

Nicky Meursing - Holland - Showjumping Rider

Peter Simons

Peter Simons - Holland - ReigningPeter Simons

Wim De Jong

Wim De Jong - Holland - Horse DrivingWim De Jong

Renske De Jonge

Renske De Jonge - Holland - Eventing Renske De Jonge

Stephanie Van Den Bosch

Stephanie Van Den Bosch - Holland - Showjumping Rider

Stephanie Van Den Bosch Horses - Clinchy Z (Catango Z, 1996)

Stephanie Van Den Bosch Competition Results

13 - `S-Hertogenbosch, Indoor Brabant Prijs - Tabel A 1m30 - 23/03/2006 - Clinchy Z
19 - `S-Hertogenbosch, Indoor Brabant Prijs - Tabel A 1m30 - 23/03/2006 - Clinchy Z

Hanneke Mol

Hanneke Mol - Holland - Showjumping Rider
Hanneke Mol Horses - Candlelight

Hanneke Mol Competition Results

03 - Lisbon, Nations Cup - 22/07/1998 - Candlelight

Hanneke Verschuur

Hanneke Verschuur - Holland - Eventing Rider / Horses competed by Hanneke Verschuur include Donovan, La Flor and Destiny

Moniek Van Dijk

Moniek Van Dijk - Holland - Dressage Rider Moniek Van Dijk

Merel Blom

Merel Blom started riding at the age of 5 and soon developed a love for all the different equestrian sports, at twelve she started riding competitively riding her pony in Z level dressage and showjumping. At 19 she competed at the young rider championships with her horse Lady Lorridaile. In 2011 she was selected to represent Holland at the senior European championships riding Umberto. Merel Blom has a strong string of eventing horses and represents Holland internationally at many major championships and events.

Merel Blom