Jumping Oxers

Watch some epic show jumping oxer saves by some amazing horse and some seriously braze riders.
Jumping Oxers

Jumping Oxers

Annabelle Gentili

Annabelle Gentili - France
Annabelle Gentili
Annabelle Gentili

Niklas Schmitz

Niklas Schmitz - Germany - Showjumping Niklas Schmitz

Anke Gordon

Anke Gordon - South Africa

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Sara Spaggiari

Sara Spaggiari - Italy - ShowjumpingSara

Elissa Reisman

Elissa Reisman - Canada - ShowjumpingElissa Reisman

Sophie Le Baux

Sophie Le Baux - Chile - Endurance RiderSophie

Anastasia Belikova

Anastasia Belikova - Costa Rica

Jean-Claude Rouget

Jean-Claude Rouget (born 1953 in Normandy) is a French Thoroughbred horse trainer and former jockey | Jean-Claude Rouget - France - Horse Racing Jean-Claude

Stine Hedegaard Wiis

Stine Hedegaard Wiis - Denmark - EventingStine Hedegaard Wiis

Sandra Gachnang

Sandra Gachnang - Switzerland - ShowjumpingSandra

Wilhem Jansen Jr

Wilhem Jansen Jr - South Africa

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Horse Videos

Wilhem Jansen Jr

Posted by Stable Express

Wilhem Jansen Jr

Viktoria Jinnestrand

Viktoria Jinnestrand - Sweden - ShowjumpingViktoria Jinnestrand

Tali Sandel

Tali Sandel - USA - Dressage RiderTali Sandel

Sabina Pesatori

Sabina Pesatori - Italy - ShowjumpingSabina Pesatori Sabina Pesatori Horses Gitane des Mesnils

Sabina Pesatori Competition Results
71 - Barcelona, 1.30 Against the clock - 09/12/2005 - Gitane des Mesnils