John Roberts

John Roberts - UK - Showjumping Rider / John Roberts winner of the Grade C Championship at the Horse Of The Year Show in 1980. Another successful horse produced by John Roberts is Warren Point who John rode to second place in the Foxhunter final. John Roberts is now based in West Yorkshire on the showjumping yard Beech House Farm Stud and is a well known breeder and producer of competition horses.

John Roberts Horses

Courtway, Four Ten

Born in 1975 Courtway won the Grade C championship at the horse of the year show with John Roberts, Courtway then went on to become an exceptional show jumping horse with Michael Whitaker jumping at international level.

John Roberts Competition Results

01 - Horse Of The Year Show, Grade C Championship - 08/10/1980 - Courtway
01 - Cheltenham Festival, Cheltenham Gold Cup - 18/03/1954 - Four Ten

John Roberts

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Stacey Littlejohns

Stacey Littlejohns - UK - Eventing Stacey Littlejohns

John Wohr

John Wohr - USA

Johnatan Tassignon

Johnatan Tassignon - BelgiumJohnatan Tassignon

John Buckingham

John Buckingham - Jockey John Buckingham

John Buckingham Competition Results

01 - Aintree, Grand National - 04/09/1967 - Foinavon

Hadrien Clerc

Hadrien Clerc - France - Showjumping Rider | An international rider, horses competed by Hadrien Clerc include Vitalhorse Seurat Galotiere, Gigolo Van Het Kriekenhof and Nollipap Framoni.

Hadrien Clerc

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Hadrien Clerc

Johnny Harrison

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John Cuff

John Cuff - Namibia - Endurance Rider

John Hanlon

John Hanlon - National Hunt Jockey

John Hanlon Competition Results

01 - Aintree, Grand National - 04/09/1855 - Wanderer

Althea Johnson

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