Joanne Whitaker

Joanne Whitaker -is a British showjumper and part of the famous Whitaker showjumping family as a daughter of legendary rider John Whitaker and his wife Claire Whitaker. Below you can watch a video of Joanne in action.

Joanne Whitaker


Joanne Whitaker

The Dancing Horse Theatre

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Joanne Ward

Joanne Ward - Showjumping
Joanne Ward

Joanne Ward Horses

City Slicker

Joanne Ward Competition Results

13 - Scope, 1.25m Preliminary Round 1 - 31/08/2005 - City Slicker
04 - Scope, 1.30m Amateur Rider Championship - 31/08/2005 - City Slicker
08 - Scope, Ladies - 30/08/2005 - City Slicker
04 - Scope, 1.30m Amateur Rider Preliminary Round 1 - 29/08/2005 - City Slicker

Joanne Foley

Joanne Foley - UK - Eventing
Joanne Foley

Joanne Kinross

Joanne Kinross - Australia - Eventing

Joanne Ainsworth

Joanne Ainsworth -

Joanne Bailey

Joanne Bailey - Uk

Joanne Dudley

Joanne Dudley - UK

Joanne Kettle

Joanne Kettle - New Zealand

Joanne Pedley

Joanne Pedley - Australia

Joanne Hull

Joanne Hull - New Zealand - Endurance Rider
Joanne Hull

Joanne Bridgman

Joanne Bridgman - New Zealand - Eventing
Joanne Bridgman

Joanne Watts

Joanne Watts - UK - Eventing
Joanne Watts

Joanne Prevot

Joanne Prevot - France

Joanne Webb

Joanne Webb - Australia

Joanne Cameron

Joanne Cameron - Canada - Eventing Joanne Cameron

Joanne Mcgowan

Joanne Mcgowan is an endurance rider from South Africa.

Domaine Equestre Des Grandes Bryeres
Located in the department of Saone et Loire (71) near Montceau-Les-Mines, it is in a quiet and green that we offer to welcome your horses. Our team is present on a daily basis to ensure the well-being of the equines : we take care of the quality of the food and fodder that we use , the disposition of the U-shaped boxes allows the horses to participate in the life of the stable, our situation offers the possibility of many outings outdoors. Do not hesitate to come meet us...

Joanne Van Achterbergh

Joanne Van Achterbergh is a South Affrican rider with an excellent track record as a showjumping rider, horses competed by Joanne includes Alzu Osprey, London`s Finest and Calisica Z. If you have any more info on Joanne Van Achterbergh please email us at

2 Horse Lorry For Sale
Joanne Van Achterbergh

Joanne Pubus

Joanne Pubus - Heavyweight Hunters

Joanne Klaassen

Joanne Klaassen - Australia - Eventing
Joanne Klaassen

Joanne Conley

Joanne Conley - Australia
Joanne Conley

Joanne Lee

Joanne Lee - Australia - Horse Vaulting

Joanne White

Joanne White - USA - Dressage Rider

Joanne Zielono

Joanne Zielono - Australia - Endurance Rider

Joanne Pay

Joanne Pay HorsesBallinor, CAMIRA Z, O’Dooley, Randi´s Gold (sired by Randi) x - (01/01/1996)

Joanne Pay Competition Results

05 - Royal International Horse Show - Hickstead, Queen Elizabeth II Cup - 30/07/2006 - Randi´s Gold
10 - Hickstead - Derby Meeting, The Comardo Speed Dery Qualifier II - 1.40 Speed and handiness - 30/06/2006 - Randi´s Gold
09 - Hickstead - Derby Meeting, The Hickstead Derby Vase - 30/06/2006 - Ballinor
02 - Hickstead - Derby Meeting, The Hickstead Salver - 29/06/2006 - Ballinor
02 - Devon County, AIT - 19/05/2006 - Ballinor
01 - Scope, 5 Year Old Preliminary Round 2 - 03/09/2005 - CAMIRA Z
01 - Scope, Ladies - 30/08/2005 - Ballinor
15 - Scope, Grades B & C Preliminary Round 1 - 26/08/2003 - O’Dooley
04 - NEW FOREST & HANTS COUNTY, Rexton Speed & Power - 31/07/2003 - Ballinor

Joanne Burns

Joanne Burns - Showjumping
Joanne Burns

Joanne Burns

Joanne Burns Horses


Joanne Burns Competition Results

12 - Scope, 1.15m Members Cup Preliminary Round 2 - i - 30/08/2006 - Swallow
17 - Scope, 1.15m Members Cup Preliminary Round 1 - i - 30/08/2005 - Swallow

Joanne Bond

Joanne Bond - UK
Joanne Bond

Joanne Smyth

Joanne Smyth - Showjumping
Joanne Smyth

Joanne Smyth

Joanne Smyth Horses

Party Socks
Vladimir II

Joanne Smyth Competition Results

01 - Scope, 4 Year Old Preliminary Round 2 - 02/09/2006 - Party Socks
08 - Scope, 4 Year Old Preliminary Round 1 - 31/08/2006 - Vladimir II
09 - Scope, Discovery Championship - 30/08/2006 - Party Socks

Joanne Pitt

Joanne Pitt - UK - Para Dressage
Joanne Pitt

Joanne Eccles

Joanne Eccles - UK - Horse Vaulting Joanne

Joanne Sloan-Allen

Joanne Sloan-Allen - Ireland - Showjumping Rider

Joanne Vaughan

Joanne Vaughan - Estonia - Dressage Joanne

Joanne Gelarden

Joanne Gelarden - USA - Eventing
Joanne Gelarden

Joanne Jarden

Joanne Jarden - Ireland - Eventing
Joanne Jarden

Joanne Brett

Joanne Brett - UK - Eventing
Joanne Brett

Joanne Earle

Joanne Earle - UK - Eventing Joanne

Joanne Morgan

Joanne Morgan - Ireland - Eventing

Joanne Quirke

Joanne Quirke - Ireland - Eventing Joanne Quirke