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Iseulys Desle And Her Six Stunning Cremello Horses

Iseulys was born into a family with a passion for horses, she started riding at the early age of 11, with her first pony Nougat, she learned free work and Cossack vaulting, which made her want to display her passion at horse shows, below you can see her in action showcasing her passion and skill at Sweden horse show.

Iseulys Desle
At 18, Iseulys Desle joined the famous "Cavalia Odysseo" troupe with which she traveled the United States, Canada and Mexico. At the age of 20 during an internship in Portugal, she had the chance to join the Academy of Master Luis Valencia for an adventure of almost a year. At the same time, she begins to develop her lifelong project, to stage her own Cremello horse show.

On the strength of his enriching experiences, Iseulys devotes herself to his stable and his young show horses as well as to transmitting his passion during lessons and internships.

Equitana at Night Mannheim Freiarbeit Iseulys Desle

Iseulys Desle And Her Six Stunning Cremello Horses