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Gillian`s Clover - Irish Draught Stallion

Gillian`s Clover was imported as a yearling by Fox n Firken Farms . February of 2002 Redtail purchased Clover and brought the first Irish Draught Stallion to the State of Nevada. Clover pedigree includes the best jumper bloodlines in Ireland and in the world.

Clover Hill is ranked in the top 10 internationally as a producer of grand prix jumpers. In 2000 Ireland`s Nations Cup team won a record 10 competitions. Each team consisting of 4 horses. At each of these competitions up to 3 of those mounts were Clover Hill Breeding. At Lummen and Rotterdam 3 were Clover Hill and the fourth mount was King of Diamonds. Switzerland`s winning Nation`s Cup team at Athens had 2 of 4 mounts with Clover Hill bloodlines with one of 4 mounts for the United States winning team at Toronto being Clover Hill. This mount (Clover Leaf) also won the World Cup Qualifier at Tampa Fl in 2000.

The Irish Horse Board tracked 51 Irish bred grand prix jumper`s throughout the world. 18 of these horses were Clover Hill, 11 were King of Diamonds (ranked #1 internationally at time of death), and one of Laughton. 50% of Irish Grand Prix jumpers in 2000 carried Gillian`s Clover`s bloodlines. An Exceptional Record!

Laughton is considered in Ireland to be one of the best sires of jumpers as well. In the same generation as King of Diamonds, Laughton was bread to a very small number of mares, yet his percentage of producing successful jumpers was even higher than King of Diamond`s. His most well known son Lahinch was imported to Brazil and became a very important base for their Olympic efforts in 1996. Their team took home the bronze medal, their first ever Olympic medal, and all 4 of their mounts were Irish Sport Horses.

Clover`s magnificent presents is equally balanced with athleticism and kind trainability. His 4th year was spent breeding and preparing for The Irish inspection Tour. We had a very successful breeding season and hope to have a facility set up for this next breeding season to Collect and ship from Redtail.

His inspections could not have gone better. He was a total ham, posing for the judges for over 15 minutes and not only jumping through the grid for the first time but turning around by himself and jumping the grid BACKWARDS!!! In perfect form I might add!! He charmed the crowd and kept them laughing and clapping for his antics.

Gillian`s Clover is the perfect cross for those looking to breed for their next jumper or event horse that will have size, soundness, and athleticism to compete at all levels and sensible enough for the amateur to compete, fox hunt, or simply have a safe, fun, loving friend of the family. The Irish Draught cross and purebreds are not only a rare breed but a truly great breed.

Irish Draght - Horse Breeding

The Irish Draught, pronounced (draft) originated during the Middle Ages for knights needing war horses. Both Nepoleon and the Duke of Wellington fighting on opposing sides rode into the battle of Waterloo on Irish Draught horses. Over time Celtic ponies, Andilusians and Thoroughbreds were crossed into the breed to create the Irish Draught of today.

The conditions in Ireland allowed for only one horse per family thus creating a need for each horse to work the fields, draw the cart to market, fox hunt at speed over fences and take the family to church on Sunday. After World War II there were half a million Irish Draught in Ireland. Due to mechanization and the decimation of horse breeds in Europe the Irish Draught was exported for meat and incorporated into many European Warmblood breeds of today. Unfortunately the Irish Draught suffered for this exportation. In 1994 there were less than 1000 registered Irish horses left, putting them on the endangered species list. The Irish Government has since taken steps to work with England, Brazil and other countries including the United States to preserve this breed that is known for their substance, soundness, athleticism and bold attitude tempered by good sense and kind temperament. With this world wide effort their number`s are now more than doubled.

Why Go Irish?
The Irish Sport Horse (a cross of Irish Draught and TB) has won more medals than any other breed. They are ranked #1 in Eventing and #5 in Show Jumping. Most recent super stars Custom Made (Gold medal winner), Flo Jo, Giltedge, Cagney, Hopes are High and Special Envoy, are but a few of the Irish Draught crosses competing and winning Internationally. The one statistic that stands out the most may be the fact that out of approximately 8,000 brood mares in Ireland (includes RID, TB, and Sport horse mares) an average of 15 new Grand Prix jumpers emerge each year. By comparison Germany, with approximately 250,00 brood mares produce on average 15 Grand Prix jumpers. There is no doubt, your odds of breeding your perfect Hunt Horse, Event horse or Jumper are extremely high with the Irish Draught. But the best reason to Go Irish may simply be to breed your next best friend and family mount that stays sound and gives you years of enjoyment and safe journeys.

Breeding Facility

We are happy to announce that we will be setting up a breeding facility at Redtail this winter. We are setting up a lab and collection station by March 2004. This will allow more flexibility for shipping cooled semen in the future. If shipment is needed before March we will ship with FA Ranch.

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Irish Draught Breeders - Redtail Irish Draught and Sport Horses