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Stable Express is " Your Online Marketing Partner " developing successful Internet marketing strategies and long term business relationships.

Taking out the mystery of marketing online which will deliver the greatest probability of sales while maintaining a high ROI, you will spend less and receive more.

This is achieved by taking the time to understand the uniqueness of our client`s products, services, target market, current market position and what you are trying to accomplish before we can make a recommendation on the best Internet strategy to implement.

Stable Express has a whole arsenal of Internet marketing approaches and delivery methodology options to fit all budgets and goals.

From quality web design, data driven marketing, search engine marketing, PFP online advertising, permission based email marketing and other marketing strategies that tie in with your strong creative message.

Successful Search Engine Marketing ...Marketing your site to search enginessearch marketing firm One part of a company`s strategic internet marketing plan is for your site to be well positioned in the major search engines and search directories.

Marketing your web site to search engines should be approached similar to any strategic marketing plan.

Search engine positioning and marketing is successful when your web site can be found within the first 3 pages of a search engine for a specific keyword search phrase. This is called "Visibility", your web site is visible and is found with target phrases which brings targeted visitors. Stable Express Online Marketing know the more esoteric points of Search Engine Marketing and with the help of our skilled writers and professional search engine marketing team your web site will be found among the millions of other websites.

The key to being found in the search engines is to have literate relevant content optimized for specific keywords and keyword phrases, Not only do people who are looking for your site want this, so do the search engines.

Consequently, we have developed a process of researching and incorporating the right keywords which, in turn bring qualified, targeted visitors to your website.

Nothing is more effective than strategically well-written copy. Our experienced copywriters write for your audience, providing information relevant to their needs - and it is just what the search engines are looking for as well.

Stable Express will be happy to conduct a free web site review of your current site. For more detailed information on how search engine marketing can work for you, contact us.

Pay Per Click (PPC) - Cost Per Click Search Engine Placement (CPC)
There are search engines that work strictly on a payment (Bid) basis to determine your placement for a specific keyword phrase. Pay Per Click placement works like an auction, as your position can fluctuate if someone else increases their bid on a specific keyword phrase.

This model has been successful for all sizes of businesses who want to be guaranteed a top position for specific keyword phrases, a brand, promotion or service.

These search engines have their own search site but also provide results for other search portals, increasing your reach and market exposure. The results on partner search portals may show up as "Sponsored search results" and you only pay when a customer clicks through to your site, you pay only for results, not for exposure.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Engine Placement allows you or us to make changes quickly if the ROI isn`t what you like and to monitor results in real time.

Website Linking Strategy
The internet was originally bound by links from one web site to another, this hasn`t changed. Think about the last time you were reading information on a web page, did you click a link to another site? Was that site relevant to what you thought it would be?

Web site linking isn`t the end all and be all of online marketing but it provides targeted visitors, increases your web site`s link popularity which is how many search engines add weight to the ranking process.

As with any marketing strategy, Stable Express Internet Marketing will put together a web site linking strategy that will help to bring targeted visitors from other high quality web sites, increase your web site`s link popularity and add to your arsenal of online marketing tentacles.

For more information on how web site linking can work for you, contact Stable Express Online Marketing

Linking Strategies
What is an effective web site linking strategy? How do you decide which web sites you should link to?

An improper linking strategy can result in being banned or delisted from search engines, Stable Express Online Marketing only utilizes linking strategies that comply with search engines and provide the result intended.

Stable Express manually contacts prospective web sites via telephone and follow this up by email on your web site`s behalf separating ourselves from other techniques and automated systems. Human contact and discussion displays to the prospective web site owner that we are professional and consider linking to be something worth the effort which increases our chances of receiving high quality links for our client`s.

The Stable Express approach takes time, not only from a labour point of view but also time to research prospective web sites and time to communicate with these web sites. The result of our efforts, provide our client`s with high quality links, increased link popularity, increased search engine rankings, and targeted visitors just to name a few of the benefits.

Database Marketing
Many companies now have reams of data, but very few know how to fully utilize their databases holding this information. Direct Database Marketing isn`t new, but companies now have the ability to finely extract exact data matching various criteria in order to maximize their marketing efforts.

Stable Express Online Marketing will take your database and turn it into a marketing profit center using our in-house tools and tracking methods. You will be able to send targeted emails, direct mail campaigns and use automated follow up emails to your targeted prospects and clients.

Stable Express will create, manage and analyze your database marketing campaigns from start to finish. We will import existing data, pull data from your web site or from sales leads into our database system to increase sales and aid in customer retention. With the help of Five Star, you will convert prospects to clients quicker.

Affiliate Marketing Program
Leverage an existing client or sales base, or simply people enjoy marketing, to market your product or service. Everytime a sale is made you pay a commission or use a pay per lead affiliate program model to reward affiliates who drive traffic to your website. This sales force can be anywhere in the world working 24/7 on your behalf promoting and selling your products and services.

Affiliate marketing has been a successful marketing strategy for many years helping new and established businesses to increase sales without managing more employees.

Some well know companies such as Amazon, Ebay and Etsy to name just a few established businesses who realize the value in a solid affiliate program in order to aid in marketing their products and services.

Stable Express Online Marketing offers turn key affiliate programs for its clients including complete automated software for tracking, processing and client management.

Interactive Online Advertising... Developing a winning strategy
Our creative team has developed advertising campaigns for many of the world`s largest multinational corporations in virtually every product category, in every budget range.

Every ad agency that exists talks about `results`. The truth is, advertising of any kind, if it is to succeed, is about having a winning strategy.

The word `strategy` itself is originally a military term for a plan to defeat the enemy. Surprise attacks, overpowering strength, guerrilla warfare are just three military strategies commonly translated into marketing plans. There are many more, and we call on them all.

The point is, battles and marketing plans are won or lost depending on the strengths of the strategies they use, not on the niceties of tactics.

Because Interactive online advertising is still so new it is tempting to think it`s different. Sadly, too many hopes have been pinned on a clever graphic or the latest banner ad when what was needed was simply a clear plan to whomp the competition.

If there is one single thing that separates Stable Express from other Interactive advertising companies, it is our total commitment to developing and defining, with the client, a brilliant strategy before attempting to design or write anything.

Internet Marketing Firm