Increasing Grazing Biodiversity

Improve your horses grazing while helping the environment, improving biodiversity in your horses paddocks can help give your horses additional minerals & vitamins, while encouraging biodiversity.

MelEeCreation - Field Herb Seed balls to bring biodiversity to grazing

Horse Paddock - Bio Diverse Grazing We are a Mother/ Daughter duo based in Aberdeenshire trying to create fun inexpensive ways of making fields/gardens/windowsills more biodiverse for the benefit of horses and the wildlife. Lee-Anne is the Horse & Herb mad , almost 40-year-old kid and Melanie is the Crafty , Logistics Queen Bee and long-suffering horse holder at shows mom. If we make any profit, we send a portion to the Emile Faurie Foundation (to give all kids the opportunity to be around horses).

Our most popular creation is our Field Herb Seedballs which requires no gardening and you just throw them and watch them grow into fab plants that have loads of benefits for your grazing animals and the wildlife.

For larger areas we have just released our Field Herb Seed mix with the same beneficial herb seeds.

If you would like to purchase any of our creations and bring more diversity to your horse`s field`s then please check out our shop www.etsy.com/shop/meleecreation

Field Herb Seed Mix for horse pastures - £10.00 Horse Herb Seeds We always love to hear your feedback and any ideas for creations that will make our horses happy and bring in the bees ;)

Increasing Grazing Biodiversity

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