I Never Fall Off, I Just Dismount In Style

Horses are a great leveler, from the worlds top riders through to beginners, horses will keep you on your toes, below you can see some of the most stylish dismounts.

Hold On Tight David, Oh Never Mind! - Below you can watch David Broome coming out the side door, when his horse jumps big, just goes to show that it happens to the best of us!

David Broome - Happens To The Best Of Us

I Never Fall Off I Just Dismount In Style.png
I don`t need any help - The video below you can see a horse who thinks he can do a better job without the rider!

I Dont Need Any Help

  • Colton Maelstrom

    Colton Maelstrom

    Hall of Fame pony Colton Maelstrom with rider Natasha Sewell in the individual final of the European Pony Show Jumping | Profile of one of the all time great ponies Colton Maelstrom
  • Melanie Landrau

    Melanie Landrau

    Melanie Landrau - Puerto Rico - Showjumping Rider | Equestrian Rider Database - Results from showjumping rider from Puerto Rico. Showjumping Horses For Sale
  • Stacey Babes

    Stacey Babes

    Stacey Babes is a British showjumping rider with an international competition record, watch Stacey Babes riding Upperfield CH | Stabeexpress showjumpers for sale