Hunks and Horses

Looking good while horse riding is an acquired skill, some of us succeed - posing for Instagram perfect images with our horsey friends - while some of us can`t get the horse to look in the direction of a camera let alone time our pout or smile or have our tack where it should be by the time the picture is taken.

In this article we take a tongue in cheek look at some cowboys who have mastered the art of looking good while standing next to these beautiful animals, some celebrities, some not, some staged some natural - But all hot guys with beautiful horses.
Men & Horses
A 2014 Armani Jeans campaign gave us these beautiful pics Photographed by David McKnight, models Fabio Mancini and Tomas Skoloudik take in an early summer with their horses. Men & Horses
A Handsome man on a handsome horse ridging down the beach, what else needs to be said?
Handsome Cowboy
Hugh Jackman is the Australian actor who played Wolverine in the X-Men Movies shooting him to Worldwide fame and a constantly improving physique. He learned to ride for 2001 movie Leopold but took more extensive training for his role in Australia that`s why he looks so at home in the saddle. Hugh Jackman

Check out this beautiful specimen - The guy is ok too!
Hunks & Horses
Burt Reynolds may be a silver fox nowadays but this picture shows the rugged good looks of his youth. Burt has always been a horse lover and claims to have owned over 100 during his life. Burt Reynolds - Horses
This hunky cowboy is looking good taking a stroll in the sun with his trusty steed.
Hunky Cowboy
Justin Bieber may not be everyone`s cup of tea but he has sold millions of records in his career and there are many Beliebers who would snap you hand of for just 5 minutes with Justin.
Man & Horses
This duo perfectly illustrate the beautiful bond that can develop between a man and a horse.
Man & Horses
Matt Harnake takes the quickest route across the river with his horse. Matt Harnake - Horses Heartthrob Zac Efron has long been a horse lover as these photo` show. He has recently grown a busy beard and at the age of 31 has decided to keep his shirt on for the most recent images.
Zac Efron Horses
Zac Efron - Horse Lover
Taken from a recent Instagram post, Zac is sporting a shirt and grown up beard. Zac Efron - Horse Lover
Mickey Ropes is a popular model who also enjoys horses.
Mickey Ropes - Horses
HRH`s Prince Harry and Prince William have long been Polo fans and have played many matches together, It may be a while before wee see them together on the same pitch again. Prince Harry and Prince William - Polo

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