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Hundreds Of Horses Up For Adoption Could Get Slaughtered

Hundreds of horses are at risk of slaughter if they are not adopted by the end of the month. A mustang sanctuary in South Dakota recently ran out of control and out of money, leaving more than 800 horses starving and without proper care. Now a horse rescue group in Colorado is stepping in to help and encouraging others to do the same.
Hundreds Of Horses Up For Adoption Could Get Slaughtered
`Unfortunately the organization was allowing them to breed and didn`t have a long term financial plan, which was not in the best interest of the horses,` Shawna English, Director of Development at Colorado Horse Rescue in Longmont, said.

Within a week of learning of the horses in need of homes, English was spurred into action. On Tuesday, four mustangs arrived to Colorado Horse Rescue, including a foal they named Jackson.

`We also have Monterey, Bristol and Hudson,` English said. `These guys are actually in pretty good shape.`

Yet so many others still in South Dakota are in desperate need of TLC and time is running out.

`They have until Mar. 30 to be adopted,` English told CBS4`s Kelly Werthmann. `Those that are not adopted by that point, will actually go to public auction which means some of them will find homes, but most of them will go to what we call kill buyers that will purchase them and then transport them to Canada and Mexico for slaughter.`

English is now hoping other rescue groups or ranchers will also step in to help to make sure the horses find good homes.

`We care deeply about these animals because for them, they`re not given a choice,` English said.

Hundreds Of Horses Up For Adoption Could Get Slaughtered