Horses With The Most Beautiful And Unique Colors

Buchiko - The Spotted Race Horse
On the race track the colour of the different horses can be predictable, bays, greys and chestnuts with horses of colours being a rarity, this being said there are a few horses that stand out from the crowed, one of which is Buchiko a race horses with the spotted coat of an appaloosa, this unique colouring helps him stand out from the crowed and certainly helps the punters follow him while racing. Below you can watch a video showcasing this stunning thoroughbred.
It`s white pants day.... @beachestripletranch.comIt`s white pants day....
Palomino Appaloosa Horses Palomino Appaloosa Horses
Beautiful Dapples ❣️ Horses With The Most Beautiful And Unique ColorsBeautiful Dapples ❣️ Horses With The Most Beautiful And Unique Colors
Dappled Sooty Buckskin StallionDappled Sooty Buckskin Stallion

Dirty Callahan - Cremello Overo StallionDirty Callahan - Cremello Overo Stallion

Dun Gotta Gun (sired by Hollywood Dun)Dun Gotta Gun

High Offley Fernando

Coloured horses are becoming a more and more common site in the show jumping arena, one such talented jumping horse is the jumping stallion High Offley Fernano, sired by the great Kannan out of a coloured mare who is a daughter of Samber. Fernando has a proven competition record competing in 1.40m competitions, and is producing coloured foals from plain mares. Below you can watch a video of Fernando.

Horses With The Most Beautiful And Unique Colors
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