Horses Of World War One

Lest We Forget
On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month we take the time for remembrance of all those lives lost in world war one and take moment to consider mans wars over the years and the sorrow and destruction they bring and try to think better ourselves to live in peace with our neighbors.

Lest We Forget - Horses Of WW1
World War 1 Cavalry The first world war took part during a cross roads of technology, all forces still used horses for cavalry, but horses were ill suited for the warfare that was taking part on the front-lines, a number of cavalry charges happend during WW1, but almost all resulted in huge losses. One exception of this was the Australian light horsemen attack at the Battle of Beersheeba against the Turkish forces. World War 1 Cavalry
World War 1 Cavalry World War 1 Cavalry
Horses Of World War One
During the first world war 121,000 horses were sent from Australia to contribute on the war effort, only one horse returned home!
horses in ww1
Elin Sian Blake - Lest We Forget - War Horse PaintingElin Sian Blake - Lest We Forget - War Horse Painting
War Horse - A touching story directed by Steven Speilberg, War Horse tells the story of a horses conscription to the war effort and the said story of the passage through the war. more information on the film War HorseWar Horse

Horses In World War 1 Horses In World War 1
How Many Horses Died In World War One? A staggering 8 million horses died in WW1, as well as millions of mules and donkey`s. Horses were used as cavalry to carry the troops as well as for transport of supplies, ammunition and moving the giant artillery pieces. The majority of horses that died during world war one did not die from enemy fire, but of the atrocious conditions that they faced on the front. War Horse Military
WW1 Horses During the first world war, 2.5 million horses were injured and treated then returned to the battlefield. WW1 Horses
Lest We Forget - Horses Of WW1

Food for the horses was the largest commodity shipped to the front. Horses Of World War One
Cavalry WW1 Cavalry WW1
Army Veterinary Corps (1915) - Watch footage of the army veterinary corps who would treat the injured horses.

Army Veterinary Corps (1915)

Horses Of World War One