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Horses Of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth has had an interest in horses from an early age, and she started riding lessons when she was 3 years old. Her grandfather, King George V gave her and her sister Margaret, their first pony when she was 4 years, and it was a Shetland mare named Peggy. She became an accomplished rider at the age of 18 and since then up to now, she has continued to ride for pleasure and also for ceremonial roles with different horses. Since she was a princess till when she was a queen in 1986, she attended the Trooping the Color ceremony held each year on horseback.

Queen Elizabeth has owned a lot of horses throughout her lifetime and has a good time riding them. Some of them are:

  1. Monaveen- she co-owned this horse together with her mother, and he was a good three-mile chaser and won the Queen Elizabeth Steeplechase at the Hurst Park.

  2. Feola- this was a bred racehorse that was raced by George V and became the mainstay of the queens breeding operation.

  3. Highclere-this horse won the 1000 Guineas and French Oaks in 1974. She also became a prolific broodmare with a height of Fashion among her progeny.

  4. Dunfermline- together with Highclere, the queen enjoyed Classic success in the 1970s. Dunfermline was the best horse the Queen had and was the only horse that beat the great Alleged in the St Leger Prix de 1`Arc de Triomphe in 1977 during the Queen`s silver jubilee.

  5. Betsy- this was a horse that had grown up on the farm and was owned by the Queen in the fifties. She was a black mare that was a favorite riding horse for the Queen, and the Queen had her for years. The Queen loved her because of her personality, and they taught each other so much.


  6. Sanction- this was another favorite riding horse of the Queen and was the last horse she rode before switching to ponies.

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  8. Doublet- the Queen bred him, and he won the European Championships at Burghley in 1971. He was a chestnut gelding born out of a pony, mare, and he stopped going to events in 1974 when he broke a leg.

  9. Burmese- this is one of the four horses that the Queen was given by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in 1969. Queen rode her for 18 years during Trooping the Color ceremonies and also at her birthday parade till she retired in 1986. She rose to fame when the horse remained calm even when a man fired blanks at them in 1981.

The Queen was honored with a lifetime achievement award in November 2014 by an international equestrian organization. She was hailed as "a true horsewoman who has an extraordinary bond with her horses" and she was given a white gold and diamond brooch that had nine interlinked horseshoes specially made for her.

Queen stopped being an active horse rider when she suffered a knee injury but was recently seen riding her favorite ponies at the Windsor Great Parks. It is her hobby, but she doesn`t ride for long nowadays.

Horses are integral to many of the queens celebrations, below you can watch Queen Elizabeth And Princess Margaret Horseback Riding At Windsor (1946).

Horses Of Queen Elizabeth II

Horses Of Queen Elizabeth II

What breed of horse does the Queen have?

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

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