Horse of The Year Show (HOYS)

The Horse Of The Year Show is one of the premium equestrian events in the UK calendar, home of international showjumping, grand horse displays as well as the main event in the horse showing calendar. Keep up to date wit the latest news and results from Horse of the year show.
Below you can watch a video with some vintage footage from the Horse of the year show.

Horse of The Year Show (HOYS)

Horse of The Year Show (HOYS)

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Horse of The Year Show (HOYS)

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10 Interesting Facts About the Horse of the Year Show

If you`re an avid horseperson who is interested by all shows that have anything to do with horses you`ve probably heard of the Horse of the Year Show in the UK, held every year in October in Birmingham` huge exhibition centre, The NEC.

Hoys Logo

If not, the Horse of the Year Show is known as "The World`s Most Famous Horse Show" and is considered to be the pinnacle of every rider`s dream and something that all riders aspire to. That alone is awesome, but there are 10 things about the Horse of the Year Show that you may not have known, other than the obvious facts.

1. The first show was held in 1949, which makes the show over half a decade old!

2. In 1997 the promoters of the Horse of the Year Show actually went bankrupt, but you`d never know it because everyone pulled together, the existing supporters and other sponsors, and the show went on as normal. After that they revisited the way the promoters should handle the show so that it wouldn`t happen again.

3. The location of the Horse of the Year Show has changed a few times. It started out in Harringay Arena in London, then moved to Wembley Arena and then finally moved to Birmingham`s National Exhibition Centre in 2002 where it remains today.

Hoys Stadium

4. Over 120 county and equestrian shows host qualifiers to decide what elite equestrians will get to compete at the Horse of the Year show. This makes it the true elite of the elite.

5. The reason the Horse of the Year Show was founded was because Captain Tony Collings thought there should be a celebration or a special event to mark the end of the equestrian season, and at that point there was nothing. Thus, the HOYS was born.

6. Originally, the show was held in conjunction with the Greyhound Racing Association.

7. These days, the show gets 1,600 horses and ponies, 1,500 competitors and a shocking 65,000 spectators.

8. If you`re really interested in the show, there are more options for you than just going and sitting in the stands. You can actually book a package that allows you to go behind the scenes. These VIP hospitality tickets start at only £139, think of all the extra stuff you can get.

9. There are some family winning legacies. In 2015, Robert Murphy won the pony showjumping of the year title 30 years after his father won the exact same class.

10. Every year after Sunday`s Gala Evening Performance, there`s the emotive Ode to the Horse, a poem Ronald Duncan that plays with beautiful music in the background.

There`s so much more behind the show than you think and if you haven`t got tickets, it might be time to start thinking of purchasing some.

Hoys Puissance

Harvey Smith and Graf 1977 HOYS Puissance

Harvey Smith clearing the Puissance at the 1977 Horse of the year show with Graf, Harvey Smith and Graf were equel first with fellow British rider Graham Fletcher, Harvey Smith wanted to go another round but the judges would not allow the wall to go up any higher.