Horse Trick Riding - Hall Of Fame

Trick riding on horseback can be very impressive, acrobatic maneuvers while traveling at speed can be a great crowed pleaser, but can have disastrous effects and injury to both horse and rider if not carried out properly so should not be carried out by amateurs. Below you can watch some outstanding trick riders showing some extraordinary trick riding skills.
Horse Trick Riding - Hall Of Fame
High octane trick riding / stunt riding can be seen in numerous horse displays at equestrian events, one such display team is the Devils horsemen who showcase the highest levels of trick riding all over the globe as well as on numerous feature films and television shows.
Devils Horsemen
Haley Ganzel, A Trick Riding Legacy - Below you can watch a video of trick rider Haley Ganzel in action, this trick riding cowgirl has been doing stunts on horseback from the age of five, taught by her uncle.

Horse Trick Riding - Hall Of Fame

Australian Outback Spectacular - Gold Coast Trick RidingAustralian Outback Spectacular - Gold Coast Trick Riding

Katrix Horse Show - Trick RidingKatrix Horse Show - Trick Riding

Ginger Duke - Trick RidingGinger Duke - Trick Riding

Ginger Duke - Trick Riding

Horse Trick Riding - Hall Of Fame

Ferguson Burt

Ferguson Burt - France
Ferguson Burt
Ferguson Burt

Ann Leroy

Ann Leroy - Belgium - Showjumping Ann Leroy

Vasco Canto Moniz

Vasco Canto Moniz - Portugal - Showjumping Rider Vasco Canto Moniz

Alice Gartly

Alice Gartly - UK - Eventing | Horses competed by Alice Gartly include Regal Bay II, ROMANOS MARKACYTE, TOP FLIGHT IV and RIDINGHILL REWARD

Alison Bush

Alison Bush - USA - Dressage Rider Alison Bush

Ninel Il`Jushina

Ninel Il`Jushina - Russia - Endurance Rider | Horses competed by Ninel Il`Jushina include Alkatras (1999, Stallion)

Radmer Ter Beek

Radmer Ter Beek - Holland - Horse Vaulting Radmer Ter Beek

Cloe Talbot

Cloe Talbot - France - dressage rider | An international dressage rider, Cloe Talbot competed the talented Zorro R at the European young riders competition

Monique Delmas

Monique Delmas - France - Showjumping Rider | Horses competed by Monique Delmas include Daytona Du Toultia, B `nl` and Professor.

Nina Kloster Aasen

Nina Kloster Aasen - Norway - Showjumping Rider Nina Kloster Aasen

Mohd Ali Mohd Al Nazar

Mohd Ali Mohd Al Nazar - UAE - Endurance Rider Mohd Ali Mohd Al Nazar

Nelson Mittuch

Nelson Mittuch - USA - Eventing Nelson Mittuch

Bader Nasser Al Zaabi

Bader Nasser Al Zaabi - UAE - Eventing | Horses competed by Bader Nasser Al Zaabi include Marquis De Dun (Sired by Qlondike out of the mare Folie De Dun who is a daughter of Fol Avril)

Xiaoqin Xu

Xiaoqin Xu - China - Dressage Rider Xiaoqin Xu