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Horse Menage Construction

Looking for a company able to build you a menage or replace your menage`s surface, stableexpress can help in finding companies providing all different menage offers and services. --- Find companies who have been specializing in the design and construction of Arena`s and Gallops in the UK for years, here is no mystique to constructing an arena or a gallop, it is just ... And don`t think that a blinding layer of sand stops this, it doesn`t the drainage ..a must when constructing riding arenas, gallops and lunges. Many choose to use an inferior sand only to find the surface `rides ....

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Horse Menage Construction

Horse Menage / Horse Arena Construction

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Menage Montana

Montana Horse Arenas

Are you are looking for a builder that specializes in equestrian facilities?

Montana Horse Arenas is a division of Ranch and Golf Design/Build LLC that has been in business since 1971 Our Equine Division has experienced considerable growth in the past years which has enabled us to create branches in individual States in the U.S. in addition to our nationwide company.

We chose Montana as our newest market because of it`s vast expanses of unspoiled country which is perfect for our type of business. It is also the reason our services are in demand because of the difficulty in finding a qualified builder that will work outside of large metro areas.

Whether you are simply planning a future project or are in immediate need for a facility, feel free to contact us and have us work up a drawing and quote for you.

Call - 1-800-432-3480

Horse Menage Construction Montana Arena Widths & Lengths By Use When Choosing The Size Of Your Arena, It Is Important To Get The Right Size For Your Use, But Also Not To “Over-Build” Which Increases Cost. It Is More Expensive To Add Space By Increasing Width Than By Length Because The Structural Steel Must Be Up-sized To Handle The Increased Span. Keep This In Mind When Choosing Your Arena Size.

Clear Span - The “Clear Span” Portion Of The Arena Is The Width That The Main

Arena Example Sizes

Use The Examples Below As A Baseline In Determining Your Layout.

For Best Results Mark Out An Area On The Location And Give It A Test Run.

Make Sure The Area Meets Your Requirements And That It ls Comfortable And Safe To Ride In. The Arena Will Be Approximately 4` Smaller Inside w/columns

40`, 60`, 80` Widths
Suitable For Exercising, Training, Lessons, Pleasure Riding & Showing
Standard Dressage Arena 66` X 198` Small Dressage Arena 66` X 132°

100` Width
Uses: Bull Riding Arena- 85` x 140`, Bucking Arena- 100! x 110` or Pleasure Arena Shortened Barrel Racing Layout- 100` x 200`, Calf Roping- 100` x 200`+

110` & 120` Widths - Team Roping & Show Events (length determined by personal preference)

130` Width - Team Roping With Extra Wide Calf Return & Regulation Barrel Racing- 130` x 250°

Horse Arena Styles

Fully Enclosed - Recommended For Areas With Cold Winters & Mild Summers. Can Be Insulated For Extra Protection Against The Elements, Roll-Up Or Slide Doors Available

Eyebrow & Skirtwall
Recommended For Areas With Cold To Mild Winters & All Climate Summers
Allows For The Use Of Wind/Sunscreens To Block Wind, Rain & Snow, But Can Also Be Opened Up In The Hot Months For Good Air Flow
Roof Insulation Is Effective For Heat Reduction
Swing Doors Or Gates Work Well With This Design

Eyebrow (sheeted gable)
Recommended For Areas With Mild Winters & All Climate Summers

The Sheeted Gable Design Is Attractive And Blocks Mid-Morning & Afternoon Sun Roof Insulation Is Effective For Heat Reduction

Open Arena - Recommended For Mild Climate Areas Or Sun Shade In Hot Regions Keeps The Rain Off Of Your Riding Area For Safety & Comfort